The Scream killer gets blasted away.

Authors note:

This is just something I came up with, it has nothing to do with the movie, well, and maybe it has to do with it. Hmm, yes, the killer is the killer from part 3, but, he's going to die different. It's a short, short story.

We see the killer standing, tall and viscous. He has his last victim cornered. Sidney. She screams for help. He feels mighty and powerful. He raises his knife, but then the door is blasted open.

He looks surprised, even Sidney, we see Dewey with a shotgun. "Hail to the king baby": Dewey says. Cocking and loading his shotgun. He takes aim and just fires 6 shots. The killer is a blooded mess. The mask is nothing but torn apart plastic. Sidney is shocked, and then she snaps to reality, and wants to take off the mask. She gets closer, and closer. She can still smell the gunpowder.

Now she's close enough to take off the mask, now she takes of the mask and sees the face of a known person, Roman, the director. He was behind all the killing, now he's dead and it's finally over."Oh, Dewey, you saved my life, again": Sidney says. Dewey walks to Roman, and kicks him for one last time. The next day, we can see everyone in a room, glaring in the oblivion.

The screen fades, the credits start to roll

The end

I know it's short, but I hope you enjoyed it. Reviews are welcome.