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A/N: I thought of this earlier, having only watched the film yesterday, and did not hesitate in making it into a story. This was quickly produced and I have already planned a plot to develop over the course of about 10 chapters. If this story appeals to reader's then I will continue it.

WARNINGS: Knowing me, this story is probably going to contain SLASH (male/male), if you do not lke this, I suppose you could still read the fiction and dodge around the romance parts. It also contains bad language, and will have violence later on. When the story progresses it will most likely advance to an M rated story.

Lash's P.O.V

"What a waste, I can't do anything more to help you." Principal Powers informed resolutely, before turning around and making her exit, apparently muttering about Wonderwoman or something. Usually I would be struggling to restrain from grinning, laughing or perhaps glancing at Speed in an attempt to get him into even more trouble, but right now? I feel numb. A moment of epiphany hit me earlier, and it hit me hard – having your head shoved down a toilet really puts things into perspective.

"I went through puberty twice... for this?!" Gwen growled angrily. I rolled my eyes, she was really starting to grate on my nerves. To begin with it had all been a bit of fun, Speed and myself had always been what could be defined as 'bullies'. So naturally, when Gwen had discreetly told us that she wanted to recruit minions to help her in a devastating scheme of hers, we'd jumped at the opportunity.

I couldn't care less about the consequences, as long as I got paid. However, when she said devastating scheme, I was thinking more along the lines of... well, sticking the Commander in a locker? Okay. Stupid. That was exactly what I was. I had allowed myself to be mislead and controlled, and eventually forced to do something that I didn't particularly want to partake in.

Life works in very complex ways indeed, though in this situation you have the bad guys that act like complete and utter jerks, who everyone resents (again, sad to say - Speed and me), and then you have the real evil bastards. I'm talking about those with hearts of stone, beyond help and a danger to everyone. That is what Gwen is. And the sooner that I get out of her company... the better.

I'm was quite concerned, if you could call it that, about Speed. Whereas I had remained quiet and kept my head down, Speed was looking far too unperturbed for me to be comfortable with. Was this all a game for him? It certainly wasn't this time.

This isn't stealing some pathetic sidekick's lunch money, or beating on Stronghold's cronies in the hallways, we were undoubtedly going to end up in prison for our crimes.

Yet there he was, that stupid shit-eating grin on his face, casually tapping his right hand on the desk as though this is some ordinary detention. If I didn't know him so well, I could say the tapping of the feet against the hard, white floor and such was due to nervousness. Fortunately though, I'm well aware of how he ticks and his body language is indicating serious boredom.

Anyway, enough of my analysing of Speed. I'm sitting in a circular room, no decoration whatsoever, everywhere is just bland. This only adds to highlight the idiocy of that jester twat over there. There's a huge contrast between him and his surroundings and personally, I think that if possible, he looks like even more of a fool. Crap, I'm doing it again. So back to my point...

The atmosphere in the room is pretty tense, Penny looks slightly scared. Good – I cannot stand the stuck up cow. I'm sure she'll get a longer sentence than me anyway, I never actually got around to harming anyone, though I heard she got a hit in on the hippy.

Speculating on this, I am harshly reminded of my earlier failure by a throbbing in my left hand. I clench my fist in attempt to ease the pain, whilst mentally cursing myself for missing the darn Popsickle kid.

In true Lash form, I'd picked out the weakest target and went after him. The other two got on with it and I just kinda' stood there awkwardly at first. Though I'd never admit it to anyone but myself, Speed had always been better than me, my whole stretching power just couldn't compete with his super speed. It's not like me to be so submissive though, I have to keep up a front and it was just unfortunate for the kid that he was there at the wrong time.

Well, it would have been. I was far too overconfident at the time to believe that a mere sidekick could pose any kind of threat to me. And after the dent that I left in that locker door, I'm pretty damn certain that I have broken something or other in my hand, sadly I don't think anyone is really bothered. Can I blame them?

I'm not sure how much longer I can stand to be subjected to 'Royal Pain's' incessant ranting. Yeah, I get it, you fucked up again, love. Suck it up already! Add the Jester's nervous jabbering, Penny's whole staring into space act and Speed's cool demeanour into a large, overflowing pot that represents my patience, give it a quick stir and you can understand why my nerves are being stretched thin – and I'm one hell of a flexible guy.

