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We walked down High Street, and then passed Mark's apartment, when I noticed someone looking down from the high window. I did a double-take and it was gone, so I figured it was just my imagination.

"Hey Mark?" I asked.


"Where are we going? I thought we were going to get something to eat." I said, looking around.

"Have you ever been to the Life Café?" He asked.

"No, where is it?"

"It's only a couple of blocks from here. You can get a nice meal for a couple of bucks. How bout it?" He stopped, and turned facing me.

"Okay, but…" I gave him the "oh, shit I have no money" look.

"Don't worry. On the first date, guys always buy. It's sort of a dating law."

We walked for about 10 more minutes, and he covered my eyes so that I wouldn't see it. He then let me lift his hands back, and I saw myself standing in front of a small, old café that looked as though it had been here forever. Mark quickly rushed in front and held the door open for me and two elderly women. It was the first date I've had in a while. After Jacob and Zack, I didn't date for a year, but I knew that Mark would be different. And he was.

Mark and I had more in common than I thought. Jacob…well, Jacob just wanted a fuck buddy, and Zack…Zack was so much more. We had been friends ever since sophomore year of high school, and once we were seniors, we started dating. You know, the whole hold hands in hallway, the occasional peck, but other than that, we were just friends. Then it got to the point where we couldn't stand to see each other. I was the one that stopped it, because I found out that Zack had started doing drugs. I wouldn't be with anyone who did that. I had asked him so many times why he did it, and he just said it made him feel a whole lot better.

Then he finally stopped. We got back together, and we were walking home when I forgot that I had a doctor's appointment. I was finally getting my braces off. I waved him goodbye, and that was the last I saw him. The news story said that it was a suicide attempt, but I heard it at school. The people he used to hang out with saw him walking alone, and figured since he couldn't hang out with them, he couldn't hang out with anyone. So, they pushed him off. I had to call my mom first, then the officers. They took the kids in, but it wasn't enough. I wanted my friend back, but there would be no way to do it. I was crushed.

Mark snapped his fingers

"Kay, are you alright? You seem kind of out of it."

"Yeah," I replied. "I'm okay. Just remembering a friend. What time is it?"

"Lemme check…SHIT! Kay when's your next class?" Mark quickly asked.

"It's at…oh crap! 1:25? I gotta go! See you later!" I shouted, and picked up my bag, not realizing that I had just picked up Mark's camera, and sprinted down the street, hailed a cab and gave him my $20 I was saving for my dinner, but I said "Get me to NYU. FAST!" The driver sped up and realizing that I wasn't kidding, got me to school in 2 minutes.

"Thanks, keep the change!" I yelled, and ran as fast as I could down the main hallway, past Mr. J's class, and to Ms. Bobble's English seminar class. It was 1:29 when I saw her door, and just as I sat down in my seat, the tardy bell rang.

"Saved!" I thought.

I met up with Mark after my classes were over with, and returned his camera. We walked to his apartment building and gave me an extra set of keys to his building.

"In case you ever need me. 3rd floor, last door." He said, hugging me.


We walked up the 3 flights of stairs, and he opened the door. There were so many posters of bands and shows up. I didn't know Mark was into this kind of music. I thought.

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When Mark flipped the light switch, nothing happened. So he kept flipping it.

"Hey, Mark? There aren't any…you know…"

"Any what?" He asked in that "you're absolutely crazy" voice.

I ran over to the other side of the room, looking for anything. "Any ex-cons, or psychopaths, or schizophrenics around here, are there?"

"No, why…fuck! Benny shut off our power again! Where are the candles?" Mark padded his pockets for a match book.

"OUR? What do you mean our?" I asked, frightened.

I felt a small puff of air in my ear, and heard "Yeah, ours."

I screamed bloody murder, and called out "MARK! WHERE ARE YOU!" He light a candle near the doorway, and I scurried over.

"Who…the….fuck…is….that…?" I gasped.

"ROGER! What have I told you about scaring people I bring home?"

The figure stood up, who was apparently laughing.

"Sorry, man. I couldn't resist it. She was just so vulnerable."

I was shocked. Me, vulnerable? Who was this guy?

"Roger, this is Kay. Kay, meet former rocker Roger Davis. Also, my best friend."

I took a candle and walked closer to him, and as I got close enough to see his face, I dropped it, and I immediately stomped it out.

"Katherine? Is it really you?"

"Roger? No way!"

We both lunged for each other and hugged. Mark stood there, star struck.

"Where have you been, Roger? Mom and Dad have been worried sick! They can't find you anywhere!"

"I've been here, with Mark, which by the way, you have seem to come across."

"Excuse me, can I get a word?" Mark asked. We both turned and saw him, like he had just walked in. "Rog, how do you know her?"

Roger, now looking stunned, replied, "I'm her older brother!"

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