Disclaimer: If I owned it, you would know, because I'd be in it!

Their words flew at me like daggers, with points as sharp as pins,

Though my heart could be easily punctured, I wouldn't let them in.

But suddenly, some hit my chest; the sharpest went straight through,

I couldn't believe what had happened, for I knew their words weren't true.

By now, my eyes were full of tears, but I couldn't turn to run,

I was glued to the ground with fear, and I knew what I had just done.

I had let their words pierce my shield, and penetrate my heart,

Once again, I was on my own, I had brought myself back to the start.

I cried and cried, till I had no strength, but they all laughed and stared,

I looked at your eyes, they sympathised, I knew you were the only one that cared.

With your deep blue eyes, and your warm smile, you protected me like a shield,

You comforted me, stayed by my side, until the wounds had healed.

And now I'd like to thank you so much, for embracing me in your calm,

When I needed a shoulder to cry on, thanks for giving your arm.

Gabriella xxx