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Chapter 6

"What's wrong with him?"

"Is he going to be all right?"

"What was he doing on our territory?"

"Silence you mouse-brains! I think he's coming to."

Wolf lifted his head to a series of voices at once. A strong wang filled his nostrils as his senses came back. The strong smell was overwhelmed by another one; Clan cats.

Lifting his head so quickly it made him dizzy, Wolf opened his eyes and looked around him. He was inside some kind of… building. He didn't expect that clan cats would be in buildings, but here he was. There were wooden steps like twolegs had, overhead him and rock-like structure around him. The were beds of moss around him too, like the one he was on, and a twoleg storing structure on one end of the wall. This was filled with all sort of roots, plants, and other herbs. Thee was a door on one side of the rock, and looking up, a wooden fence overhead him blocking off the drop. From the top he could hear muffled squeals of kits.

There were cats all around him, all of different sizes and colors, and they all took a step back when he raised his head so quickly. He followed his the wang over to an old calico she-cat sitting a little way away glaring at the other cats. Boy did she smell!

He looked at the other cats. There were about five of them there looking at him. Three of them looked about his age, and one was the cat that picked him up. There was a huge cat there too, and one that had blue fur like his own.

A gray and white cat that was about his age, came up to him and walked around the moss bed apparently looking him over. Finally he stopped and sat down in front of him, smirking.

"So," he said to the other cats, "What are we going to do with the loner? Run him out?"

Wolf felt his ears flatten. Him instincts told him to attack this cat now, but his common sense made him stay put. It wouldn't be wise to attack a clan cat.

"Stop it, Badgerpaw," the blue cat told him, "Were not going to run him out." He turned to the cat that carried him out of the field, "Right?"

"That's Clawstar's say," the black and white cat said. "Meanwhile Blueheart, you, Pepperfur, Tigerfoot, and Shellpelt can start a patrol." He looked down at the cat named Badgerpaw, "Take this annoying rascal with you."

Blueheart dipped his head and headed up the wooden twoleg steps. Badgerpaw gave one last smirk at Wolf and headed up after the blue cat. The black and white one looked at the smelly cat, "I'm going to talk to Clawstar. We'll know what to do with him pretty soon… Hopefully."

The calico dipped her head like Blueheart had and rasped, "Good. And maybe you'll speak sense into your father's brain and hopefully he'll realize that we need all the warriors we can get. I don't trust GhostClan right now. Yesterday we caught one of their own deputy dragging a rabbit into their territory."

"Yes, I know Autumnleaf," he glanced at Wolf worridly.

Autumnleaf must have seen it because she snapped at him, "Oh, don't you worry about the kit. He won't repeat anything, and if he did, why would we care?"

The tom opened his mouth like he was going to say something, but thought better of it and headed up the steps, flicking his tail for the other two, a fluffy gray and white tom, and a ginger one, to follow. Another black and white cat passed him, carrying leaves in her mouth. She touched noses to the other cat and continued down the steps.

"I got the catnip, Autumnleaf," she said and looked at Wolf, "So this is the cat that everyone has been talking about."

Autumnleaf let out a purr, "Thank you, Mosspelt, and yes, this is the cat."

Mosspelt put the catnip in the twoleg storing structure and jumped back down. "What has Clawstar said about him? He looks about apprentice age by now."

Wolf sighed and lowered his head. He hated how these cats just talked about him like he wasn't there. He felt better now, and he had the urge to get up and run out of this place. But what if this was the clan Wolfheart was part of? He couldn't leave now.

Autumnleaf sighed. "No, Clawstar has not said anything. Your brother is in his den now talking sense to him. Now why don't you take these cobwebs and poppy seeds to Crookedclaw. He has some cracked paw pads and their bleeding quite badly."

"Yes, Autumnleaf," Mosspelt went back into the herb storage, picked out cobwebs and seeds and went back up the steps.

The calico cat turned back to him. "Get some rest," she meowed.

Closing his eyes, Wolf could only think of the worst case scenario's that the clan would do to him.

Something nudged him, and Wolf opened his eyes to see the same black and white tom. "Get up," he said, "Clawstar wants to see you."

Wolf got up stiffly and stretched before following the black and white cat up the steps. The top of the building had invisible sheets of wall that twolegs looked out of and a long space out to the right where a small tabby cat came skidding across. His eyes widend when he saw Wolf.

"Wow!" he squeaked, "This is the loner! I wanted to come down look at him, but mommy wouldn't let me! She said I would brake my neck if I fell through the steps and-"

"And she was right," Wolf's leader finished. He looked up when he heard someone call "Bearkit!"

The kit drooped his ears. "Do I have to go back, Rollheart? I could follow you!"

"Go back," the cat-finally he had learned whose name was Rollheart-mewed and nudged Bearkit. "Your mom is calling." Without another word in edgewise, he jumped up on another pair of steps and looked up to the twoleg-looking-glass. The invisible part was just on the top. "Up here," he called, "Through the Solid Water."

So that's what they called it. Wolf shook his head and followed Rollheart on the ledge and through the Solid Water. Rollheart looked surprised that he made the jump to the ledge, and went down a log to the ground.

The leaders den turned out to be a hollowed out tree (that was amazingly still standing). Clawstar turned out to be a huge form of Rollheart with different markings. He looked up when they came in.

"So this is the loner," Clawstar said. Wolf sighed. Was that all these cats could say?

Without waiting for an answer, he stared at Wolf for a long time, then finally said, "Attack me."

Wolf cocked his head, "Excuse me?" he said in a low voice.

"You heard me," the huge cat replied. "Attack me."

Shrugging it off, Wolf bunched up his muscles and sprang. Clawstar did not put up an unsheathed paw to kill him, just let him tackle him. Coliding with the leader, the made him fall over and roll on the ground. Wolf climed off him and looked at Rollheart. His eyes told him that he was impressed.

Clawstar got back up. "Very good," he praised, "Usually loners your age can't knock me over." he turned to Rollheart, "I say we make him an apprentice."

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