Background Info: This story takes place seven years after Edward left. Bella has not fully recovered, but eventually agreed to go out with Jake. They have been going out for exactly five years. Charlie is no longer alive. He had a heart attack the year before while driving on the highway. Bella now lives in his old house alone. Bella is a bit curvier and Jake finally grew into his body. He is still very tall, but he is strong and extremely muscular. This is not necessarily a Bella and Jake pairing. I will see how the story progresses and what you guys want (which you will tell me WHEN YOU REVIEW! Lol) all right, I hope you guys enjoy this story. XOXOXO

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Bella's point of view:

"Jake!" I laughed as he leaped up from under the tree in my front yard. It was a clear summer day; the sun was shining and there were no clouds in sight. I had not been this happy since Charlie passed away last year.

"Surprise" he said with a huge grin on his face. He was holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I lightly pressed my lips to his as a sign of my appreciation. After I broke away, Jake wrapped his muscular arms around my waist. He just stood there holding me, and everything felt right for the moment.

"It is nice to see you smiling again Isabella" Jake mumbled into my hair. "Happy anniversary"

I tightened my grip around him, trying my best not to smile at that comment. I looked up and saw him grinning down at me, his eyes filled with so much love and passion. My heart went erratic. He gently leaned down to kiss me again.

"I love you, Isabella Swan" he whispered. And with that he closed the small space between us. I sighed as the kiss became deeper and deeper.

"That's gross!" someone squealed. I instantly pulled away and turned around to see Lydia, Jake's young niece, get out of her father's green sports car. She slammed the car door shut and slowly skipped up to Jake and me. Jake reached down and pulled her into a hug.

"Hey Lyd, he said.

"Keep your clothes on while the kids are here" George said in a playful voice as he scooped up his one year old son Andy. George, who was seven years older than Jake, was coming over for lunch with his two children.

"Bewa! Bewa!" Anthony chanted as he reached his arms toward me, indicating that he wanted me to hold him. George laughed and handed him to me.

"Hi sweetie" I cooed softly. I felt Jake staring at me. Our eyes met, and I offered him a smile. George slapped Jake's back and placed a small kiss on my cheek.

"You look stunning as always" He said. "Do you mind if I go inside and drop off this food?" he asked nodding his head to the large white bag in his hand.

"Of course" I laughed. My house is yours. Jake put Lydia down and she danced over to me.

"Bella, guess what!" she said giggling. I smiled down at the six year old child. Her hair was done up in sloppy crooked pigtails and there was some chocolate crumbs around her mouth.

"I can't guess, honey. Just tell me" I said.

"I am getting a new puppy!" she said jumping up and down in excitement.

"That's great! What are you going to name it?" I asked.

"Well, I wanted to name it Lydia, but daddy said no, so I think I'm gonna name it Buddy"

"That's a good name, Lydie" Jake said as he put his arm around me. Lydia offered him a huge, cookie crumb-filled smile. Jake and I laughed.

Edwards point of view:

I slowly drove down the main street in Forks, unable to block out the hundreds of memories that were popping up into my mind. Memories that I wanted to forget so badly. Memories of her. Everything here reminded me of my old life, and short time with her. The school, the hospital, and even the ice cream store that had gone out of business years ago. I was a mess. My clothes were tattered and in need of a wash. My hair was even more out of control than it usually is, and although I hunted yesterday, the circles under my eyes were still bigger than they had ever been. It was sunny, so I could not walk outside. I was driving to meet up with the rest of my family at our old house. I had not seen them in a few months, and although I dreaded coming back here, I knew they were all tremendously worried about my well-being. I thought that I would drop in for a day, show them that I was still alive, and then go to some unknown destination where I could be alone and think about my depression and how terrible my life was, just as I had been doing the past seven years. I glared down at my clothes. I guess I should have changed them before I came. Oh well. Nothing I could do now. I sighed and continued driving. Reluctantly, I began to drive by Charlie's old house. Bella should be long gone by now, probably at some collage or maybe even living on her own. I bet she had a new boyfriend. Some lucky guy who could give her everything she deserved; everything that I could not. I looked down and realized that I was gripping my steering wheel with all my might. I gentled my grasp as so not to break it in half. Before I knew it, I was passing Charlie's old house. I looked out the window and gasped. What that Bella standing outside? I was shocked at how different she looked. She had grown curvier and looked much older and more sophisticated than she did when I left. She looked amazing. Yet there was certain sadness to her. She looked older than she should. Her pain broke my heart.

I had been so preoccupied with her that I had not noticed everyone else on the lawn. Was that… Jacob Black? No. No, it couldn't be. Could it? Inside, I knew it was. His arms were around her and… and a child? Did Bella have a child? I became numb. Never had I felt more jealousy and resentment in my life than I did right now. Bella was his. And they had a son, and a daughter? Was that girl in the pigtails Bella's daughter? I wanted to jump out of the car and grab her into my arms. I wanted to take her with me to a far-off place where we could live together and she could love me. But I could not even say hello. I couldn't even ask whose kids they were. The sun was shining, and I knew that if I walked outside, I would blow my cover, along with Esme's Carlisle's Rosalie's Emmett's and Alice's. Instead, I would just have to go back to my house and greet my family who was waiting for me only a few miles away. I would have to act happy and be willing to make conversation. I began to dry sob as I took one last look at her. I finally pulled my eyes away and sped down the road. Bella never once looked in my direction.

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