Shadows of the Night

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Ginny can't stop thinking about a kiss between her and Draco and what it might mean for her future.

We're running with the Shadows Of The Night

Before she gave him a black eye and a fat lip, before she got stuck on a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean with him, before she almost drowned, Draco Malfoy kissed her.

It was pure happenstance that Ginny Weasley ended up in a position to get kissed by Malfoy and shanghaied onto his yacht and nearly drowned. She and Hermione had decided on a summer trip. Hermione was off to Oxford University and Ginny would be back to Hogwarts for her final year. Harry had almost gotten up the nerve to ask Ginny out again. She knew it was coming but he was just dragging his feet.

Ginny was looking forward to it.

"How did you manage this?" Ginny asked as she grabbed Hermione's suitcase. Not surprisingly, Hermione had packed an entire suitcase just of books. They were only here for a week but Hermione had to have forty pounds of books.

"The books or the room?" Hermione asked. It was more or less established that this was a pre-engagement road trip for Hermione. Everyone pretty much knew that Ron was going to propose, even though, as far as Ginny knew, her idiot brother hadn't actually started dating Hermione yet.

So baby take my hand, it'll be all right

"I know how you handled the books," Ginny said with a sideways grin. As she looked over, she saw something that made her good mood disappear like smoke in a strong breeze.

"What?" Hermione asked then followed her gaze.

"Oh, hell," she said. Ginny loved her Muggle profanity. Right now she was not entirely in the mood.

Three houses down, standing on the edge of his private pier, was Draco Malfoy.

Ginny had to admit, in the darkest parts of her heart, that Draco Malfoy was the best looking guy she had ever seen. Standing on the end of the pier, like that hot guy in the movie about the ship that was sunk by an iceberg. Hermione had been showing Ginny Muggle movies lately and Ginny had to admit that she was obsessed with several celebrities.

"Of all the places," Hermione said.

"Let's get in before he notices us and comes to badger us," Ginny said.

Surrender all your dreams to me tonight

Hermione took the lead and Ginny followed her into the little one bedroom beach house. As she was about to step into the safety of the beach house, Ginny saw him look over. She met his gaze and even from the distance she saw him smirk with pleasure. Taking another cue from Hermione's movies, Ginny set one bag down long enough to flick him off. She didn't know if he understood it but she accompanied it with her best 'bugger off' face.

Then she stepped inside.

They'll come true in the end

The trip was supposed to be for a week. Ginny enjoyed the first day. She and Hermione went down to the nearest beach. Tomorrow they were meant to go on a boat trip. The day bled by quickly. Ginny and Hermione spent the day in and out of the water. Ginny put on sunscreen often but ended up a more than healthy shade of pink by the time they decided to go into town for dinner.

They picked a cheap little seafood place off the wharf. Hermione used a little magic to make them both fluent in Italian and they enjoyed a good conversation with a swarthy young man.

In all, it was a lazy, wonderful day.

So the ferret had to ruin it.

You said - oh girl, it's a cold world

Hermione went into one of the nearby shops to look at Italian made Quidditch brooms for Ron. Ginny offered to go with, knowing that Hermione knew nothing about brooms but her friend said no and Ginny respected that determined look in Hermione's eyes, the one that said 'I'm going to figure this one out if it kills me.'

So Ginny was waiting outside, standing on the boardwalk and staring out at the bay. The lights on the ships was gorgeous, a starry night.

"There you are."

She didn't even look over. "Go away."

The soft chuckle. He obviously thought he was being charming.

"Is that any way to talk to an old school mate?"

When you keep it all to yourself

She did look over at him. He seemed to know how good looking he was right now.

"Go away," she said again.

"Come on, you can't say you aren't a little glad to see me," he said. "A fellow Englishman."

"Did you ever think I came here to get away from you?" she asked, leaning back on the railing. She knew she looked pretty good herself. The sun had kissed her skin from nearly white to a pleasant pink. She was pretty sure her hair had gone two shades lighter just today. Added to that the wild curl her hair had taken on in the windswept day and the home made sundress that was a little shorter than she would have normally been comfortable with, and she was pretty as a picture.

"Now why would you want that?"

"Oh, just go away," she said. "We didn't get along in school and we aren't going to get along now, Malfoy. So just bugger off."

I said you can't hide on the inside

"We could get along," he said, stepping closer and reaching for her. She started to move back but the railing gave unpleasantly so she moved forward instead...

And right into his clutches. One hand took her by the back of the neck while the other found her left breast and then his lips were on hers.

