A/N: Yes another retelling story from me... I don't know why but I like doing these kind fo stories... any who... this one is based on a pitch I made a while back to a comic company for ideas... this is based on the Adventures of Nina and Mina, it focused on twins Nina and Mina Mathews... Nina was a down to earth smart girl adept slightly stressed out girl while Mina was insane, invented things that usual didn't work in some way and fought crime as a Batman like Superhero... this came into my head a while back but hey... here's the first chapter...

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The Straw Hat Adventures of Nina and Mina

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Meet the Twins

Nina Mathews was silently reading in the room she shares with her identical twin sister Mina… although Nina and Mina were identical twins even though Nina had shoulder length hair and wore glasses while Mina didn't' wear glasses and her hair was long they were far from identical when it didn't come their personalities…, Nina was smart quiet while… belonged in mental situation… and that's when Mina came in… screaming her head off as usual babbling nonstop about her latest invention.

"What is it this time?" asked Nina.

"Well… first I'm going to tell you that we're running away…" said Mina.

"What?" said Nina.

"I said…" said Mina.

"No… not that kind of what… what do you mean? And does it have to do with your invention?" asked Nina.

"Yes…" said Mina who began to drag her twin sister into her laboratory… There was something that looked like a giant ring…

"This is an interdemensional transporter…" said Mina, "It provides a one-way destination between our world and beyond…"

"Why isn't it two way…" said Nina with her eye twitching…

"Because…" said Mina who sighed.

"The cops are closing in one you… aren't they?" asked Mina.

"Yes…" sighed Mina.

Mina was also known as the Flower a Batman-esque crime fighter… but the police hated her for obvious reasons… come she's a teenager who acts as superhero.

"That and without us mom might be able to live for herself…" said Mina, "And you need to stop visiting dad's grave and stop going after Kevin… he's a geek…"

"Hey! Don't I get a say in this?" demanded Mina.

"No!" said Mina, she took out her ribbon and grabbed a backpack that she packed for Nina and then tied Nina with said ribbon…

"Now let's go to the other world…" said Mina.

"Did you leave a note for mom…" said Nina.

She began to fiddle with the controls…

"Dear god… I hope this doesn't work as usual…" muttered Nina.

That's when the portal glowed Mina put on her backpack grabbed her unwilling sister and both went though the portal… not knowing where they were headed… when they landed… in the ocean.

"I'm going to kill you…" said Nina.

"Hey at least on of my inventions worked for once…" said Mina.

"We won't know unless some saves us…" said Nina, "And unite me!"

"Sorry!" said Mina who untied her twin sister.

Mina and Nina began to wave their arms while shouting for help… inside the boat were two boys, one was 17 years old wearing a straw hat, red vest and jeans while the others a teenaged boy with glasses and pink hair… he looked rather nerdy.

"Hey Nina… he's your type…" said Mina with a sly smirk.

"Shut up…" mumbled Nina, "Hello… I'm Nina and this is my younger sister Mina…"

"By only few minutes!" yelled Mina.

"Anyways… can you tell us where we are…" said Nina.

Back on Earth… Nina and Mina's arrived from work.

"Nina, Mina… I'm home!" said their mother then saw a note… it read "Dear Mom… if you are reading this then my newest invention was a success with my newest invention I made a one way gate way to another world… in other words I was run away… I took Nina with me… you need a new life… you work too hard for us… Nina needs a new life as well… she visits dad's grave too often… and me… I have a confession to make… I'm the Flower! That's right me… and the cops have been on my case lately and I can't take it anymore… please don't kill yourself… find a new man… make a new family go to New Orleans and go wild on one of those videos… may you have a happy life… Mina… PS I took all the snack food… after all I don't what sort of food will be in this new world… so enjoy!"

She sat down… she lost everything… her husband died in the war… her daughter ran away and dragged along her other daughter… she looked at the calendar "Well Marti Gras is coming soon…" she said… she was going to follow Mina's advise… but before starting a new life… party!

Back in the other world Nina had finished her story… the two boys were Luffy (the boy in the hat) and Koby (the boy with the glasses)

"So you're really from another world?" asked Luffy.

"That's right… since this isn't Earth!" said Mina holding her fingers with "V is for Victory!"

"Just great… we're stuck in another world…" said Nina.

"Then if you have no where else to go then join my crew!" yelled Luffy.

"What kind of crew?" asked Mina.

