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The oppressive gloom of the artificial cavern was, well, oppressive. The two scything beams of light emitted by her suit did little to alleviate the darkness. Shrapnel littered the floor, and the remnants of ancient, obsolete equipment were lying in every place her beams would reach.

'A control room? Armoury?' Samus mused.

Activation of the X-ray visor revealed much of the cavernous room. Enormous steel pipes covered the floor and ceiling before her, before they too disappeared into the gloom. Investigating further through the twisting maze of pipes took little time, as most could be cleared by a single jump. The ice which was her goal would not show up on the X-ray, and so Samus flicked to the Infrared visor, looking ahead for the huge blue smear which would signify her objective. Of course the pipes had cooled to the atmosphere, the coolness of space, and thus made them invisible to the Infrared visor. And so the great Bounty Hunter Samus bounced and smashed her way down the series of pipes, completely at the will of the gravity-less environment.

'Keep calm, just switch back to the X-Ray and get your balance.'

However this was easier said than done, since bouncing along on said visor seemed to inhibit control. After about thirty seconds of this highly embarrassing behaviour Samus' field of view was filled with a blue that seemed darker then that of supercooled space. Samus lashed out with her cannon, penetrating the much sought ice and opened her missile launcher cap so that it gripped like a harpoon.

"Next time, I'm taking the Grav- Suit." Said a very embarrassed Samus, "If someone had seen that… my reputation… gone…"

Assessing the immediate vicinity, which turned out to be the very end of the cavern, Samus noted that fact that the pipes all terminated into a single huge pipe, which ended in the opposite wall. Also noted was the high level of structural damage this section of the cavern had taken, huge rents in the walls were common and craters littered the area.

"God fucking dammit!" Shouted an enraged woman, "There's a freaking tunnel here leading straight to the outside! I'm gonna kill that fucking computer, and that damned red light!"

And sure enough there was a hole, leading straight to the outer caverns of the asteroid. Its smooth tunnel walls were marred by a violent exit hole, which, Samus noted, if extended, reached the ice directly in front of her cutting the great pipe on which she stood.

"A projectile? But if that cut this pipe… then… SHIT!"

A deep penetration scan revealed just what she had been hoping was wrong.

"Hydrogen Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Ammonium Nitrate, Helium Nitrate… Fuck! It's coolant! Fucken' coolant!"

Obviously this had been a reactor coolant station, and from the lack of sleek curves and probable interior design, a fission one. Samus dejectedly rested her head on the supercooled coolant.

"All of that effort, all of that sacrifice, my time, my effort… and my pride! Gone! And I can't even sell used coolant!" Samus flicked on her X-ray visor. "Time to go… home?"

The X-rays detected a metallic mass close to the centre of the coolant mass, but resonations in the ice crystals distorted it enough to make it unidentifiable.

'Might as well get a souvenir…' as this sarcastic thought flew through her mind she flicked to the plasma beam and began cutting.

The ice was thick and took a while to cut, and process was slowed further when she neared the object itself, so that it wasn't damaged. As the thickness decreased clarity of what she was seeing became greater. What was initially a shapeless mass had become a rectangular shaped object with a thin half sphere at the top. As progress continued the shape got consistently clearer. After about thirty seconds the shape became very familiar. And very shocking.

'A humanoid? In the ice? What the hell?' A very confused female pondered this development. 'I wonder how old it is, if it's old enough and big wads of cash are heading my way!' A now excited Samus dug faster towards the fossil. 'Maybe things are turning my way again.'

At ten metres from her prize Samus reasoned that she could turn on her lights again without blinding herself with the refraction. Peering forward she spied her target, and for a fossil it was in pretty good nick. A giant, bipedal, green shelled creature glared balefully back at her with its single orange eye. However, upon a closer and more realistic examination it turned out to be clad in some kind of armour or perhaps exoskeleton and the orange eye had turned out to be a visor of some kind. Samus was slightly disappointed by this, she had been hoping for a horrible, demonic creature from the past. Still it was a giant, probably at leased eight feet tall, and would tower over her with ease, and she wasn't a small woman. It was frozen in a contorted position, probably from the blast which had torn the huge coolant pipe to shreds.

When the ice surrounding the figure had been vaporised down into a thin layering, and a small cave hollowed out so that fossil was a freestanding statue, Samus walked around it, studying it with her inexperienced archaeologist eye. At a closer glance she could tell that it was definitely a humanoid species. That gave her some hints for safe transport, like not carrying by its head for example.

"Now, how to extract it? Cut it out or take the whole block…" Stepping forward to look the creature full in what she presumed was its face, the hunter cum archaeologist remarked, "You're gonna give me my next pay check." and switched on her Infrared Visor to check on for any heat damage.

The currently emotionally unstable Bounty hunter leaped backward with a shriek. "ARRGH! I heated the whole thing up, what if it's damaged, what if it's… what if it's … what if it's ALIVE?"

Calming herself took a while, as no one comes along a find like this very often at all.

'That's impossible! The carbon dating on the main blast shield said that it was at leased one thousand years old, but an organic creature can't survive for that length of time, even if frozen.' Now intensely curious Samus anxiously schooled her thoughts. 'Alright. Task: remove creature without killing it.'

Samus glanced at the thin layer of ice covering the creature and decided that the best course of action was to remove it, with her hand, because the plasma beam would fry it in an instant. She reached out to touch the ice around its face and was replied by a loud cracking. The ice began to shatter and eventually the front cover collapsed leaving the creature floating with its hands and feet still bound. Samus was about to free its appendages when a problem caught her eye. The right elbow of the creature was rupturing, and a sickly red liquid was floating way in fat droplets.


Samus reached to catch the figure and stop the bleeding before blood loss could kill it, since if it had been frozen for this long any shock could possibly kill it. But before she could catch it there was a wet tearing sound...


Its arm had torn in half, leaving a stump just above the elbow. A quick flow of more poor quality blood spewed from the wound, followed by bile and puss. 'Gotta cauterize the wound,' Samus thought. 'A tried and true method works best.'

As her brain flicked onto the plan she changed to the ice beam and fired a round just past the stump of the arm, so that the main offensive bolt didn't hit and so that the residue would freeze the wound off from the deathly atmosphere of space. Grabbing the creature under its arms, and shattering the remaining bindings with a sharp rap of her cannon, Samus leapt back to her ship with her charge.