It had been over a year since I found out I was pregnant and in what Will and I have come to call the 'New World'. We both had changed a lot since then, even if Will only was there for a day. We had grown closer with the birth of our children, William Keith Turner the Third and Isabella Ana Turner.

Jack and AnaMaria even grew closer together. AnaMaria found out two months ago that she was expecting a child. Jack's the father. As for Barbossa and the crew of the Black Pearl, they're still sailing. Jack made Barbossa sign in blood that he'd come back for Jack six months after the birth of the baby. Then Jack, AnaMaria and the baby would start sailing the seas again.

I sighed, turning my gaze away from the window. I looked over at my husband. Will was too preoccupied with his daughter to even realize I was staring at him. My attention turned to the other infant in my arms, sweet and gentle William, or Willy as we've come to call him.

I laughed, thinking about how much my Will hated being called Willy but didn't mind our son being called it. "What?" I heard Will ask. He must've heard me laugh. I smiled up at him and replied, "Nothing." I looked back down at Willy. "Nothing at all."

With Willy in my arms, I walked outside to the sun porch in the backyard. Will had insisted on building us one once we sailed from Port Royal to New York. Why did we move to New York? Port Royal was too destroyed. The manor was the only decent place left standing.

We both needed a fresh start for us and our children. Plus, Will thought I'd want to get away. Even though there were a lot of good memories in Port Royal, there were too many bad ones. I wouldn't even be able to live in the manor. As much as I loved it, it reminded me too much of what Beckett did to my father.

I looked up at the clear blue sky, smiling. "Papa, Mama... It's me, your Elizabeth. Will and I welcomed not one but two children into the world five months ago. They're twins. A girl and a boy. We named them William and Isabella. They're beautiful..."

"Who are you talking too?" A voice asked behind me. I jumped then loosened once I recognized the voice. I smiled, turning around to face my husband. "Nobody," I replied. After all I didn't want him to think I was crazy.

He raised an eyebrow, asking, "You were talking to your father and mother on the other side weren't you?" I blushed. "Guilty," I answered. He wrapped an arm around my shoulder as we both looked up at the sky.

"They're both proud of you, Elizabeth," Will said, smiling. I nodded and looked at Will.

"Your mother and father are proud of you too, Will." I paused and kissed his cheek. "As am I."