"A pirate crew!" said Luffy.

"Did ya say pirates?" asked Mina.

"Yeah!" said Luffy.

"I'm in!" yelled Mina.

"That's great!" yelled Luffy.

"Great… curse you Disney…" muttered Nina, "Your not a member are you Koby?"

"No… I'm joining the Marines…" said Koby.

"I see…" said Nina.

"So what can you do?" asked Luffy.

"A big old squat of nothing…" said Nina, "I'm smart… but I don't think I can do anything…"

"I take martial arts…" said Mina, "Which I can't show you on this boat because it's too small but I can show you something cool that's my other gift"

Mina tossed a book high into the air then caught it… with her ribbon.

"That is so cool…" said Luffy.

"Amazing…" said Koby.

"Thanks… I use the Mortal Arts and Rhythmic Gymnastics in sync to fight criminals… but I guess it's going to the opposite in this world…" said Mina.

"Great…" said Nina while adjusting her glasses, "We get stuck in Mina's dream world and I'm completely useless… yay for me…"

The strange group sailed on…

"So Luffy… where are we headed?" asked Nina.

"We're headed to get Roronoa Zoro to join us!" said Luffy.

"And so I can join the Marines…" said Koby.

"Okay…" said Nina.

"He can be first mate… I'm just here for the adventure!" said Mina.

Luffy grinned and said "Me too!"

"Oh dear god no…" said Nina.

She went over the mast and began to repeatedly bang her head "Let this be a nightmare! Let this be a nightmare!" she said over and over again…

Sometime later they got to the island… Luffy and Mina ran to a restaurant while Koby and Nina followed closely behind.

"It's not a nightmare…" cried Nina.

Koby sweatdroped… he didn't know what to say…

Not too long later they were at a restaurant…

"Can I have your food Nina…" said Luffy.

"Sure…" said Nina giving Luffy her food… she was wasn't hungry… she was depressed that her sister got her into another thing again…

"I'm going to explore the town… find me when you're done…" said Nina leaving the restaurant.

"What's with her?" asked Luffy.

"I don't know…" said Mina.

"Maybe it's the fact that you dragged her into another world with out her permission…" thought Koby with a sweat drop.

"So how are we going to get Roronoa Zoro to join?" asked Mina.

This got a reaction from everyone in the restaurant… everyone reacted in fear

"I wonder why they did that?" asked Luffy.

"I don't know…" said Koby.

"I have a theory…" said Mina, "Roronoa Zoro!"


"Roronoa Zoro!"


"Roronoa Zoro!"


"Roronoa Zoro!"


"Roronoa Zoro!"


"Lorna Zoro…" this time was a whisper.

No one reacted this time… as they couldn't hear it…

"Darn it… I was hoping it would be like Family Guy with that time with Meg" said Mina snapping her fingers.

"Okay…" said Koby with a sweat drop it was best to change the subject, "I heard Captain Morgan runs this base…"

Before Mina could say "The rum guy?" Everyone in the restaurant once again reacted in fear.

"That's strange…" said Luffy.

"Why would they jump when his name is said…" said Koby.

After lunch the trio headed over to the Marine Building… Koby looked up at it shaking.

"Come Kob'" said Mina, "Aren't you going to do it…"

"Um… well…" said Koby.

"Hey I'm going to look for Zoro!" said Luffy.

"I'm coming too!" said Mina.

"Nina was right… she is crazy…" thought Koby.

Luffy had looked over a fence and saw some guy on the other side… the three went closer and all three climbed a wall… And saw a man wearing a white shirt, dark green pants, boot and bandana… Mina could swear under his bandana was green hair… that's when Koby off the wall.

"That's him… that's Zoro…" said Koby as he climbed back up the wall.

"So that's him…" said Luffy.

"Hey you!" said Zoro.

"He's talking to us…" cried Koby.

"Get away from here now!" said Zoro.

That's when a little girl showed up and appeared next to them on a ladder… she shushed them and began to give Zoro some rice balls she made…That's when a strange ("gay" as Mina put it) blonde guy along with several Marines showed up… he took the rice balls, spat them out because they had sugar instead of salt and ordered a Marine to throw over the over the wall… fortunately Luffy stretched his arms to catch her…

"How did you do that?" asked Mina jumped down from the wall.

"I'm a rubber man…" said Luffy stretching his cheek, "I ate the Gum Gum Fruit now I can stretch like rubber…"

"Cool…" said Mina she went over the little girl who was fine adept crying and did her best to comfort her.