At this rate I won't need to get thrown into prison, this is torture enough. Perhaps if I could just plead, yes plead, my case to Powers, she'd persuade the authorities to go easy on me. I am a minor after all, I was manipulated... "this is injustice!"

Oops, outer-projection of thoughts again. Taking a quick glance around the room it's clear to see that they all heard that. I'm getting sceptical looks from everyone in the room apart from Speed, he's opted for more of a gormless expression. "What? It is!" I exclaimed in my defense.

"Injustice, Lank, is having my plans disrupted once again, by those mindless sidekicks and precious Stronghold. And you have the cheek to sit there and whine?" Gwen questioned in a condescending tone.

"My name is Lash," I reminded her, ensuring to make my voice sound as dangerous as possible. We were in the Detention Room after all, no weird technopathic abilities could do much damage to me in here. If it all came down to it, I'd have no qualms whatsoever with neutralising her in a physical manner.

"Whatever, Lash," Gwen snapped, being sure to emphasize my name. "It doesn't matter anyway now, there is no questioning that we will be going to prison for this. Besides, you already look like an inmate in that attire of yours, I'm sure you'll fit in wonderfully."

"Woah! You did not just insult the stripes? I would not take that trash, Lash!" Speed said to me. He was clearly enjoying this verbal exchange between Gwen and myself. Before I had the chance to retort, the door opened and Powers, accompanied by three large men adorning suits, re-entered the room. The Principal looked at us each in turn, disappointment etched on her facial features, before addressing us each individually about the actions that were to be taken upon us.

Just as expected, we were to be escorted to a remote prison specifically for "Super Villains," otherwise known as solitary confinement. This is it then, face the consequences of your actions like a man! Amazing, I sounded just like my father then. Typical that I should be reminded of the man at a time like this.

One week later...

'Royal Pain' was sentenced to a life time of imprisonment, her sideshow freak receiving a slightly lesser one. Penny, Speed and myself were discharged after seven days of hell with a severe warning and an unpleasant experience of life behind bars. Our assistance in the dastardly plan was somewhat excused due to our age, however, we have still each been given 100 hours of community service. In addition to this we have to have regular meetings with a special adviser through the school. Other than that? I'm free. With my specialist's help and the aid of Principal Powers, I could be set on the righteous path of good... yeah right!

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I am not grateful for this second chance that I have been granted, I can most definitely assure you that that is not the case. I do appreciate this possibility of a new Lash – I'm not as dumb and insensitive as some people make me out to be.

The real problem with this tiresome ordeal, is that by the time all punishments are dealt out and normality returns, there is going to be a huge impact on my social status. How can I, Lash, face the students on Monday morning? Any respect that people previously held for me is now probably completely eradicated, shattered like a sheet of glass submitted to a death-ray.

Not to mention how furious Coach Boomer is going to be, Speed and Lash, his once stars of Save The Citizen turned villainous creeps overnight. If I could afford to do such a thing at this present moment in time, I would rather volunteer to act as the citizen, I think that underlines just how much I am dreading that class. Or any for that matter.

I guess what they say about karma is true, and all of the negative stuff that I have done over the years is coming back and satisfying it's vendetta. Despite all of this complaining, I can handle it. There is one person however, I don't have faith in myself to be around. Will Stronghold. The fantastic, popular, overrated son of two famous superheroes, attending High School and laughing at me no doubt.

I can imagine them all now, huddling together in the corridors, snatching quick glances amongst the giggling and insults, extracting entertainment at my extent. I'm stressing now... keep it together Lash. As much as I enjoy listening to my contemplative thoughts, it's getting late and I need to rise early in order to prepare for the horrors that await me tomorrow.

Over-dramatic? I think not.

So that's it, first chapter. The idea came based on one small part of the movie, when Lash gets his head shoved down a toilet. I'm new to the fandom, yet I feel totally accustomed to the characters and the whole theme already.

This was written up in about an hour and there may be a few errors, though I don't have a beta reader, so apologies for that. Let me know what you think and I do respect your opinions, whether they are positive or negative.