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Chapter 2

Edward's point of view

I slowly pulled into the long driveway of my old house. I saw half of my family running outside to greet me. I honestly had missed them, but I just was not in the mood to see them. I was not in the mood to see anyone other than my Bella. No, not my Bella. Jake's Bella. No! That is not how it is suppose to be! It isn't supposed to be Bella Marie Black! That sounds all wrong… it should be Bella Marie Cullen. It fits her. I fit her. Not that… that boy! He is younger than her, anyways! No human would ever fit her like I had. We were made for each other. She was NOT supposed to find anyone… anyone else. Yet, inside I had known that there was a good chance that she would meet someone else. Young, beautiful, innocent as she is, she was bound to find someone that she liked. Someone other than… other than me. I mean, that was the "reason" I left her, right? But I had hope. No matter how much I denied it, I strongly hoped that… that maybe… maybe we could have still… still have gotten back together. But now… now she has a family. Two beautiful young children who loved their parents! No matter how much of a monster I actually am, I could never break up a family; especially Bella's. I closed my eyes and let out a soft groan. My life was pointless now. There was nothing more to live for.

Suddenly the door of my car flew open. My eyes shot open as I turned to see Alice grinning down at me. I felt myself being pulled out of the car and into the lawn. Everyone was cheerfully gathering around me, bombarding me with stupid questions that I chose not to answer.

After I hugged everyone for the tenth time, we slowly made our way up to the huge house. Carlisle's firm hand was gripping my shoulder in a very fatherly manner.

"Edward!" an exceptionally enthusiastic Alice exclaimed. "I missed you so much! I have a lot to tell you!"

"I think we all missed Edward" Carlisle said slowly, "But he seems tired from his long journey. Calm down a bit" I really appreciated Carlisle for realizing that I wasn't in the mood for her hypeness right now. I offered him a small smile as a way of showing my gratitude, but when I looked into his golden eyes, I saw his pain and concern.

"We shall discuss this later, son" he thought. I subtly nodded my head in response, making sure that nobody else noticed. I saw Esme standing at the door with a smile plastered across her face. She reached out and pulled me into a tight embrace.

"Hey mom" I mumbled into her soft hair. "I missed you" and I really did miss her. I just was not ready to come home and deal with society yet.

"Come inside, Edward. We have a surprise" Alice said. Rosalie grabbed her hand and they grinned at each other. I tried see what they were thinking, but they had somehow blocked me. Strange. I turned to see Carlisle nervously shaking his head at Esme, trying, not to have me notice. He failed miserably. Now I was curious. What was this surprise that Carlisle wanted to keep from me? I had absolutely no idea, but I intended to find out as soon as possible.

(Meanwhile back at Bella's house)

Bella's point of view:

Jake took Andy inside the house to help set the table. I was left alone outside with Lydia, whom was occupying herself with the many dandelions growing in the grass. I suddenly had the urge to sit down in the grass with her and blow the millions of seeds away. I decided to give into myself for this once. It couldn't hurt, and besides, I couldn't remember the last time I blew a dandelion. With a smile, I plopped myself onto the damp grass and picked one of the full ones that were growing near my leg. Lydia looked up, offered me a smile, and went back to spreading the weeds around my yard. I laughed lightly, and with a deep breath, I blew the seeds far away. I remembered how Rene used to take me to the park across the street from our old house. We would collect all the dandelions that we could find, doing our best not to disturb the seeds. Then we would sit on the little wooden bench, me on her lap, and together we would blow them out, one by one. I missed those days. I was so happy back then, with not a care in the world. I was much better now, but even still, I cannot describe the missing piece in my heart. That piece that was stolen from me seven years ago. I found myself staring off into the forest. I had not gone back since he left me there to… to die. I shook my head, as if to shake away the memory, and turned back to Lydia, who was searching for more of the distinct leaves to blow away.

"Bella? Lydia?" someone called. I was instantly shaken out of my trance. I turned my head to find Jake standing at the doorway. He smiled when h e saw me sitting in the grass with an empty stem in my hand. He pushed the old screen door opened and walked over to where Lydia and I were sitting. He offered me his hand. I grabbed it and he helped pull me up. I shook the fallen seeds off my sundress and smiled. I actually loved him. True, maybe not as much as I had loved… Edward, but still. He was definably not Edward, but he was Jake, and maybe that was better. Maybe. Then again, I had no choice. Edward had left… wow… he had left seven years ago. It seemed like so much longer. But none the less, a lot happens over seven years. Edward probably moved on by now. He was gorgeous, talented, and the nicest person, err, being, I had ever met, and would ever meet. I wonder if he ever thinks of me. I mustn't get my hopes up. It was time for me to move on. And I guess I have in a way. I had Jake now. He was the best friend I could ever ask for, and he loved me. And I loved him, too. He made me happy… ish. But still happier than anyone else had ever made me. And sometimes, sometimes could make me forget for a little while. Sometimes when I am with him, I don't even remember the piece missing in my heart. And I guess, well, I would not be terribly unhappy if, for the rest of my life, I stayed with him. I hung my arms around his neck, stood on my tiptoes, and placed a gentle kissed on his cheek.