It was a cheap trashy kiss and Ginny did not appreciate it. Her knee found his groin. He groaned and his hand clutched her breast reflexively. Ginny decided she'd had just about enough of that.

Elbow to the face then she swept his leg, sending him to the boardwalk. He lay there on his back, groaning as he clung to his family jewels.

"I'm here to have a good time and forget you exist. Let's not change that, shall we?"

For good measure, she popped him once in the jaw then sauntered off, almost not caring that he probably looked up her skirt as she stepped over him. It seemed a decent consolation prize for him.

All the pain you've ever felt

The next day went by almost the same. The boat trip was wonderful, leaving Hermione windburnt but spouting off nautical facts. Ginny got a little more sun but felt great. They ate dinner on the boat, a sumptuous spread of Italian appetizers which Hermione had to comment on.

Ginny took a while to settle down after the trip. Hermione went in to bed and was asleep in seconds but Ginny found, despite the exhaustion of the trip and swimming in the Mediterranean, she was still just buzzed enough to feel like going to for a walk.

She went out and started towards the beach. It would take her by Malfoy's villa but so what?

She was walking by it when she heard the whispered spell.

"Petrifus Totalus."

She fell like water into someone's arms and then there was another whispered spell and she fell into darkness.

Run to my heart, but baby don't look back

The world was rolling like it had on the boat. Ginny woke up and had a decent idea what had happened. She was fucking furious.

She got up, almost not caring about where she was. Which was definitely a boat. She had seen enough movies with Hermione to recognize a boat cabin, even if this one was very posh. So she didn't even need to march up on the deck of the yacht to know who she was going to see.

He was standing at the helm, white shirt half undone.

He looked back at her in time to dodge the first punch she threw at him.

"I'm gonna kill you!" she yelled, chasing him around the helm.

"Now, there, Red," he began.

"Oh, we are way past that!" she snapped. "You kidnapped me?"

"Technically it's called getting shanghaied."

"You sound like Hermione," she said, knowing that it would get him.

It did.

"That's unfair," he snapped.

"You assaulted me and kidnapped me and me likening you to my best friend is unfair?"

Cause we got nobody else

He had managed to keep the helm between them. "Look, I was going to take you back in the morning."

"That doesn't excuse taking me in the first place," she said, lunging across the helm at him.

"It was a joke!" he said, running off and putting the main mast between them.

"I'm going to kill you and dump your body in the ocean. But don't worry. That's just a joke too."

"You can't sail this ship!" he blustered, running for the aft deck. She followed at his heels, bare feet slapping on the deck. She hit a patch of water and went down hard, sliding as the boat rocked.

Then she was in the water.

We're running with the Shadows of the Night

Ginny could swim very well. In a lake or a swimming pool. Not in the wake of a fast moving ship.

Her head was under and she couldn't get it above. She struggled up but she barely got half a breath before she was under again, seawater filling her mouth.

What to do? she thought. Hermione would have a full checklist. Keep calm. Well, super easy for you, Mione. The human body was buoyant, wasn't it? If she could get out of these waves she could float, right?

She heard a muffled shout then she was flying through the air. She struck something hard but yielding and fell to the deck.

"Merlin, woman, get off me."

She pushed herself up to see she was lying atop Draco.

She understood what had happened and she debated what to do. She didn't want to admit it, but he had probably saved her life.

"What's wrong?" she asked. "Isn't this what you wanted?"

His face went scarlet, telling her everything she needed to know. Draco Malfoy was a player but he'd never gotten to the finish line.

He opened his mouth. She put her hand on his face and used it for leverage as she got up.

So baby take my hand, it'll be all right

"Hey," he yelped as she started walking to the helm.

"Oh, shut up. You're lucky I don't go below and send a message to my brothers. I'm going to give you the chance to get me back to shore."

"I said I would," he said, petulant.

"Now," she said, gesturing to the helm.

He smirked. "Don't know how to use that?"

"No," she said. "It's not my toy."

Surrender all your dreams to me tonight

Ginny left him to it and went downstairs. She was still wearing the shorts and tank she'd been in yesterday. She stripped, leaving the clothes where they would dry then hopping in the shower. She laughed at Malfoy's excessive supply of beauty products but tried four or five of them including a very expensive looking bottle of shampoo.

She thought about drying her clothes but remembered her wand was back at the rental with Hermione.

She rifled through Draco's clothes. He was a little bigger in the hips but a belt fixed her with a pair of shorts. She had no bra but she wasn't overly endowed there so she decided to make do. He had no casual tops but there were several long sleeved button ups with the Armani and Westwood logos on the pockets. She took delight in tearing the arms off one, knotting them together to make a belt and turn the top into a casual tank.

