Hey guys, I don't know if anyone even remembers me or this fic since it's been over two years since I stopped writing it and I pulled the chapters a while ago and just left the page up for memories... but I DO NOT HAVE A COPY of this story anymore. Like, it's gone. I didn't have it on my comp and I don't have it on FFN either.

I wasn't really thinking about rewriting or continuing To Whom It May Concern just because it's a sophomoric speck of dust in the Harry Potter fanverse and has too many flaws to be worth the overhaul. But I wanted to post on here in case of the VERY slim chance that anyone who's still got this on alerts (and there are quite a few of you) remembers me and might have saved a copy of my story... or something... because I'm kind of annoyed with myself now that I didn't save it. I was spring cleaning one day in February and decided all my writing was shit and burned it and there's some of it I really wish I had kept for posterity.

Anyone? Please PM me if you can help.