Legacy of the Maelstrom: Shining Light, Hidden Power

By CyberDragonEX

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Author's Notes: Chapter three, coming your way, but first, some notes. One, Naruto is NOT the Kyubi. He holds her memories while her body and soul were reborn as his adopted daughter, Tsuki. Because of his mental boost, he understands that he is not the Kyubi. Second, there will be a bit of flashbacking, so I hope you don't mind. Third, I really could use the Translations I asked for in the last to Chapters, so if you could.

"Human/Tsuki Speech"

'Human/Tsuki thought'

"Human/Tsuki thought speech"

"Demon/God Speech"

'Demon/God Thought/Inner Sakura'

"Demon/God thought speech"

Chapter 3


Danzo's office

While Naruto waited for Sai to return, he sat drinking some Herbal Tea while reminicing about how he became the secret leader of the Root.


"Damn you, Sarutobi. Because of you, the Root is no more. But we will rise again." growled out Danzo from the shadow's while his three remaining servants stood behind him, waiting for an order. Suddenly, Naruto walked by, and upon seeing him, Danzo smirked. "Perfect. I will revive the root and exact my revenge using the power of Sarutobi's prized Kyubi Brat. Come with me." ordered Danzo as he and his Root surrounded Naruto.

"What do you want?" asked Naruto with a fear filled voice. "You will be coming with us. With your power, none shall stand before me. GET HIM!" roared Danzo as his Servants attacked. "Tsuki, may I use your Chakra?" "Sure, dad." Suddenly, all three Root Anbu were blasted away by a blast of red chakra, and Danzo was laying on the ground with a gaping hole right through his stomach.

"B-but how?" asked a dying Danzo. "You underestimated me, and paid the price. But do not worry, you shall live on," said Naruto as he began forming seals "as a part of ME! ESSENCE ABSORBANCE JUTSU!" roared Naruto as he finished his seals. There was a bright flash of light, and Danzo was gone.

"What have you done with Lord Danzo?" demanded the first Root to rise. "He's right here." replied Naruto, pointing to his Head. Sensing the Confusion of the others, he decided to explain "Danzo is now a part of me. His opinions, Knowledge, and memories are all up here. As such, I am your new leader, Aiko." said Naruto with a smirk, revealing the Identity of the Anbu and proving what he said true at the same time. "I see. It will be an honor to serve you, Lord Uzumaki."


That was definitely the beginning. If it hadn't been for Danzo's foolishness, he never would have come so far. "My lord, the seal is ready." called out Sai as he returned. "Very good. Let's go." with that, the two navigated the Root Base, Eventually reaching a room with a giant and complex seal inscribed on the floor. Stepping onto the center of the seal, Naruto turned to look at Sai and said "Keep an eye on things while I'm gone." "Of course, my lord." and with that, Naruto Vanished in a black flash.

Hidden Fortress- 10 miles beneath Konoha

In a black flash, Naruto appeared in an empty chamber. Walking out, He arrived in a council room almost Identical to that of the Konoha council. "Lord Uzumaki, how are you today." asked a Root ninja who was in the room at the time. "I'm fine, Aiko. Please send word to the council that I wish to have a meeting." "Of course, my lord."

With that, Aiko left to summon the council. "Hmm. I think Danzo will have to make a visit to the orphanages again to pick up some more children." Naruto said to himself. His first act as Root Leader had been to adopt orphans from each orphanage in town. He visited each, and adopted those who were picked on, teased, and neglected (Kids like him) before bringing them to the New root Base he had created, raising them into fine young boys and girls, while training those who wanted to be trained in the art of the shinobi. However, unlike Danzo, he didn't brainwash those he took in. They all lived happy lives, and those who became ninja were a major part of his ranks.

Hearing the door open, Naruto looked up to see who had arrived, and Saw Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha.


"Damn it!" screamed Itachi in rage. He had just learned about his clans plot to overthrow the Sandiame, but he was powerless to stop them. "Do you want to stop your clan?" came a voice from nowhere. "Whose there?" questioned Itachi. "You are not the only one who doesn't want to betray the Hokage, and you are also not the only one to think they are alone." "What do you want?" asked Itachi. "If you accept my help, I can assemble the Uchiha who share your beliefs, but YOU must tell your brother." "What's the catch?" "Those who fight alongside you must leave the village. They will not be welcomed by the Villagers after killing more than half of their precious Uchiha Clan. With the Uchiha's skill with fire, you can account for their disappearance by making it appear that they were incinerated. Also, you will have to become a missing nin. Are you alright with this?" "Yeah. I'll take the blame. But where will we go once this is done?" "I have a place. Find your brother and explain while I summon the others. Return in one hour." "Okay, but who are you?" suddenly, a figure appeared out of the shadows. "I am Uzumaki Naruto." said the boy before Vanishing.

