Touch of Warmth

A chilly day in a cave with the Sannin stranded in a cave.

It is winter and the cold air nips at their skin, sapping the life from them. The minimal amount of charka necessary to start a fire would not attract attention, but the light from it surely would.

"A lot of good all your research with jutsu is doing us now." Jiraiya wraps his arms around his own shoulders and rubs them for warmth. Orochimaru merely scowls; there were much more important areas of knowledge to delve into. Although, at this point, he would have traded a substantial chunk of his aforementioned knowledge for even a slight increase in temperature.

An odd clicking noise attracts their attention, they glance towards Tsunade, her teeth are chattering. Orochimaru is alarmed to notice how her normally vibrant skin is so pale, almost matching his own color. Inwardly, he cringes at the thought that her use of charka to heal their previous injuries has drained her to the point where her body cannot handle the cold. On the surface the dark-haired boy shows nothing. He reasons that it is Tsunade, she is the strongest person he knows, and a little cold will not kill her.

But Jiraiya has noticed their medic's state as well, and he is not content to just let things be. "Tsunade, I'm not going to try any funny business, so get your ass over here." Jiraiya pull Tsunade over to his other side and hugs her close with one hand.

She lets out a sound of protest and starts pushing herself away, despite how pleasant the warm of his body is. Jiraiya just tightens his grip on her shoulder. "Oh quite it already, would want to go after a boyish brute like you?" Tsunade responded with an elbow in his side, which quickly hushed any further words from the white-haired boy. But the blonde girl stops her struggling and remains still by his side and they grudgingly huddle closer.

Their teammates slides his eyes away from them, the sight of them so close is unsettling. Orochimaru is not prepared to admit that it looks like it could be something that he would want, so instead he settles on the idea that they are weak for needing each other. He watches the snow drift downward outside their cave and wonders how long they will have to remain like this.

Tsunade swings a glare Orochimaru's way. "And you, stop plotting or whatever it is you are doing and get over here. Watching you shiver over there is just making me colder." Orochimaru thinks she only says something because she is embarrassed by her proximity to Jiraiya.

"That's what you get for staring at your books all day and barely spending the time to eat." Jiraiya easily pulls Orochimaru over to his right and wraps his free arm around the shorter boy. "I don't like you and you don't like me, but we are going to get through this because we are a team. Got that?" Jiraiya has always been strangely practical when the need arose. Orochimaru allows the contact because he tells himself it would be too much trouble to draw himself away once again.

Orochimaru takes the time to organize the thoughts in his mind, detracting attention from the biting cold. The rough fabric of Jiraiya's shirt brushes by his hand and he frowns. He decides the next jutsu he develops will be a method to create lightless heat. As Jiraiya begins humming to fill the silence Orochimaru decides the second task would be to kill his irritating teammate. But for now he sits and absorbs the body heat given off by the other boy.