Is Toph really that tough in the inside?
Read and find out my opionion

Toph maybe a bit ooc but who CARES!

A Weird Way

Tophs P.O.V

When I first saw you,
you were really there,
looking in my blind eyes
I didn't really care.

You came into my life
and I came into yours,
you unlocked my heart
and you opened the doors.

Something's stirring up,
my feelings for you,
my heart beats faster
are the feelings I have,
are they true?

Now your my freedom,
my dove in the sky,
give me your hands
and I'll guide you by.

Every step you take,
I can hardly feel it,
you "tip toe" so softly
" Oh...Walk Properly YOU Dimwit!"

You read my fears
shown clearly on my face,
knowing that I'm stubborn
still you help me, which I appreciate!

There's one more fear,
which you can't see,
I'm afraid I might lose you
oh can't be...

There's another you love
another than me,
go ahead she's waiting,
your free from me.

Now that I'm alone
what can I do?
I sit and weep,
thinking of you!

Oh how I loved the days
we spend together,
they seemed to last forever
but now they will Never!

Awww I was really sad after writting this, WHAT do you think? R&R please (sorry if you didn't get it)