And I heard

As it were

The noise of thunder

One of the four beasts

Saying come and see

And I saw

And behold

A white horse

"Don't make this harder then it already is, JennA."

"Listen to him. Don't make a fool outta' yourself again, girl."

"Just keep your hand's up in the air, and this'll all be over soon."

"Yeah, you do just that. Now, maybe you could answer our question?"

"We're waiting, Jenna."

It must have been around seven o'clock in the morning when I was washed up onto the shore. I opened my eyes, and closed them again briefly. After a couple of seconds, I sat up and looked around me. Before I could get my bearings, I was already coughing up salt water. I coughed violently for a few minutes before attempting to stand up.

I glanced around desperatedly, but there was noone around. Scared now, I began walking towards a jungle-like area, and forced my way through the throng of trees. I began to run as fast as I could, not knowing what else to do. It was then that I tripped over and fell head first. Before I'd had the chance to get to my feet, however, I heard a loud click, and looked up sharply.

My heart sank.

A young guy was standing over me, but my attention then turned to the nine millimeter pistol he was carrying. It was pointed straight at me.

I'd never been held at gun point in my life before that day. This wouldn't be the last time, though. I'd have more guns in my mouth later, but I didn't know that at that moment. All I could think about was the fact that it was just him and me, and that all that seperated us at that moment in time was a gun.