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Hitomi's POV:

I stood looking down at my mother's coffin being lowered in to the ground and decided right then that it was time for me to return to Gaea. I threw a handful of dirt and a rose into my mother's grave and turned away. I made my way over to where my children stood with my best friend Yukari and her husband Amano. Yes, I have children. Van's children. I discovered two months after returning from Gaea that I was pregnant. The doctor's visit confirmed that and also that I was going to have twins. It had been hard for the next 7 months but it was worth it. I had a boy, who I named Varen, and a girl, who I named Kora. They were now 5 years old. I rubbed a hand over my face. Van. I missed him so much. I'd tried several times over the years to return to Gaea, without success. Somehow I knew that, when I tried this time, it would work.

I said my goodbyes to my two friends and took the hands of my children. We walked to our small beat up station wagon that had belonged to my mother and went home. The twins were quiet the whole way. I think they understood that they would never see their Grammy again.

I started packing the second we were in the door. Varen and Kora, or Korie as I like to call her, sat on the couch and watched me.

I crouched down in front of them.

" How are you two doing? Are you okay, my little ones?"

They both nodded, their small hands entwined together.

" Mama, why are you packing our stuff up? Are we going on a vacation?" Korie asked in a small voice.

" Yeah, Mama, where are we going?" Varen looked at me with expectant brown eyes that were so like his father's.

I sighed and kissed both their cheeks.

" We are going to find your Daddy. Are you excited?"

Korie's green eyes lit up. They had been asking about Van since they were able to make full sentences.

" We going to see Daddy?" Korie started to giggle excitedly.

Varen gave me a dark look. He seemed to believe that Van abandoned me. No five year old should have a look like that on their face.

" Oh, Varen. Don't look so upset. He is a very good man. He's a king you know. So that means you are a prince. And you are a princess my little Korie Ann." This made Korie launch herself at me.

" Really, Mama? A princess?"

" Yes, really."

" Some king." was Varen's reply.

I pulled him in to the hug so that the three of us were all huddled together.

" You know I love you right? And that I would never let anything bad happen to you?"

I heard Varen sigh and he placed a kiss on my cheek. Korie did the same on my other cheek, only hers was a little more sloppy and wet. Not that I minded.

" Why don't you go pick out a few of your favorite toys that you want to bring? Remember, we probably won't be coming back here so take your favorite things." The two nodded and let go of me, hopping off the couch and racing upstairs to their room. I gave them twenty minutes before I went in to help them pack. By that time, I had everything that I needed and would ever want. I'd covered the furniture with sheets. I'd packed most of my mother's things already over the last few days so I didn't need to do that. I had slipped a letter, along with a spare set of house keys in to Yukari's pocket at the funeral. The letter asked her to check on the house every once in a while. It explained that I was going to find the children's father and I might come back someday but I wasn't sure.

Anyway, back to the twins. I helped them pack all their stuff in to a suitcase. We couldn't carry much so all we were bringing was two suitcases. I wasn't bringing any clothes since I knew I would probably get a new wardrobe anyway. I had packed pictures and other things I thought the twins might want when they were older. In no time at all, we were ready to go. I called a cab to take us to a wooded park that was about 10 minutes out of town. I left our car in the garage. I locked the house up and put the keys in my pocket. I felt for my pendant under my shirt. I'm coming Van.

The cab pulled up a few minutes later and I threw the suitcases in the trunk and buckled the twins in to the back seat. I climbed in to the front and told the driver where to go. He gave me a funny look but drove there anyway. When we reached the park, I payed him and thanked him for the ride.

I took the twins in to the center of the park and told them to grab my legs. I had a suitcase in each hand and a child on each leg. I asked the pendant to send us to Gaea. To Van. I prayed hard and told the children to do the same. They gave me a look but did what I asked. Soon I saw the familiar light surround us and we were lifted off the ground. Varen and Korie clung tighter to my legs, but I didn't mind. I didn't want to lose them as we were transported. I felt relaxed for the first time in five years. I was finally going back to Van.

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