Meanwhile Nina was exploring the town… lost in thought "Great… just great…" thought Nina, "I'm in another world and I'm completely useless… if I try to stay on this island Mina will drag me along… I cant' fight… I can learn but there's no way I can fight… great… just great" she thought.

"Hey… you girl…" said a voice.

She turned to a cloak figure in an alley…

"What?" asked Nina.

"You're not from the island are you?" asked the man.

"You could say that…" said Nina.

"Good I need you to eat this for me…" said the man taking out a pink fruit with swirls.

"What is that?" asked Nina raising an eyebrow.

"It's the Petal Petal Fruit… said to be the weakest of all Logia Devil Fruits…" said the man, "I already ate a Devil Fruit do if I eat this one I'll explode…"

"Devil Fruit?" asked Nina.

"Yes… these fruits are not ordinary fruits… each one gives the eater a different power with three classes… the Petal Petal Fruit is a Logia… one that allows a person into the element he or she eats and control said element, in this fruit's case flower petals… but like all devil fruits you'll never be able to swim again…" said the man, "So will you eat it?

"Nice story… but no… sound too unrealistic to me…" said Nina as she began to walk away.

That's when the man ran towards her extremely quickly and stuffed the fruit into her mouth at a rapid speed… The fruit was disgusting… and Nina began to choke.

"Why did you do that! How were you able to do that?" yelled Nina.

"Because I ate the Quick Quick Fruit… I'm able to move very fast… and if Captain Morgan finds out I'm dead…" said the man who ran away much like The Flash would.

"That was weird…" said Nina with a gag, "I just hope that fruit wasn't poisonous…"

Nina didn't know why but her body felt strangely…it wasn't that she felt sick… she just felt… weird… but completely felt fine…she just felt off… she decided to look for Luffy and Mina.

Elsewhere in town, Luffy didn't get Zoro to join mostly because he made a deal with the son of Captain Morgan the weird guy who took the girl's rice balls, his name was Helmeppo… Rika (the little girl he saved) was telling Luffy, Koby and Mina the story about how Zoro saved her… how he hurt Helmeppo's dogs when they were about to attack Rika.

"That horrible…" said Mina.

"I can't believe Zoro was arrested for that!"

"Zoro's not really a bad guy…" said Rika.

"Hey… what happened?" asked Nina joined them.

"What happened to you… you look like someone did some to you…" said Mina.

"Some guy forced a weird fruit down my throat… said it gives me powers and wouldn't be able to swim again…" said Nina.

"Really?" said Luffy surprised.

"Like I believe that sort of mumbo jumbo… it's not like it's real…" said Nina.

Luffy seemed to laugh…

"What's so funny?" said Nina.

"Oh nothing except for a fact…" said Luffy.

Before Luffy could finish his sentence every one nearby were bowing to Helmeppo.

"In three days I will execute Zoro!" said Helmeppo.

"But what about your deal?" asked Luffy.

Helmeppo laughed… "That brute believed me… I never had any intent on keeping it…" said Helmeppo.

That's when Luffy socked him in the face…

"Awesome Luff'!" cheered Mina.

"Oh great…" said Nina.

"I'm telling daddy on you!" said Helmeppo getting up and running away with the Marines with him.

"Guys I decided… Zoro is joining after all…" said Luffy who then ran off.

"Oh great…" muttered Nina.

"This is going to be so much fun!" said Mina, "Fighting agaisnt the man for once instead of for!"

"Your going to drag me along… aren't you?" said Nina.

"Good idea!" said Mina who began to drag Nina along… with Koby tailing them.

All three of them went to rescue Zoro… no knowing what would happened next….

Next Time: Luffy, Nina, Mina and Koby decide to free Zoro before eh gets executed... wait Nina does have powers? Luffy has powers too? What's going on? What will happen? Find out next time!

A/N: Please don't say anything about "Oh an OC with a Logia Fruit"... see Nina won't be able to control her powers for quite a while (not until after they get toe Grand line... if I get that far)... the plan is for to be filled with self doubt about herself and her powers... after all she's new in the One Piece world and unlike Mina (who won't eat a Devil Fruit due to her crime fight prowess) she's not a fighter... so don't expert Nina to be Uber Powerful... and the fact that I mentioned it's the weakest known Logia might also balance it out...