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Good Men – Epilogue


Ten Years Later

Over the course of its history, Port Royal had seen many a ship, even supernatural ones, enter its waters, but never had it seen such ship as the Flying Dutchman. Pure white, from figurehead to rudder, she flew no flag save for a dove upon a field of blue, and she was manned by men of every nation. There was no mistaking her captain, for though he wore no insignia, and only a plain, black tricorn upon his head, his bearing was too proud and his hand upon the rail to intimate for him to be anyone other.

The Dutchman dropped anchor just inside the harbor, and launched a single boat containing only three people; the captain, a single aged sailor, and a young woman. As "Bootstrap" Bill Turner rowed towards the dock, Captain James Norrington reflected on everything that he had been, could have been, and was now. He took the hand of the woman next to him; sweet Katrina, who had come to the Dutchman three years ago, when her ship had gone down on its voyage across the Atlantic. He had promised that one day she would see the New World, and she smiled at him, overjoyed to have finally made it, if only for one day.

On the dock, James could see Theodore (now Commodore of the Jamaican fleet), Elizabeth, Will, and their children, all waving excitedly. He pointed them out to Katrina, who waved back to them. It would certainly be a day to remember; James only hoped that Sparrow would somehow refrain from appearing and dragging them all into some deranged adventure. But he wasn't counting on it.

The End