Trouble for the Weasley twins Hogwarts story part 1

The Weasley twins have some competition. Their names are Carla and Onna. Another set of twins! They had just moved here form Hawaii. Both of them being sixteen and a year under the Weasley twins, Carla had short brown hair at her shoulders with light green eyes. Onna had red hair and light blue eyes. (Their eyes were the only things that made them look different until Onna dyed her hair red.) Both of them had great bods and were nicely tanned.

"Onna?" Carla poked her sister. " Are we there yet?" Onna sighed and pulled of her headphones.

"Carla I know as much as you know at this point. We will get there when we get there!" at that she put her headphones back on. Carla poked Onna again. "What?"

Carla pointed out the window at the coming island of England. "Oh" Onna took off her headphones and put them in her bag on the floor at her feet.

A few hours later (getting ready to get off the plane)

"So who are we supposed to meet here?" Onna asked. Carla rolled her eyes,

"We are supposed to meet mothers friend…" she paused and looked down at the piece of paper in her hand " Weasley" they looked around.

" What does a Weasley look like?" Onna asked,

"Well let me see. Since I have ben here before I would know!" Carla said sarcastically " they have long black hair with tons of black eyeliner and their teeth are…" she looked over to Onna " BLUE!" Onna glared at her sister

"You are soo mean!"

"Well you acted as though I had ben here before." As Carla said this they got off the plane and were surprised by a small crowd of people holding a sign that said

WELCOME CARLA AND ONNA POTHER! Carla and Onna looked at each other telepathically telling the other to run! But before they could do anything a large woman from the crown came up to them.

" You two must be the Pothers"

" How did you know that?" both Carla and Onna said in unionism.

"You are the last two off. And the only two girls getting off together that resemble each other."