A/N: Hey everyone. This is a new fan fic I have been thinking about. And I'm super psyched about it! Really hope you guys like it.

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Is It Meant To BE

Jude Harrison is pregnant with Tommy Quincy's baby. She just doesn't know it yet. How could she? She's still a virgin.

Tommy is a 27 year old producer and vice-president of G-Major. He is married to a beautiful model named Nicole. Two years ago Tommy was diagnosed with cancer. But is now in remission. Now that he has faced death he realized how short life is and feels a great need to have children. Before he started chemotherapy he had to deposit some of his sperm, since chemo can leave you sterile. Which it did. Now his only hope of having children is through artificial insemination. He and his wife are incompatible, which means they have to find a surrogate to carry their child. But one mistake will change not only Tommy's destiny of the life of an innocent girl.

Jude is a 17 year old senior in high school. She lives with her dad and sister Sadie. Her parents got divorced when she was 10 and her mom remarried and moved to Europe. She is the lead singer in a band called the Spiederman Mind Explosion. She sent SME's demo to G-Major and is still waiting to hear from them. She hopes this is going to be her big break. I mean everything else is going good for her. Little does she know that a routine doctors visit is going to change her life forever. But will it change for the better or worse?