Elliot had made his way to the blood bank. He was living, no existing, with a new pair of eyes. Every sense was heightened to the highest extent. His sight has provided him the ability to see colors he hadn't before. His partner's eyes who he had always admired were now the richest chocolates that desired to be consumed. Each brown lash, eighty-seven to be exact, shielded her balls of vision from the harmful particles outside. Her rich olive skin radiated her innermost heat and her plump lips begged for contact. His heart longed for her. Always for her.

Elliot entered the room and his hunger morphed to a thirsty passion. As by instinct, he took a pack of blood and released his fangs. He brought the cool liquid to his mouth and fed off the life force. Each pack of blood brought different memories and different experiences that gave him his life. He felt his color return to him and was surprised when he tasted the familiar blood of an A positive... Olivia.

He saw her smiling at him across the desk. He saw her hips shake as she moved to the coffee maker for Munch's bland coffee. He watched her laugh and cry in the dark of night. He watched as she removed her robe and allowed herself to soak in a steaming bath... alone... with only a radio to comfort her. This stirred up a reaction to Elliot's mind and he reached to comfort his growing arousal.


His eyes shot open and his vampire gaze fell upon the woman he loved. She looked mortified and realized that his fangs were apparent and he was due to answer questions. "Liv..."

"Oh my God," she said rushing to him. "What happened to you?"

He couldn't reply. He was lost in her touch. Her hands were on his body, moving in ways only a mortal would find comforting. "Olivia..."

"Im going to get you out of here. We will talk."

"The sun," he whispered, hoping she understood his angst.

She nodded and covered his eyes with appropriate eye wear. She stood outside the door, waited until the coast was clear and led him to the outside. He hid in the shadows and she directed him to the subway using the darkest paths. "Im going to meet you at your place. Please stay out of the light."

"Olivia," he whispered trying to look at her.

She turned away and desperately sought for immediate answers, hoping none of her pens in her purse popped a hole in a pack of blood.

Olivia made her way into his darkened apartment and shuddered when she heard him moaning from his bedroom. She sighed and entered, surprised to find him naked and writhing in the sheets, moaning in hunger and change. A spirit haunted his soul as he was being consumed by his new supernatural force. "Olivia!" he screamed as he gripped the sheets for a sense of a constant in his reality.

In the pit of her stomach, Olivia wanted to go to him and feed him the blood he needed. However, something told her that Elliot couldn't handle the interruption and her life could be at stake.

She stepped out of the room and moved to the balcony. She dialed her superior's number and knew what she needed to say.

"Captain Cragen: Special Victims."

"Don, this is Olivia."

"Benson, what is the status of Lukeman?"

"Sir, he turned up dead. I think Fin and Munch should investigate into a series of homicides."

"What about you and Stabler?"

"Elliot is going to need a few days off."

"Is he okay?" Don asked, troubled.

"He will be."

"Stay with him," Don said as he hung up the phone.

Olivia nodded and made her way into the living room. The moaning had stopped. She was left in silence. "El?" she questioned, hoping he might hear her. She stepped into his bedroom, and noticed that his body was no longer moving. "Elliot," she rushed to his side and was surprised by his coldness. He felt like a corpse. His nakedness was displayed and the sheets laid tangled on the ground. She swallowed, praying that he would awaken in the night and brought the blankets to cover him. She kissed his cold forehead, moved her body to the blood and an empty cup and had blood ready for his awakening.

Elliot awoke in the night hungry. He turned his head and smirked to find blood ready for him. He consumed it in an instant and was comforted to hear Olivia's breathing from the other room. He stood, slipped on a pair of sweatpants and grabbed a water bottle from the mini fridge in his room.

When he stepped out, he was in awe of Olivia's beauty. She lay in his sweatshirt, sweat against her brow and her breathing deep and sensual. Her lips appeared to be bitten and moist. Elliot studied the patterns of her long olive neck and his stomach leaped when he found her artery through her skin. He kneeled down and studied her beautiful body. He hungered for her touch and pressed his lips to hers, hoping to awaken her senses.

She moaned from the sudden contact and brought her arms around his neck. Her mouth was left victim to his passionate ministrations and he worked magic on her soul. He kissed by her ear and she moaned, "Oh, Elliot!"

The conscious Elliot found himself hungry for her touch and blood, but fighting himself not wanting to kill her. The reality that he was a killer removed himself from her touch, screaming, "No!"

"El," she said standing to meet his confusion.

"I won't... Olivia... I..."

"El?" She stared into his glazed eyes and she worried when she found guilt and self-hatred within his eyes. "Elliot..."

"I would have died if I hurt you," he whispered.

"You didn't," she said stepping closer.

"I... I don't know what I am anymore."

She touched his face and pressed a quick kiss to his lips. "Tell me everything," she whispered.