1 hour Later

"I still cant believe the family would do such a thing." came the bewildered voice of Sasuke as he and his brother approached the meeting point. "I don't like it either, but that is what is going on. We're here." replied Itachi, before seeing around a fourth of the Uchiha's standing in the clearing. "Wow" was all sasuke could say. "So you all know why we're here, the deal that goes with it, and agree." seeing them all nod, Itachi became filled with Courage. The Uchiha WOULD be stopped.

"Before you go," came the voice of Naruto "I have a gift. You must know of the Mangekyou. The only way to obtain it is to kill your best friend, and using it damages your eyes, eventually causing you to lose your sight. Using the Kyubi's Chakra, I can create a new Mangekyou, one which doesn't require the murder of a friend and that doesn't damage the eyes. If you want, I will give the New Uchiha Clan this new Mangekyou as a way to finalize the deal and to help in the upcoming battle. Do you accept." receiving only nods, Naruto used his chakra to create the new Mangekyou. "I suggest waiting a day or two before attacking. Goodluck."


Three days later, Itachi led the revolt and eliminated the old Uchiha Clan before he and his followeres fled, leaving sasuke to spread the story that Itachi had eliminated the clan and that he was the only surviver. It went perfectly.

"It is good to see you in good health, Dope." smirked Sasuke. "You to, Jerk." replied Naruto. "Let's sit, Sasuke, and wait for the others." "Right, Itachi." said a smiling Sasuke as he and his brother sat down.

A minute later, the doors opened again, this time revealing the heads of the Hyuga Clan, Neji and Hinata Hyuga.


Hinata sat alone, crying, in her room. Her uncle had just died and her father had almost killed her in an anger driven spar. Even now, she still felt his attacks. "Do you wish to leave this household?" came a voice from behind. Turning, she saw Naruto, the boy the village despised. "I can liberate the Branch house, and give a home to them and the Head members who hate the curse seal, but the new Hyuga Clan will need a leader. Do you accept?"

Hearing his offer, Hinata knew he spoke the truth, and a fire of detirmination appeared in her eyes. "Good, Then I shall pick you up once everything is ready."

Branch Household

The entire Branch House had turned up to mourn Hizashi. At the front of the group stood his son, Neji. "I am sorry for your loss, but I would like to make you an offer." came the Voice of Naruto as he entered. "What do you want." demanded one of the elder Hyugas. "Merely to offer a better future to the Branch, or should I say, NEW Hyuga clan." "What do you mean?" asked Neji. "I mean, that I have contacted all the Head members who hate the Caged Bird Seal, including the Hyuga Heiress, and now I wish to remove the bird seal, releasing you all from your curse." "Are you serious!?" shouted many of the Hyuga. "Yes. I shall replace the seal with a fake to hide its removal, and you shall all continue living in the Hyuga, Until such a time when you can free yourselves of the Hyugas. What do you say?" though some were doubtful, they all agreed.


In that one night, over half the Hyuga clan allied itself with him. "How are you today, Hinata? Neji?" "We are fine. Thank you for your concern." came the stoic reply of Hyuga Neji. "So neji, how is Tenten?" "She is fine, though we both agree that if we turn on Konoha, we get to take out Gai." "Fair enough." (For those of you who don't understand why Tenten is with Naruto, She was one of the Orphans he adopted.) "Well, grab a seat. It will be a little while before the other's arrive." stated Naruto happily.

After three more minutes, six people entered, The heads of the Yamanaka, Nara, and Akamichi clans, Inoichi, Shikaku, and Chouza, along with their children, Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji. "I assume you told them and they understood?" asked Naruto. "Yes they did, and it is an honor to serve you, my lord." "Thank you chouji. Well then," snapping his fingers three times, three more chairs appear, "have a seat." "Thank you." rang out all six. The three heads had been on Good terms with the 4th, and completely allied themselves with him. When Naruto contacted them, They had been more than willing to join, along with those who saw Naruto as a mistreated Hero.

A moment later, Shibi and Shino Aburame entered and took a seat. Naruto didn't bother striking up a conversation because they rarely talked. Because of their Destruction bugs, the knowledge of the Aburame was a collective. They all new and understood Naruto's predicament (Holding Kyubi, not the whole "I am the Kyubi and she is my daughter" thing.), and when they learned of his treatment and his growing power, they gladly joined.

