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Chapter 1: Long Goodbyes

Angel Grove: Present

A petite young brunette with low cut shorts and a pink tank top was standing near a boarding gate. A group of teens in assorted colors were all huddled around her.

"Well, I guess this is it guys," she said in a broken voice, her eyes starting to water, "I'm gonna miss you guys so much!" finally letting a tear roll down her cheek.

"Hey, come here" the teen in a white said, wrapping his arms around her. "It's gonna be okay. We all know you'll keep in touch. We'll make sure of it."

"Tommy's right you know," the teen in blue overalls said, "it's not like we'll never see you again."

"Yeah girl, you know I'm gonna call you every once in a while," the only other female in the group said, "and by once in awhile you know I mean daily!" she said, getting the group to laugh a little bit. "You know, just to check up on you and see how you're doing…" leaning closer to the teen in pink while saying this, she whispered in her ear "and to see how the boys in the Sunshine State are." At this, the girl in pink burst out giggling.

"Aisha!" the girl in pink whispered loudly, still leaning against her.

"What!?" Aisha whispered back loudly as well, "I heard from a very good source that the hunks from Florida are fine!"

Kimberly, now laughing out loud punched Aisha's arm playfully. "Yes, well you might have to go see them for yourself. I'm already taken." she said looking up at Tommy, who was having a side conversation with the other guys. "I only have eyes for my white knight."

Upon hearing his nickname, Tommy turned to the two girls, giving them a what are you talking about glance. He wrapped his arms, which were now on Kim's waist, even harder. Once the two girls calmed down, he gave her a peck on the lips and rejoined the conversation he was having with the guys. Suddenly the teen in red asked a question.

"Hey Kim, can I ask you for a favor?"

"Sure Rocko, what's up?"

"When you get settled in Florida, can you call me up and let me know how great the food is?"

At this, the entire group burst out laughing. It took a few moments, but finally the laughter settled down. Trying hard to collect herself, Kimberly answered the question as best she could.

"Okay Rocky." she said, bursting into giggles once more.

"What!? I hear the food is great"

"Always thinking with your stomach eh Rocky?" Adam, the teen in black said.

"Sure Rocky. I'll call you as some as I get some Florida food."

"Thanks Kim." Rocky said, giving her a huge hug. Now boarding flight 298 to Miami Florida. Please go to gate 101.

"Have a safe trip Kim. Call us as soon as you can." Adam said, hugging Kim as well. Kim, in turn hugged him, and then proceeded to do the same with the rest of the group.

"Alright guys. Wish me luck" she said, as she took one more look at her friends.

"You don't need it Beautiful."

"Thanks Handsome."

"Well…here goes nothing." Kimberly started walking towards the security gate. The team was closer together so they could see their team mate off. Just as Kim got in line, someone yelled out her name.

"Kim! Wait!" Hearing her name, Kim turned around to see a tall blonde running through the airport. The others, hearing Kim's name also turn around. Recognizing the girl, they make way for her to pass through and reach Kim.

"Kim" the blonde said again, gasping for breath. She had a think Australian accent, but you could still understand what she said clearly.

"Hey Kat, I didn't think you would be able to make it." Kim said, hugging Kat.

"Me too. My parents got home right after Tommy had called saying they were headed here to come see you off. It turned out that they didn't need to stay at work late this time. My dad drove me here, the whole way though all I could think was I hope I make it."

"Well, I really appreciate it. Thanks for coming." Kim responded. She pulled Kat to the side, leaning in and talking to her in a low voice. Both girls seemed to be off in their own world, talking quietly among themselves. Rocky noticed this and brought it to the attention of the others.

"What do you thing they are talking about?"

"Probably something about Florida" Aisha replayed.

"Yeah, well if Kim doesn't hurry up, she's going to miss her flight!" Tommy said, emphasizing certain words. The girls heard Tommy's remark and turned around.

"I'm going, I'm going." Kim said, whispering something to Kat before heading back to the group, closely followed by Kat. "It seems that you are trying to get rid of me already all ready. And I'm not even on the plane yet." She said in a pouting voice.

"It's far from wanting to get rid of you Beautiful But the faster you get on that plane, the faster you'll come back home to me."

"I know. I know" Kim grabbed her luggage once more and looked at the rangers once last time. She smiled, memories of all the time they spent together going through her head. She made the hardest choice in the world to her; she turned her back to them and headed for the security gate. Suddenly filled with nervousness she turned around and looked at them again. The group seemed to understand each other, and they all embraced in one last group hug. Kim made sure to burn this memory especially into her mind. After a few moments, she once again picked up her luggage and headed off.

Putting her luggage on the conveyor belt, Kim took off any metal and put it on the tray handed to her by one of the officers there. She walked through the metal detector and picked up her stuff on the other end. Once everything was in order, she turned around once more to see her friends waving goodbye to her. She waived back. Slowly, she started walking to her terminal to board the plane. Giving her ticket to the woman in charge, she went through the bridge and entered the plane.

Searching for her seat, she headed further and further back. It wasn't until she reached the bathroom that she found her seat. Located near the end of the plane, she saw that no one else was seated next to her. She put her stuff now next to her and looked around. The flight attendants were near the front of the plane, helping passengers find their seats. Making sure that no one headed her way, she grabbed her luggage and put it in the bathroom. Sitting back down, she saw a few people come her way. But no one sat next to her.

Looking around again, she subtly went into the bathroom. She closed the door, but made sure that she didn't lock it. She pulled out a black device, which looked a lot like a communicator and pressed a button on the side. After beeping a few moments, she grabbed her luggage and stood up straight. A few moments later, she was enveloped in a combination of pink, black, and white light. In a mere second, she had teleported off the plane and into the sky.

Back in the airport, the teens watched as the plane took off. Tommy was the closest to the window, staring at the plane as it took his girlfriend away from him, 3000 miles across the nation. Slowly, the plane disappeared off into the sky. After a few moments he turned around and walked back towards the rest of the group. Thinking to himself: we'll manage, somehow, but we'll manage.

"You gonna be okay Tommy?" Billy asked concern for his friend evident in his voice.

"Yeah. It's going to be hard." Tommy said, looking off in the direction of the plane before facing the team again. "But we'll manage"

"What time is it?" Adam asked, looking for a clock.

"About ten to eight." Aisha answered.

"We should be going then. It's late and our parents are going to start wondering why we're taking so long."

"Yeah, you're right. Let's head home." Tommy said, a sad expression on his face but none the less taking the lead and heading out of the airport. Once outside again, they all looked in the direction of the planes path. Each one of them aware that, even though it was only temporary, they had each lost a sister, a friend, a loved one, a teammate, and the heart of the team. Because that was what Kim was to them, the Heart and Soul of the team.

They headed back towards the parking lot. None of them knowing that this would be the last time they would see the Kimberly they knew. They would not see or hear from Kim for a very long time. And when they would meet again, it would not be the same Kimberly that had left.

Not looking back, they didn't see a light of pink, black and white landed outside the airport. A tiny brunette dressed in pink stood next to a 1967 Mustang Convertible, watched them drive into the sunset, a lone tear falling from her eye. Goodbye my friends. Goodbye Tommy, I will always love you. Kim waited a few moments before getting into her car and driving off, heading for the outskirts of Angel Grove.