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Chapter 25: Fight with Arlong Begins

The crew (minus Nami, Nina and Rose) headed to Arlong Park. Mina kept her feelings of the power walk inside.

Because come on it was a power walk.

How awesome was that…

Though she pushed it down because well… it was a serious situation…

After All Nami was enslaved… forced to do something she didn't want to do for her family.

Okay that pissed her off…

To think of HIM.

Though to be fair what Arlong did was close.

That helped her feelings towards the power walk…

They made it to the place which was being guarded by Johnny and Yosaku.

The towns people looked at the group.

Once they were at the door Luffy kicked it down.

The others followed and watched him.

He punched Arlong good.

The fish man was sent flying.

The others joined him.

They were ready to fight.

And it didn't help that other fishmen showed up to fight.

But there was something more going on…

"What is there something big you want to call out?" asked Mina.

Arlong laughed.

"I don't know you who are or why you look like Nami's new friend… but you're right…" said Arlong.

That was when the Octopus that reminded Mina of Patrick Star began to trumpet and get something over there.

That was when a massive sea cow emerged from the water.

However while it was a massive creature it was very much beaten up.

"What happened to it?" asked Mina.

"It's you again…" said Luffy.

"Oh back for more…" said Sanji.

"Never mind…" said Mina.

The giant sea cow looked at Luffy and Sanji and started swim away.

"What did you do to it?" asked Mina.

"Beat it up." Said Sanji.

"It wanted my food!" yelled Luffy.

"I see…" said Zoro unsure how to respond to any of it.

"Sounds about right…" said Mina.

Arlong began to taunt the Sea Cow that was named Momoo.

It was clear that the taunts were working.

Because the sea cow was ready to fight again.

"I got this!" said Luffy.

He proceeded to forced his feet into the cement.

"What is he doing…" said Zoro.

"I don't know…" said Mina, "But it's going to be awesome I'm sure."

Zoro and Usopp sweat dropped at Mina's answer, who just shrugged at this.

But still she was excited at what Luffy could do.

That was when he grabbed the horns of Momoo and began to swing him around in circles.

And once he was good and ready he launched the extremally dizzy Sea Cow at the fishmen surrounding them.

"Oh hell yeah! That was awesome!" cheered Mina.

However there was a big problem…

A really big problem…

"I('m stick!" said Luffy.

Several people… including the town's peopled all face palmed.

Unfortunately it was even worse as several of Arlong's men were still up.

Including Nemo…

Mina looked at Nemo and knew what it meant.

"Look like that's the one I'm going to be fighting…" she thought.

She looked at the fish man knowing they would be the ones to fight.

However as the fight happened in her heroic persona it's better not to be said…

Still she knew she had to fight him and the fishmen would figure it out soon enough…

However that wasn't the biggest threat at the moment because the octopus that gave Mina Patrick Star vibes ended up spraying ink at them.

Everyone dodged by Luffy, due to the fact the was unable to doge.

"All right!" said Nemo, "Time to beat the little twerp."

That was when Mina stopped him by kicking him.

"What the…" muttered Nemo.

He looked at Mina.

"You… you're that girl from earlier…" said Nemo.

Mina glared at the Regal Tang fishman.

He eyed her leg remembering she got hurt earlier.

You think you can still fight me?" asked Nemo.

"I believe so…" she muttered, "I've gotten a second wind because of your boss!"

She took out her ribbon from somewhere and the two started to fight.

Arlong saw the ribbon and knew who Mina was.

But he had bigger fish to fry… uh… okay that was a bad thing to day in this case but he had a good idea on how to get rid of Luffy.

He broke the area of cement around Luffy's feet and tossed him into the water.

"Luffy!" yelled Mina.

This allowed Nemo to get a good hit in and punch Mina away.

Mina managed to get up.

"You are a Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins!" yelled Mina.

"What?" asked Nemo.,

"Why did that come to mind…" thought Mina.

She decided to shoo more insults at him.

"Your mother was hamster and your father smelt of elder berries!" yelled Mina.

"How dare you say that about my mother and my father wasn't that much of a drunk!" yelled Nemo.

"Whoa… dude you know what the assault means?" asked Mina.

She had learned what that insult meant one day while boarded on the internet.

"What were you trying to come up with insults to distract me or something?" asked Nemo.

"Okay! I'm just going to get rid of the pretense!" yelled Mina, "What's that over there!"

He looked away.

"How does someone fall for that twice!" she thought.

She then managed to jump over wall and run away.

"Get back here!" yelled Nemo.

"Good tactic…" mumbled Usopp.

Usopp ended up using that tactic later against another of Arlong's fishmen.

Back with Mina she stopped running when she figured it would be a good place.

"Okay did you run away on purpose?" asked Nemo.

"I wanted to get away because I figured that you would be stronger in water…" said Mina.

"What? Really?" asked Nemo, "What would make you think that?"

"Because you're clearly a being based on a fish." Said Mina, "It's just logic."

"Okay… you have a good point…" mumbled Nemo.

"This time will be different Dory." Growled out Mina, "I wasn't taking you seriously last time… but what you did to Nami… it reminded me of something someone did to me…"

Nemo looked at Mina knowing that Mina really was getting serious.

"Really and what was that?" asked Nemo.

"Listen Dory, what happened to me is something I haven't even told my crew yet, so why the hell would I tell an opponent." Said Mina.

"Touché." Said Nemo, "And stop calling me Dory."

"I can't help it!" said Mina, "You remind me of something back home and I just can't help it…"

"Are we going to fight or what?" asked Nemo.

"Fine! Let's get started." Said Mina reading her ribbon.

And so the fight between them got started… and hopefully Mina would come out on top this time…

Next Time: The fight with Nemo begins! Will Mina be able to beat the walking finding Nemo reference or will she lose? Find out next time!