She was delighted when his jaw dropped when he saw her. She looked down, knowing exactly what he was seeing.

"That shirt cost more than your education," he snarled, stepping away from the helm. She looked around, glad to see they were headed back towards land. She wondered if Hermione would be freaked then decided no. Hermione was too smart for that. She would have cast a quick spell, probably talked to Fred via Floo and found out that Ginny's watch hand was in a safe position then she would have stopped worrying and gone back to reading or whatever she had planned for the day.

"It was too big," Ginny said, turning back to him. He was a lot closer than she had expected and again she stepped back from him. She was still barefoot. All his shoes were too big and she felt fine for now.

His eyes were not on her but rather the V where the shirt met. She remembered she wasn't wearing a bra.

They'll come true in the end

"If you kiss me again, I'm throwing you overboard," she said casually.

He scowled at her. "Most girls like it when I kiss them."

"Then most girls are cheap trash."

"Even Granger?" he said with a sneer.

He was seated now, perched on the edge of the hatch to below. Overhead, the sail rippled.

She laughed, taking a seat herself on one of the deck chairs. It was low enough that the sail wouldn't catch her if it swung around sharply and Draco seemed aware of that for he joined her in another deck chair. Ginny didn't know much about the nautical life but she knew distances and they were still a good hour or two from shore.

"I know you don't expect me to believe that," she said.

You know that sometimes, it feels like

"Maybe not her," he said ruefully. "But I have glowing testimonies."

"From who? Lavender? She's not exactly got the highest standards. She dated my brother remember?"

He winced. "So is Granger."

"That's different," Ginny said, settling back and folding her hands on her stomach. She wouldn't admit it but she had thought about their kiss a few times. Mostly it was with annoyance that he had been so pathetically bad at the kiss.


Ginny shrugged. "Hermione and Ron were always going to be together. Lavender had to know that. I'd like to say she was just stirring the pot, trying to get them together in her own way but I don't think she was. I think she was genuinely sweet on Ron and thought that she could make him forget about Hermione."

"And that doesn't work?"

"You never forget your first love," Ginny said.

"Then you and Potter are meant for each other," he sneered. There was a strange quality to the venom in his tone and it took her a moment to realize what: it was tinged with jealousy. For some reason she couldn't explain, she decided to take pity on him.

"I'm not Harry's first love," she said.

It's all moving way too fast

She was still staring up at the sky. It was overcast and she didn't think she liked the sight of those clouds.

"Who is?" he asked. She could tell he was looking at her now. She remembered the pressure of his lips against hers but forced herself to remember how he'd pawed at her like a toddler.

"Cho Chang," Ginny said.

"That Ravenclaw from fourth year? She wasn't bad looking, I guess but she got moody after Cedric died."

She was marginally surprised that he called him Cedric. Draco was usually an asshole in that regard. Or maybe it was just that he was that way around Harry. His snide and sarcastic comments definitely came more fluently in Harry's presence.

"What about you?" he asked. "Was Potter your first?"

She shook her head. The wind had picked up and Draco seemed to finally notice the clouds. He got up and walked casually to the helm.

"You didn't answer me," he said.

She had sat up to watch him but she lounged back again, feigning nonchalance.

"No," she said. "Mostly because I'm not perfectly sure I love Harry. He's great and all but I don't know if either of us know what love is really like. Oh, I know how it is with my parents but I can't tell if that's how love should always be or if that's the kind of love that I really want."

"You know what I think, Ginny?"

Use every alibi and words you deny

His use of her first name had her looking back at him. If he practiced, he could be a very decent human.

"What?" she asked.

"I think that's a good idea," he said. "I'm not saying you're cut out to be one of those loose women but sometimes you need to see how something wrong fits on you before you understand a perfect fit."

She got up and joined him at the helm. "I don't think we're going to outrun that storm," she said.

"You're probably right," he said, sounding annoyed. "Best thing would be to ride it out."

"Shorten sail?" she asked, not really sure that was the right term.

He chuckled. "Yeah. That crank there."

"You don't have servants to do this for you?" she asked, joking.

"I have you," he said with a leer.

"I get the feeling I should punch you again," she mused, pleased when he flinched as she walked by.

That love ain't meant to last

The storm hit as they were lowering the mast. Ginny had been through storms at the Burrow but this was a different beast. She hit the jib hard, knocking the wind out of her. Draco grabbed her by upper arm.

"Get below!" he ordered.

"You need help," she protested over the wind.

"You're going to fall in again and I'm not rescuing you this time," he said, shoving her towards the hatch.

