summery: dashdanny danny got raped and now has a kid and dash is there to help him out but what happens when vlad comes
Pairings: Dash/Danny
rated M
WARNING: mention of rape, Mpreg, and lovely yaoiness
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"Wow Jazz can you scream any louder?" Danny asked as he rubbed his ear and right about then did Jack and Maddie walk in.

"Danny, is that you?" asked Maddie, shock writen all over her face.

"MOM, DAD!" Danny said as he ran to his parents and gave them a big hug as he cryed in their arms.

"Oh, Danny, it is you!" Maddie said as she wrapped her arms around her son as tears ran down her face.

"Danny, we missed you so much." Jack whispered as he too hugged his son, crying.

"Aww, know isn't this cute?!" said a voice behind Danny and his parents. Danny let go of his parents and turned around to see his friends, boyfriend, and son lying on the floor unconscious and standing over them was Vlad.

Vlad was looking at Shadow. He then bent down and picked him up.

"LET GO OF MY SON!" Danny yelled as he ran over to Vlad and tryed to get his son back.

"SON!?" Maddie and Jack said shocked.

"Oh, Daniel here didn't tell you?" Vlad asked.

"I knew you raped him, but he's a boy, he can't get pregnant, can he?!" Maddie asked, Jack looked at her shocked.


Danny was on his knees, on the floor, in tears holding on to his son's leg.

"Please, Vlad, take me, not him, please, you want me, not him." Danny cried, his parents looked at him shocked, but Vlad looked amused.

Vlad put down Shadow and leaned into Danny's face.

"Fine, you're coming with me." Vlad said as he scooped Danny into his arms and transformed into his ghost form and disappered.

"DANNY!" Maddie and Jack shouted as the others woke up.

"Ow, my head hurts." Dash said as he rubbed his head. Sam and Tucker woke up rubbing their heads two as well as Jazz and Shadow. Maddie and Jack looked at them.

"Are you guys ok?" Maddie asked as she went over to them.

"Yes, we are, but where's Danny?!" Jazz asked feeling scared.

"Vlad took him..." Maddie said as Shadow's eyes went wide.

"NOOOO, YOU LET HIM TAKE HIM?! MOMMY NEEDS ME, OR HE'LL BRAKE DOWN! I HAVE TO GO FIND MOMMY!" Shadow shouted as he got up but Sam and Tucker grabbed him before he can go anywheres.

"W...what's going on?" Jack asked.

Sam was the one to tell them every thing because she was the only one who could get it all in quick. After she explained,Jack and Maddie looked really shocked.

"Come on, we got to go save my papa." Shadow said as he ran into the lab everyone followed after him. Once down stairs Shadow changed into his ghost form where he had black hair and red eyes, his jumpsuit was red and black, it was like Danny's but there was red where the white is. His hand were glowing purple with green sparks coming off of it.

"Wow!" every one else said as they saw this.

"Guys, stop staring and get ready for battle 'cause we're going to go resuce my mommy!" Shadow said as he handed them weapons and started to fill the Spector Speeder with weapons.

"LETS GO!" Shadow shouted.

At Vlad's home in wisconsin.

In the inside we see Danny tied to a table and Vlad walking around.

"Where are they!? They should be here by now!" Vlad yelled as his alarm went off and his ghost portal open and in came the spector speeder which crashed into the wall.

"NOW, WHY DID YOU LET JACK DRIVE AGAIN MAY I ASK?!" some one from inside yelled.

"'Cause he got us here faster, got a problem with it?" Said another voice.

"No, not at all." said the first voice, who sounded scared.

The the door to the spector speeder opened and out came a purple blast right at Vlad.

"Uh oh..." was all Vlad could say before getting hit by the blast and out of the spector speeder stepped Shadow.

"That's what you get for taking my Papa." Shadow said as everyone else came out of the spector speeder with weapons at hand.

They all looked at Vlad who was getting up from the floor holding his side.

"Pretty strong for a kid I must say." Vlad said as he transformed into his ghost half. Jack gasped and was ready to shot, but Sam put her arm infront of him.

"Don't, Shadows got this one, lets just get Danny into the spector speeder." Sam said as everyone looked over at Danny who hasn't said anything yet, but he was awake and he was looking at Shadow.

Shadow looked over at his mother and smiled. "It's alright mommy, I'll be fine." he then turned back to Vlad who shot at him, but luckly Shadow put up a sheild.

"Ha, missed!" Shadow said as Vlad fumed.

"Ok, that's how you want to play son, then no more mister nice guy." Vlad said as the two of them began punching, kicking, slapping, and even slaming eachother around.

Tucker was getting the spector speeder out of the wall as Jack got his son free from the table.

"Guys, hurry up the building is going to fall any minute!" Maddie said as she was helping Tucker, Sam, and Dash get the spector speeder ready.

"What about Shadow!" Danny asked as he was put into the spector speeder.

As the rest got into the spector speeder they all looked at Shadow, who looked back at them and mouthed 'go' to them as he went threw a hole in the wall that lead to the outside.

Tucker got into the drivers seat.

"My turn to drive now." he said as he got an evil look on his face.

"Uh oh..." everyone else said as Tucker started to drive the spector speeder. Every one held onto their seats as they went outside.

Once outside Tucker crashed into a tree. Danny and the others got out of the Spector speeder and looked around.

They spotted Vlad and Shadow fighting. It looked to be near the end of the fight because both of the looked tired, Shadow more than Vlad.

Danny jumed out of the Spector speeder and started to run toward the fight, Dash followed.

"Danny don't go out there you'll get killed!" Dash yelled as he grabbed Danny.

"No, I got to help Shadow, he needs me!" Danny shouted back.

"GUYS LOOK!" some one shouted from the Spector speeder.

Dash and Danny looked over at the fight. What they saw was unbelievable.

"He's useing the shadow ball." Danny said.

Shadow took all the shadows that were around making a huge, big, fizzilying shadow ball in his hand. Then he shot it at Vlad who just stood there and then 'BOOM'.

When everything cleared, Vlad was gone. Shadow was on the ground.

"SHADOW!" Danny cryed as he ran over to him Dash right behind him.

'Coufgh, coufgh' "Hi Papa, I got rid of that monster for good." Shadow coufghed some more. "Well this is a good bye Papa." Shadow said as Danny kneeled next to him, tears running down his face.

"Please Shadow don't leave me, I love you, we'll get help, please don't leave me!" Danny cryed as he held his son.

"I love you too Papa, but now I got to go." Shadow said as his eyes closed to never open again. Danny put his son down, still crying. Dash walked over and grabbed him into a hug. The others were in the back ground crying while huging eachother.

"It's all right Danny I'm here for you, shh, shh." Dash whispered into Danny's ear. Danny turned to him and cryed his eyes out.

"It's not fair he was only 3 years old..." Danny cryed. Dash held him tighter and kissed him on the lips.

"Shh, I'm going to bring you home now, shh." Dash said. Danny then turned to Shadows body to see that it was gone. Danny then rubbed the tears away from is eyes.

"Bye Shadow, I love you..." Danny said then Dash lead him to the others as they all went home.

"Bye Mommy, I'll see you later and I love you too." a voice said. Danny stopped.

"Did anyone here that?" Danny asked. Every one shook their heads no. Danny shugged but he new he heard some thing...something that might of been Shadow.

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