This is like my other stories brother and brother 2 but with john and what he has done for his sons

Age 4 and 8: John spent the whole day with his son at the zoon in the city that they were in at the time. Even though he would much rather be looking for another hunt or using the money spent to get in on ammo and guns he did this for his sons to see the smiles on there faces to remind him of the time he first took dean to the zoo with Mary.

Age 6 and 10: John let dean go on a three-day school camp, there was nothing to hunt near by and dean really wanted this so he let him. John made sure dean had salt and holy water before he left and a mobile just incase. He spent the whole weekend helping Sam with maths and English.

Age 7 and 11: John went to one of sams parent days at school when the children get to show their mum and dad what they have been up too in class.

He could not resist those eyes when Sam looked at him filled with so much love and trust. That night he took both Sam and dean out pizza then a movie. He fell asleep half way through but enjoyed it when Sam and dean kept telling him their favorite parts of the film.

Age 8 and 12: John took the weekend off when dean came down with the chicken pox he should of been driving to black stone creek, but dean was sick and he needed his rest. He also helped Sam out with his school project about witch trials, it was his job to know anyway and Sam learnt something he could use as well.

Age 10 and 14: When Sam turned 10 john brought him some books and a tape player with head phones even though he thought he should of gotten that special gun that would have been perfect for Sam. Sam wanted this and he wanted Sam to be happy. On deans 14th birthday he brought dean new music tapes and a ticket to a concert for one of those bands he loved he also got him a fake ID so he would be able to get in. John trusted dean not to drink or get into any trouble.

Age 12 and 16: John took dean to get his driver license even though he all ready had one he though dean could do with the real deal. He also stopped half way through a hunt when Sam suddenly became ill and spent two weeks in hospital, Sam had to have his appendix out john had missed it in the first place because he was too busy with a hunt, Sam had told him he felt sick, and john only believed him when he collapsed in the middle of the woods He could only blame him self not Sam not dean, Sam is his son, so to make up for his mistake he rarely left the hospital only when he had to make dean go to school, that was hard enough without waiting for Sam to wake up after surgery. He would not make the same mistake twice. He also went out a brought Sam his very own laptop when he woke up.

This is only the first half ill add more soon