She resented it but she also saw his logic. She trotted down the stairs. The cabin was storm proof, all the furniture bolted into place and the cabinets in the kitchen had latches to keep them from opening mid roll.

She waited, trying not to worry or get thrown around too much.

Finally the hatch opened again, admitting Draco and about two buckets worth o rain.

"What do you suggest now?" she asked as the boat pitched.

You can cry tough baby, it's all right

"Ride it out," he said. "Bedroom is the best place." He was going crimson again and she would have found it more amusing if not for the way the boat was making her feel. She felt sick.

"What if I have to puke?" she asked.

"Do it in the bathroom, please," he said.

She did just that, barely making it to the toilet in time. She hadn't had anything to eat today so last night's dinner came up, looking much less appetizing the second time around.

She felt like she was going to heave again but suddenly Draco was there, holding back her hair for her.

"Mum used to get a little too soused on the vodka tonics," he said as if he needed an excuse to be there, acting like a normal human. "Best if you let it out."

She did.

You can let me down easy, but not tonight

Eventually things settled. Ginny stopped puking her guts out. Draco left her to tidy up, surprisingly saying nothing about the stain she got on his trousers.

She rinsed out her mouth then brushed her teeth, feeling weird to be using his toothbrush. Once she was done, she set the brush back, resisting an impulse to throw it away. It would be like he kissed her again, getting some tongue in.

"You are totally over thinking this," she said to herself.

She glanced at the clock. It was just after two in the afternoon.

"I'm starving," she said when she came out. He had changed into board shorts and was rummaging through the kitchen as if he'd read her mind.

"Radio says the storm will be gone inside an hour," he said.

"What are you doing?" she asked, watching him pull random things from the cabinet.

We're running with the Shadows of the Night

"Lunch?" he asked, holding a jar of caviar in one hand and a box of multigrain crackers in the other.

"No," she said. She moved him away from the cabinets and did a quick inventory.

She put together a quick meal of roast beef sandwiches and pretzels. They sat on the bed, eating and relaxing. Draco, surprisingly, did not try to touch her. Even when the boat lulled them both to sleep, he kept a polite distance.

So baby take my hand, you'll be all right

She didn't know how long she slept but when she woke up, she was lying half across his chest. Her face was pressed to his shoulder and her hand was on his abdomen. His hand was over hers.

She couldn't believe she did that. She got up and went to the bathroom. She washed her hands and splashed water on her face. The boat felt better, more even.

She climbed up to the deck and looked around. It was early morning, the sun just breaking over the horizon. It was beautiful but she realized she had lost a full day. Hermione was probably starting to get worried, maybe thinking about contacting the boys.

She leaned against the railing then shielded her eyes as a ship drew closer. It was an old looking boat, a three masted wooden boat. It looked like a pirate ship. She couldn't quite see the flag but she suspected it was not a regular flag.

"Draco," she hollered.

A moment later, he was at her side. He had his toothbrush in his mouth and he wasn't wearing his shirt.

"Eyes are up here, Red," he said.

"I could say the same to you," she said, putting her hands on her hips and pushing back her shoulders so the shirt yawned at her cleavage. The toothbrush clattered on the deck.

Surrender all your dreams to me tonight

"They look like pirates," he commented.

"If that storm sent us through a time slip into the fourteenth century, I'm killing you," she said.

"That's almost impossible," he said.

"So was getting stuck on a ship with you but here we are," she said, spreading her hands.

She moved to the crank, lifting the mast again. He glanced at her and moved to the helm.

"I think I need a shirt for this," he said.

He had his back to her so she decided to be cruel. She took off his shirt, tossing it over his head. "That should do."

She darted downstairs, giggling to herself as she pulled out one of his tee shirts. She knotted it at her waist, creating a crop top. She trotted back up the stairs. He was wearing the top, somehow having managed to magic the sleeves back on. He still didn't have it buttoned, showing off his very nice pecs and washboard abs. She shimmied the shorts down her hips so they showed off her own stomach and barely managed to cover what they needed to cover.

"So what's the story," she said, taking a stand beside him.

They'll come true in the end

He glanced at her, his gaze sliding down to her exposed stomach. "Does your mother know you're out?" he drawled.

"Eyes on task, pretty boy," she said.

"You think I'm pretty?"

She ignored that and went back to looking at the ship that was drawing closer.

"They aren't real pirates, are they?" she asked.

"I didn't hear anything," he said. "We're higher in the water and faster so long as they don't have a motor." He looked at her. "Wanna try some evasive maneuvering?"