"What was that for?" he asked, unable to hide his smile.

"I love you" I whispered, with complete sincerity. He pulled me closer to him and I laid my head against his chest, and breathed in his deep scent. Lydia began to talk, but I felt Jake remove one of his large hands from my back and place it to his lips signaling for Lydia to be quiet. I heard her stand up and run inside, probably completely covered in stranded seeds. Oh well, it is not as though I am a complete neat freak. Jake then led me inside, never removing his hand from my back. I let my head rest against my shoulder, and I sighed. I was happier today than I had been in so long. It was such a nice change.

"When we reached the front door, Jake suddenly stopped.

"Bella," he mumbled. "Um, I sort of. Well…" He cleared his throat. "Bella, I have a question…"

Edward's point of view

I pushed past my family and entered the house. What could this big surprise possibly be? Everyone quickly followed me.

"Edward, we bought you a new ummm… a new couch. Why don't you go check it out?" Carlisle asked hopefully.

"Oh, come on; let's just show him the surprise! I have waited months!" Alice said dramatically. I saw jasper roll his eyes at his overly exited wife. I noticed that every single person had blocked their mind from me… but wait. I heard a voice that was unfamiliar to me. The voice was sweet and innocent. I followed it into the basement where I found a young vampire of about seventeen or eighteen sitting on the couch facing away from me. From what I could see, she had long blonde hair and was pretty short. The rest of my family instantly followed me, and she turned around. Her face was long and pale. Her lips were big and luscious, and she was petite. I knew she was pretty, but she could never hold a candle to Bella. Why the hell would my family want to do this to me? I was not ready yet! I ran upstairs and flew into my bedroom, slamming the door shut behind me. I heard a knock at my door.

"Edward" Carlisle said softly. "We need to talk". He was instantly sitting next to me on my new sofa. "Edward," he whispered soothingly after a few moments. "We were not trying to replace Bella. It was all an accident."

"How could something like this be an accident" I snapped, instantly regretting it. Carlisle had been no good to me. He did not deserve this sort treatment from me. He was too good of a man.

"Jasper lost control" he said after a few moments. He was staring out the window, most likely thinking about what had happened. "We were in Alaska, and Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie went for a walk in order to leave your mother and me alone for a while. Jasper had not hunted in a couple weeks, which is way to long for him. A girl passed them in an alley, and her smell was too powerful. Jasper bit her. Luckily Alice and Emmett were able to hold him down while Rosalie took the girl, whose name is Abby. But unfortunately, it was too late. There was nothing we could do. We could not leave her alone. Do you understand?"

I was stunned. Carlisle would never lie to me. They never wanted to set me up with this Abby girl. I sighed in relief. "I am sorry I reacted so strongly" I said embarrassedly.

"That is fine, Edward. But I suggest you go do down there sometime later today to apologize and introduce yourself. You may find that she is a very nice young woman, NOT that you would want to go out with her, but maybe a new friend" Carlisle said quickly, before I could get too worked up. "You do not have to do it right now. I am sure that you want to digest this new piece of information first. I am sure that you are still completely shocked" he offered me a smile. He stood up, and headed out the door.

"It's nice to have you back, Edward" he said and he shut the door behind him. So much had happened today! It was so difficult to think strait. Wow. A new member of the family. Well, this should be fun.

After an hour or so, I decided to go downstairs and introduce myself to my new sister. I found her sitting at the dinning room table drawing on a sketchbook.

"Hello" I said slowly, making her jump. I guess she did not hear me coming.

"Hi" she said with a smile on her face. I noticed her quickly try to cover up her drawing. I did not need to read her mind to know that she was attracted to me. Hopefully that would go away soon. I really did not need someone following me around like a lost puppy.

"Sorry, I don't think that we have properly introduced ourselves to each other. I am Edward."

"I'm Ab... Ab… Abby" she mumbled as she shook my extended hand.

"Nice to meet you! So are you enjoying life as a vampire?" I wanted nothing more than to make conversation with this nervous girl, but considering she would be my sister for the rest of eternity, I figured that it would be better just to get to know her.

"Well, I am a bit cold" she said with a strange expression on her face. I could not help but smile at her. Carlisle was right; she seemed like a decent person.

"Yeah, you will eventually get used to that" I said. I couldn't help but wish that she would get over her attraction to me so that we could be friends. I did a quick glance at her while she was staring out the window are could not help but be shocked her exceptionally thin figure. I was in no way attracted to her, but her figure was impossibly thin. I looked up at her face and she met my eyes. She looked away giggling nervously and I rolled my eyes when I was sure she could not see.

"Do you draw?" I asked nodding at the picture covered by her thin arms.

"Oh, nah. I mean, um, well, yeah, I do, but I, I am not very good."

"Can I see?" I asked her politely.

"When it is finished" she said with a soft smile. I was about to ask her about her human life, but I heard Carlisle call me.

"Edward" he called softly from his office upstairs. "May I please have a word with you?" I was not in the mood to talk about Bella, but nobody ever said no to Carlisle. Instead, I said goodbye to Abby and headed for the stairs.

"Coming" I called out as I slowly ran up the steps, five at a time.

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