Death of Dewey and Sidney.

Authors note:

I don't own Scream, and this is probably going to be a short oneā€¦ Also there is fictional character in this one, and the killer uses different weapons for a change.

We see Sidney in her house, happy, knowing that is finally over, the final killer is dead. She's still shaky about what has happened. She wonders what her future might bring. As she lets her thoughts just go about, her telephone rings. She picks up and hears a familiar voice, which she thought was over: "Hi, did you miss me? You're going to die tonight, BITCH, hahahaha": The unknown person says at the other end of the telephone. "YOU SICK FUCK, how did you find my number, this can't be happening": Sidney says, now freaking out. Click, the unknown person hung up. As she puts down the phone, she starts to panic. "Okay, slowly breathe, and take control back": Sidney says, and there is a bang on her door, she screams, and before she knows it, the killer is in her house. She wants to run away, but is frozen. She can't move, and then her survival instinct kicks in. She runs, and runs, but her killer catches up, it has an axe. As she runs, she thinks: "That's different". As she trips, and hurts her leg badly, she crawls, and crawls. The killer now stands over her, looking at her, mocking her. He raises the axe, and swings, hitting her belly. She screams. "It's pointless. You're going to die tonight": The killer says taking a step back and just watches her to bleed to her death. As the black void takes over she thinks: "Why, why me, I had such a bright future": Sidney says, slowly dying. And finally she dies. The killer leaves the murder weapon behind and slowly walks away.

The next day, the police are all over the house. Dewey doesn't know what happened, he sees and he thinks of one thing: "Sidney, no, not Sidney". As he walks in the house, he sees the corpse of a friend. Walking outside to just cry and take a deep breath. "This doesn't happen, is this never over, fuck, fuck": Dewey thinks, not knowing what to do. He just does his job, in total shock. As he goes to his car, he sees Ginger, a new friend of him. "Hi, what happened, you look like shit": Ginger says. "Well, what do you think, Sidney died, and she was brutally killed with an axe": Dewey says."Oh, no, not her": Ginger says, now in shock. "I'm going home, I need a rest, and you just go to your house Ginger": Dewey says. "Alright": Ginger says.

As Dewey goes home, he doesn't know what to do. He has no purpose to live. As he walks in to his home, the phone rings. "Yes?": Dewey says. "Did you like my little present?" : The unknown person says. "You sick fuck, you killed my best friend, I swear, I'm going to kill you!": Dewey says. "Tonight you will join her hahahahaha": The killer says. As he switches the telephone, he hears a bang, and there stands the killer, it looks rather small. And it has a gun. "I want to do this quick": The killer says.

"Stay where you are, I've got a surprise for you": The killer says, slowly taking of its mask. As Dewey looks and stands in shock, because he sees Ginger. "Why?": Dewey asks. "Because I hate you, and I hated that other BITCH, you were always talking about her. Never ever you talked about me, and oh I know you're married. I know you're wife is coming home soon. I'm going to kill her, after I killed you": Ginger says. "Why?": Dewey says. "Are you deaf and stupid now die": Ginger says, aiming and pulling the trigger. A bang, and Dewey drops to the ground, dead. As she hears the door open, she hides herself. She sees Dewey's wife, looking at the corpse, she screams. Ginger aims, and fires hitting Dewey's wife her spine. She coughs up blood, and slowly dies. Ginger walks out the house, and onward she walks, enjoying her revenge. And slowly the screen turns black and the credits role in.

I hope you enjoyed it, I know, it's a bit weird. But none the less, I hope you enjoyed it. Reviews are always welcome.