He sent her to the jib. She pulled on work gloves from the deck box and sat, legs braced as she held to the rope that controlled the jib. The rudder did most of the steering on a ship like this but it could be assisted by the jib and that was what he was trying to do.

We're running with the Shadows of the Night

Ginny listened to the jeers of the pirate crew. They were close enough now that she could tell they probably weren't real pirates. Their clothes looked right but they looked or rather not well worn. Fake, almost as though this were a high school play.

She thought about mentioning this to Draco but didn't. She glanced back at him. He looked important and properly swarthy, the wind whipping his ash blonde hair.

The ship was fast and they zipped around. Ginny found herself laughing as the spray soaked her and she maneuvered the jib like she was born to it. Behind her she could hear Draco laughing with her as well. It was a quick chase. They were faster but it was pretty obvious that the other ship had a motor. Then they deployed grappling hooks.

Draco was beside her in an instant as the 'pirates' started to board.

So baby take my hand, it'll be all right

"Stay behind me," he said.

"I can take care of myself," she said, getting to her feet. He had his wand out and she wanted to tell him that it was unnecessary but he seemed to be enjoying himself.

Then there were three pirates around them. They were laughing but there was nothing cruel about it. They sounded like bad actors in a trashy pirate film. Ginny had to bite back a grin.

"Are you going to come quietly?" one of the pirates said. THe others laughed.

"She's not going anywhere," Draco said.

"What makes you think you can stop us?" another said.

Surrender all your dreams to me tonight

"Just try it," Draco said. Ginny took a seat and started laughing.

"Ginny? What you are doing?" he asked, looking back at her.

"Draco, they're actors," she said then went back to laughing.

"Wait," one of the pirates said, lowering his sword.

"Are you Dan Mallard?"

"No," Draco said, sounding confused. "Wait, what is this?"

They'll come true in the end

Dan Mallard was a oil tycoon who owned a little sloop not much different from Draco's ship. He had hired the team as a birthday present to his girlfriend. They were supposed to kidnap the girlfriend and she was going to spend the day with them until Dan came in to 'rescue' her.

The pirate crew apologized and gave them gift cards to one of the local restaurants. As soon as they were gone, Ginny took a seat on the hatch and went back to laughing.

"Yeah, yeah, You're hilarious," he said. He was grinning too.

"You still need to get me back to the shore," she said. He sat down beside her.

"True," he said. He set his hand very close to hers. She thought about putting her hand on his. Somehow she couldn't quite do that.

And now the hands of time are standin' still

Midnight angel, won't you say you will

"I can't believe you didn't say yes," Hermione said two years later.

"I didn't say yes, and Cho did and then the rest is history," Ginny said as she worked on Hermione's hair. It was Hermione's day but somehow they kept talking about Ginny.

"Are you sure you're..."

"Stop," Ginny said with a grin. "I'm fine and you're going to marry my idiot brother."

"Soon to be my idiot husband," Hermione replied with a grin.

"Get out there," Ginny said, patting Hermione's hair. "You look great."

We're running with the Shadows of the Night

They didn't talk about the two days Ginny had been missing during their vacation. Hermione probably had a good idea what had happened but she didn't say anything.

Then Harry had proposed and Ginny had said no. She and Harry had talked and both had agreed it was a bad idea or at least not their best one. So they had decided to take a break then Harry had run into Cho and then...well, the rest was history.

So baby take my hand, it'll be all right

Ginny watched Ron and Hermione drive off waving as they went. She smiled. She walked back to the party and checked to see if Mum needed help. She looked fine so Ginny kicked off her stilettos and walked down the beach. She wasn't sure how Hermione had talked Ron into a beach wedding but it had worked out well so Ginny didn't complain.

Ginny loved the beach. She walked along as the sun slipped down to an amber orb then a crimson sliver. She knew she should go back but it was so nice to be on her own.

She looked out into the ocean and stopped. Then she smiled.

Surrender all your dreams to me tonight

She was wearing a bikini under the dress and she stripped down to it then waded into the water. Then she was swimming.

The sloop was unmanned. She pulled herself on deck and ducked below. The bed was unmade. A man's shirt was casually draped over the pillow. She grabbed it, grinning at the Armani tag.

She slipped it on and went back on deck. She raised the anchor and stood behind the helm. She had read up on ships after the incident. She knew how to run a ship like this now.

There was a faint pop behind her and arms came around to circle her hands where they stood on the helm.

"You're not going anywhere," he said and she smirked.

They'll come true in the end

We're running with the Shadows of the Night

So baby take my hand, it'll be all right

Surrender all your dreams to me tonight

They'll come true in the end

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