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Chapter 3

Bella's point of view:

I eyed Jake curiously. Why was he suddenly so nervous?

"Yeah…?" I said, quickly growing impatient. The clouds were blowing in, and it was getting pretty chilly. I could tell that it would rain within the next hour. I felt my cheerfulness slowly begin to disappear, being replaced by my usual depression, and I wanted to get inside to the warmth. Ever since that night when he… when he left, I started to prefer the warmth. It was not as easy to picture him that way. The less pain I had, the better off I was.

"Ya, umm, Bella? I, I was just wondering. Well... Would you ma…?" but Jake never got to finish his sentence. His brother pushed open the door, not realizing that we were standing there, and I was suddenly on the ground. George and Jake were staring down at me in shock. I was embarrassed, but luckily not hurt. I began to blush and George snickered, trying his best to hide it. Jake leaned over, grabbed my hand firmly, and pulled me up into a hug. With no enthusiasm, I lightly hung my pale arms around his exceptionally broad shoulders and softly sighed into his muscular chest. I felt his arms wrap around me tightly, his huge body completely engulfing me.

Well, I guess Jake was better than nothing. NO! It was something! Jake was such a kind person. He loved me with all his heart, and helped me work my way out of depression. I honestly loved him. Maybe not as much as he loved me; well, not even close to as much as he loved me, but still. He was all that I had, and I was all that he would ever want. But was that fair? I tried to push that idea out of my head and attempted to pull Jake closer to me, reminding myself that I needed to live in the present, not the past. It was defiantly time to move on. And for real this time. I made up my mind while standing there in Jakes arms. I would forget. I would really forget. A stray tear slowly made its way down my cheek. It was a single tear. A tear to symbolize my pain leaving my body. Edward leaving my mind forever. Jake was the most important creature to me now, and ever. Edward who? Psh yeah right…

Edward's point of view:

"So Edward" Carlisle said, reclining in his leather chair. I was sitting on the other side of the desk facing him. It reminded me of sitting in the principal's office. "What happened?"

I sighed, not wanting to answer the question. I looked up, and I could tell that he saw the pain in my eyes.

"What's wrong" he asked softly. I let my heads drop and I stared down at my hands which were folded in my lap.

"Bella…" was all I could manage to whisper. I slowly raised my head to meet his eyes once more.

"Is she…all right?" He asked. His voice was filled with concern. I knew that he deeply cared about her also. She was like another daughter to him. Well, she was. Until I decided to be stupid. I shook my head, knowing that I had never regretted anything this much in over a century. I took a deep breath and continued softly.

"Yeah… she… she is... more than Ok." I was literally shaking out of despair.

"I see…" Carlisle said, carefully choosing his words.. "Is she… with someone else?" he asked after a moment.

"I numbly nodded my head. My still heart was slowly crumbling to millions of pieces.

"Well, you actually wanted this to happen a while ago. I believe that is what you told her." he said slowly. I could tell he was trying not to upset me with his words, but it did not matter. It still hurt like crazy.

"You are a talented, smart, funny, attractive young man, err, vampire, Edward. You will find someone else"

"But I want HER" I snapped back at him.

"Edward Cullen, you know how much I care about you, but I will really make you regret it if you hurt her new relationship. She does not deserve that. You hurt her enough once. Let her live a happy life. Do not touch her, talk to her, or even come near her. Do I make myself clear?" I was shocked by his sudden intensity in his voice. He had never spoken to me in the way he just did. I was a bit frightened by the fierce tone in his normally gentle voice. But my fear did not lessen the anger inside of me.

"How can you POSSIBLY expect me to keep away from her? There is no possible way!" I jumped up and my chair fell to the ground with a thud.

"Edward, nobody ever told you to leave Forks and break up with her. That was all your decision. We all tried to convince you that it was a horrible idea, but you would not listen to us. Now you have no choice but to pay the consequences." I leaned back against a tall oak bookshelf behind me, suddenly unable to hold up my weight.

"but…" I was at a complete loss of words. How could I possibly describe how I felt about her? I could not even begin to tell Carlisle what she meant to me. How it would be impossible for me to stay away from her.

"I know I made a mistake, but isn't there someway…"

"No" Carlisle cut in instantly. "Absolutely not. I forbid you to see her. If you love her, you will wan what is best for her Edward. I am sure that you do NOT want to hurt her, and I hope that you can put your selfishness aside and do what is best for Bella. I am sorry Edward. It is the only way. You cannot let her know that you are back. That we are back. We must do whatever we can to stay clear of her. It is for the best…" I numbly dragged myself out of his office and shuffled into my room, shutting the door softly behind me. My world was crashing right in front of my eyes, and no matter what I did, there was no way I could stop it. I fell onto my couch and just lay there, staring off into the darkness. All I could think about was her beautiful face; aged a bit over time, but still so wonderful. I began to moan in incredible pain, and I realized that my heart would never heal until she was back in my arms.

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