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Hitomi's POV:

Its been two months since my return to Gaea and we haven't had any further problems concerning the people who had taken Van. I just knew something was going to happen since most people like that don't just give up. One thing I knew for certain was that if they touched my children I would kill them. They'd been my life for 5 years but now they were joined by Van in that aspect and all three of them would continue to be my life until I died.

I was currently sitting in the garden reading an old book on fairy tales I'd found in the library of the palace. Varen wasn't too far away, listening to Allen tell stories of the war and just life in general. Varen was completely enthralled; you could tell just by looking at his face. His eyes were wide and he had a look of wonderment and admiration on his face. I sighed. I just wished he had that kind of relationship with his father. Van tried to talk to Varen and get his trust but Varen would only glare at him coldly and walk away. I'd tried talking to him but whenever I did, he would just walk away from me. Korie just adored Van and Van returned her feelings. Van was teaching her to ride a pony right now. I was just glad one of my children was getting along with their father. My children.I guess I should be saying our children but I'm just not used to it yet. Oh well. I will be one day.

Van's POV:

I had just given Korie her first riding lesson and she was practically falling asleep where she stood as she waited for me to finish talking with the groomsman. I chuckled as I scooped her up. Her eyes were already starting to close.

" Daddy, s'okay. I can walk by myself."

I smiled down at my little girl when she yawned right after she finished talking.

" Its alright princess. I'm gonna carry you to your room so you can have a little nap."

when she didn't reply, I looked down and saw she was asleep.

I carried Korie to her room and laid her in her bed. I closed the door and looked atthe guard posted outside.

" Please come get me when she wakes up."

He nodded.

" Yes your Majesty."

I thanked him and wandered aimlessly through the hallways of the palace. I did it alot when I was thinking. I still hadn't told Hitomi anything that had happened when I had been held prisoner and I knew it was frustrating her. She probably knew I'd already talked to Merle about it. I felt guilty but I just didn't want to worry her anymore than she already was. I was so happy she was back. We'd been spending alot of time together since her return and were getting to know each other again. She hadn't really changed that much, although you could tell she was now a mother. She had the attitude.

I stopped walking and found myself at the edge of the garden at the back of the palace. I could see Hitomi sitting on a bench near the fountain reading. I sighed to myself and walked slowly towards her. I was going to tell her everything.

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