Dissclaimer: im not the owner of alice my story the parents of natsume and ruka is the owner of alice academy but the true owner of alice academy is higuchi tachibana.

Summary: Mikan and Hotaru are sisters they are the daugthers of a primeminister of Japan. Natsume and Ruka are also brothers their parents are the owner of the alice academy. A romatic yet a little funny you know mikan is funny right wahaha...


cHapTeR oNe:TranSfeRriNg

in the mansions dinning room...

Mikan? you said that you want to study in a public school right? A beautiful lady said while sipping her wine.

Ummm...yes, why mom? a brunette girl said in a sweet tone.

you will study in Gakuen Alice located in Tokyo (Alice Academy) a handsome guy said in a big voice., mom you said that it will be dangerous for me to study in a public or private school right? brunette girl said.

do you want to study or not? a beautiful lady and a handsome boy said in unison.

i like it but i thought..a brunette girl was cuttened by her sister hotaru.

just say yes mikan..this is our chance to go out in this creepy place. raven haired girl with violet eyes said in a calm voice.

flash back...

mom? i'm tired of being a house student (it means Mikan is studying inside their house) can i study in a public school? brunette girl asked.

i'm sorry Mikan but you can't..cause it's dangerous. you know that your father is a prime minister of Japan. her mother said.

well...ok! I understand it but mom, please tell me quickly if I will gonna study outside ok?! Mikan said.

ok! mikan her mother said. even if you cant her mother continued but only a whisphere

flash back end...

umm...OK! OK! OK! mom im so exited when! when will I go in that school mom? Mikan asked.

um it is now mikan. her father said.

YEHEY! hotaru we're going out in this creepy place you said. Mikan said exitedly

ok ok ok but first you have to pack your things ok? her mother said

OK! Mikan and Hotaru said in unison and run in their room.

fast forward...

BYE! BYE! MOM! I WILL MISS YOU! mikan shouted while waving her hand.

hotaru: waving her hand "only"

in the school alice academy

WOW! its beautiful and big! right hotaru? mikan said and drop her jaw.

hotaru is eating her crab can and she didnt realize that mikan is talking to her.

mooo hrphf! hotaru why are you like that?

hotaru? hotaru? HOTARU! mikan shouted angrily

huh? hotaru replied

my my...there you are two little girls. mikan and hotaru cut their little arguement and saw a blonde haired guy

OH! HI! umm excuse me who are you? mikan asked

OH! hi little beautiful girl. narumi said with that mikan blushed my name is narumi you can call me narumi sensei. mr narumi sensei continued

OK! can we go to your classroom? narumi asked the two little girl

YEAH! mikan said while hotaru is calmed as always

OK! here is your classroom! narumi said and opens the door

WOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW! mikan said hotaru is also shocked but not written in her face.