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Mrs. Weasley didnt waste a second she introduced both Onna and Carla to her family. First was Mr. Weasley around his mid 30s, Ginny was next a small fifteen year old. Then was a tall shy looking guy their age, Ron. Last but not lest she introduced them to another set of twins, Fred and George. All of the family had red hair and blue eyes.

"HI" said Onna and Carla. They grabbed their bags and followed the Weasleys out of the airport.

The car ride was filled with small talk. When they got to the Weasley house Mr. & Mrs. Weasley took the girls to their room.

The room was dark and had a big window in between two beds. Since it was Dark outside so was the room, Onna reached over and flipped the light switch.

The walls were Lavender purple there was a small desk under the window. At the end of each bed there was a large chest to put their clothes in.

When they were done unpacking they went down the stairs to the kitchen.

There they found the family getting ready for supper.

" You guys can set down right here," Mrs. Weasley pointed to two chairs, next to Fred and George.
As dinner progressed the girls got more comfortable with the family.

" Actually" Carla started " our parents are very busy with work. They couldnt make it because they are working on a year long project that wont be done till this time next year but even then they wont come here"

" why are you here then?" asked Fred and George

" We got kicked out of our last school. Well Actually are last couple school."

" Why?" asked Ron.

" Lets just say we got in big trouble." Said Carla with a big smile. Onna burst out laughing.

" Big?" she laughed some more " Big isnt the half of it."

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