AGE 13 and 17: when dean was 17 john gave him the impala, because he need more room for the new weapons he had brought and it would be easier on the time spent on picking the boys up from school. When Sam was 13 john gave him a laptop, this meant allot of the research time they spent at the library they could now spend at whatever hotel they were staying at.

AGE 14 and 18: When Sam was 14 John decided to take both boys on a hunt for a black dog located in the middle of the woods. The hunt went wrong and all three of them got split up. About half an hour after john had found dean the two of them found Sam unconscious with his leg stuck in a bear trap. Sam had to spend two weeks in the hospital because of blood loss and infection and another 4 weeks on crouches. John also took time of from hunting for dean's high school graduation.

Age 15 and 19: When dean was 19 he took dean on a hunt for a spirit that lived near the water. At the time john had let Sam go on a hunt at his new friends house, the kid had done well in finding this new hunt for them. The hunt did not go exactly as planned and dean was knocked out cold and thrown in to the water and nearly drowned. If it weren't for a man walking by dean would have died that night. John said he would never let dean near water on a hunt again. That only lasted 2 months, but john all ways made sure none of his boys ever fell into the water.

AGE 17 and 21: When Sam was 17 john let Sam go to prom even though he had been to one before, and he let Sam go the big party after as well. He let dean go out to a bar alone to hustler mainly because he new most of the night dean would be watch Sam to make sure he did not get in to trouble. He also let dean go and help father Jim on a hunt while and Sam took care of a spirit.

AGE 18 and 22: When Sam was 18 he had a huge fight with him over Sam wanting to go to collage. This resulted in him telling his own son never to come back if he walked out the door. Sam did leave and john relised his mistake the moment the door closed, that he may have just lost his youngest son forever. The look on deans' face made him feel like some one had ripped his heart out. Five days later he headed out alone leaving dean to finish of a hunt alone. He

ended up sitting in the car out side Sam's dorm room but he could not bring him self to go inside and tell Sam how sorry he was and how proud he is. Instead he waited till he saw Sam leave and let him self in. John put up his own protection symbols at the doors and windows.

I will add more soon. Sorry for any mistakes my computer isn't picking any up. I know In some cases Australian Grammar is different from other though.