Okay, so I don't own any characters that are actually in RENT. Katherine, Steve, Mike, and anyone else that you don't recognize are MINE!

My Story

I didn't know how it started, it just kind of happened. We met during the first class of the semester; he looked about 20, and I was 18. We talked at the Life Café, met up after classes. I was studying English and Creative Writing; he was in Photography and Creative Writing, also. We didn't have any other classes together, but I still like him after talking for a while. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, thick black techno glasses, and he always wore a scarf. He had an olive green bag, but never had much in it. He carried around a 16 mm camera everywhere he went. His name was Mark Cohen, but everyone called him Mark, or as his ex-girlfriend Maureen called him "Marky".

By the way, my name's Katherine. Kay for short and this is how I knew Mark Cohen and his friends

I sat in my usual seat, 2nd row, 2nd from the left, and started on the prompt that Mr. J. gives us. He's a cool professor, and he never yells, or screams, or does anything to make his students uncomfortable. He's a teacher, but he's also a person who you can talk to, about anything.

I'm sitting in my seat, working on the prompt, when I hear, "Is this seat taken?" I look up at blonde, blue eyed guy, about 19 or 20. He's got glasses that don't match his face. A little thick around the frames, but otherwise, nice. He's got an olive-green shoulder bag, that's got something poking out.

"No, go ahead. Are you new?" I ask.

"Oh, yeah. I just moved here from Scarsdale. I haven't been to school in two years, so I'm kind of behind. I'm only a freshman." He said.
"Wow," I thought. "He's about 20 and a freshman? I'm gonna like him."

"Oh, sorry, I haven't introduced myself. My name's Mark. Mark Cohen." He said, and stuck out his hand.

"Hi. I'm Katherine, but I usually go by Kay. Nice to meet you." I smiled, shook his hand, and patted the seat next to me.

"Nice to meet you, too. So, how hard is this class? Is it like a 'paper every day' class or the occasional 'never show up and get an A' class?" He asked.

"Like the you have to come class, but not a lot of work class. We usually just have prompts and discuss them, then go to the lab and type stories." I opened my bag to get my laptop, and he just kept looking at me.

"What's wrong? Is there something in my nose?" I quickly grabbed my mirror, and looked.

"A story? You mean to tell me that all the kids in the class are published writers?" He asked.

"No!" I said, quickly. "We write short stories. It helps keep our minds sharp for discussion."

"Oh. That makes sense. I'm in here to get ideas for a movie. "

"A movie?" I asked.

"Yeah. I'm also taking a film class. I want to be able to write and shoot my own movies." Mark turned around, and Mr. J was right there.

"Well, Ms Davis and…Mr. Cohen, I hope you were both discussing the two quotes on the board?"
"Oh, yes sir." I replied quickly. Mark nudged me, pointed to the board, and stood up so that I could get out. Mr. J had put up a notice on the board that we were supposed to go to the computer lab to finish typing our short stories we had begun on Friday. He figured that a new student plus an old student equaled a tour.

He let us off the hook as long as I finished my story, and I took Mark around the campus. We got some coffee and stopped at a bench, to talk some more.

"So, there's campus for you. My next class isn't until…" I checked my watch. "1:30…and it's 10:45. When yours?"

"Oh, mines not until 2:50. So, you want to get some lunch together?" He stood up, and offered his arm. I took it.

"Sure. That'd be nice."