Finally, 15 minutes later, Hatake Kakashi, Obito Uchiha, and Rin Inuzuka arrived. "Sorry we're late, we got lost on the road of life." "Rin, Obito, I'm glad to see that you've worked on his tardiness since you returned."


It was a rainy day and all were inside, save for a man with silver hair who was sitting at the KIA Monument. "You know, you shouldn't stand in the rain, you'll catch a cold." came a voice from behind. Turning around, he saw the Kyubi's vessel, and thought to himself 'how did he sneak up on me?'. "You miss them, don't you?" asked Naruto.

"W-What do you mean?" stuttered Kakashi. "Rin and Obito. You miss them a great deal. Obito died saving you and gave you his sharingan. Rin was killed during the Kyubi attack when a stupid chunin turned towards her just as he finished a powerful fire jutsu, hitting her at point blank range as she passed." "H-how do you know so much." "I'll tell you later, for now, I would like to make you a deal. I know you hate this village for how it treats me and would have left with me if you didn't think that Obito and Rin would Disagree. I have a jutsu that can revive them from the dead. After that, we ask them their opinion, and if they agree, you three join up with me. Deal?" "Deal. But what do you mean by join up with you?" "I'll explain later. First, ANCIENT NINJA ART: LIFE EXCHANGE SUMMONING JUTSU."

Suddenly, there was a blast of black smoke, and when it cleared, there stood the Shinigami himself. Pulling out a scoll, and tossed it to the god of death. "In that scroll you will find three sacrifices. One as payment for your summoning, the others in exchange for two who walk among the dead." "Very well, who do you wish for?" "Obito Uchiha and Rin Inuzuka of Konoha." "Very well." with that, the death god vanished, and a second later, Rin and Obito appeared before them, in better condition then when they died. (Rin isn't scarred by the fire and Obito has a new eye.). "Okay, what's going on?" demanded the newly revived Uchiha. "I was just getting to that." smirked Naruto.


After reviving the two, Naruto explained to the audience his relation to the Kyubi and about his plans. Kakashi told his teammates about Naruto's treatment, and by the end of their talk, the entire group had allied itself with Naruto. The only thing that had bugged them was why Naruto didn't revive the 4th Hokage, which Naruto revealed could not be done unless the sacrifice was someone who had defied death.

"Okay guys, let's get down to buisiness. Sandiame knows about me." "How much does he know?" asked Inoichi, while the others murmured. "About me and Tsuki, nothing else." "So how do we procede?" asked a drunk Shikaku. "We move on as scheduled. Itachi, Shibi, how are the contracts coming?" "We have the Contracts for the Demon Wolves, and Demon Dragons, along with your Demon Fox contract. All that remains is the Demon Raven contract." drawled Itachi. "I see, Inoichi, go with them to get the final scroll, okay?" "Of course, my lord."

"My lord." "Yes Chouza?" "I would like to report that we have found the perfect spot and are ready to begin construction, with your say." "Do you have photos of the area?" "I have them." replied Neji as he opened his robes and pulled out a bundle. Reviewing the photos, Naruto could say that he was impressed. "Very well, you may begin with construction." "Very well." replied Neji stoically.

"Well then, thank you all for your time. I wish you all a good night. Oh, and Sasuke." "Yes, lord Naruto?" "You, Me, and probably Sakura will be on a team with Kakashi." at this, Sasuke's eyes widened while in his mind, he cursed his misfortune at having Sakura on is team. "Are you sure?" asked Sasuke. "Pretty much. You were the Rookie of the Year while I am the dead last. Sakura is pretty much the middle student so she will most likely be put with us. As for Kakashi, as the LAST of the Uchiha, the council will want you trained with your Sharingan." "The idiots." smirked Sasuke. "True, but it works in our favor. The only liability is Sakura. Oh well, we will have to work on her later. Get some rest, I'll see you tomorrow." "Later."

'Tomorrow is team assignments. Better prepare.' and with those thoughts, Naruto returned to the world above.

Well, what did you think of Chapter 3. I know it was long and big on flashbacks, but I have a reason. I wanted to introduce you to Naruto's forces and answer any questions that popped up. Now for Jutsu and skills.

Chakra Absorbtion Jutsu. Naruto absorbes his victem into himself. He gains all of his victims Knowledge and skill, and is able to perfectly emulate said victem with the personality and opinions recorded in his mind.

That thing with danzo is a jutsu which gives your Chakra physical form. It is like a clone, except you can give it any form, and the Byakugan can't see through it.

The Mangekyou is the most powerful of all Sharingan forms. This Sharingan is the same as the Mangekyou from Legacy of the Maelstrom: Yamikitsune.

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