Turning this into a series of Sannin-centric drabbles, probably primarily of the WAFFy variety.

The Present

Because even the snake Sannin had a birthday.

Note: Hm, let's say they are about 7-years-old for this fic.

Tsunade and Jiraiya fidget nervously as Orochimaru approaches. It is his custom to not speak first, he simply stares at them. He notices how they have strange dirt smears upon their faces and leaves are tangled in their hair. Eventually his teammates would say what is on their minds. Neither of them are the type to stay silent for long, unlike Orochimaru, who could spend days without talking.

Jiraiya is the first to speak up. "So…today's your birthday, eh?"

The question catches Orochimaru by surprise, he certainly did not expect his teammates to remember the occasion, but he did not let the feeling reach his face.

Before the pale boy could respond, Tsunade elbows Jiraiya in the ribs. The white-haired boy cringes at the action. Tsunade never takes her strength into account when dealing with her teammates. The blonde girl turns to Orochimaru and thrusts a small package into his hand. "What the idiot is trying to say is we got something for you. Happy Birthday."

Jiraiya paused at rubbing the area where Tsunade had hit him, undoubtedly leaving a small bruise. "What she said, figured it would be better than nothing. It isn't like you are going to get something from anyone else, you barely speak to people."

Orochimaru scoffs the idea of requiring presents for becoming another year older. In his view, all it indicates is another year of life gone, never to return. He is alarmed to find out the gift could move and decides taking a look inside could be a hazardous venture. But his teammates are looking at him so hopefully, and although he wants to believe he does not care, they are all he has.

He tugs at the ribbon at the top, unraveling the bow, and carefully peered inside. Small yellow eyes meet his own. His eyes widen when a small form slithers out of the bag and into his hand. It is a tiny white snake, no longer than the length of his arm. He blinks at it curiously and the snake returns the gaze, tongue flickering out to gather the scent of its surroundings. Realizing Tsunade and Jiraiya are still looking at him, Orochimaru glances their way.

"The little critter reminded us of you." Tsunade explains helpfully. The resemblance could be seen easily enough with the golden eyes and ivory scales.

"Yeah, what with you being too pale and quite and it was a damn pain to find, just like you." Jiraiya adds unhelpfully.

So that explains why they were covered in scruffy smudges, Orochimaru notes clinically. Seeking further warmth, the serpentine gift coils around the dark-haired boy's arm. Orochimaru thinks the sensation is strangely pleasant. "At least you two were competent enough to choose a venomless species."

Jiraiya and Tsunade wait for something further. They know their teammate is never fond of spoken pleasantries, but they still expect something.

Orochimaru shifts his attention back to the little white snake, pointedly ignoring the two children.

After a few moments Tsunade breaks the silence, "Um, so we have to go now, you have fun with your present. I—we hope you like it!" She starts to drag off the slightly irked Jiraiya. He thought Orochimaru would at least say something positive to them for once, he guesses he was wrong.

They are several paces away when they hear Orochimaru say softly, "Thank you." But he was gone when they swivel around. They are left wondering if they really did hear him say such a thing.