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There are no OC's in this story, every character is from the Harry Potter Lexicon or out of the books themselves. Their deaths might be a little different and the story seems askew from the canon books so this is an Ooc character story. Please bear with this as it is slow starting and the first chapter is abit of a recap from Hermione's PoV. I welcome all reviews and comments, except if you're going to be nasty wink

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She didn't know when it had started, perhaps in her first year when she met Professor Snape; he had been so horribly cruel to her, calling her awful names and belittling her in front of the class, but when things were quiet she would catch him staring at her with a disturbing glint in his eye. Perhaps it was in second year when she was petrified, she had told everyone she hadn't even heard a whisper, and even when her eyes were locked open, that she hadn't seen anything other than darkness, but she had lied. It was the second month of being petrified when a strange wizard had entered the hospital wing, Hermione had been alarmed at first, but when Madam Pomfrey had given him leave to visit her, a natural curiosity was piqued.

He was an older man with scars running down his handsome face, his clothes were threadbare and almost falling off him and he looked sad and tired. He held her hand for what seemed like hours, and told her that he wished things could have been different and that he loved her and always would. If she hadn't been petrified, she would have been startled by the tender way he kissed her forehead and stroked her bushy hair.

Maybe it was third year when she met their new Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor and realised that Remus Lupin was the man that had visited her the previous year, she had gasped and caught his attention instantly. Professor Lupin had smiled softly at her and said what a pleasure it would be teaching Hogwarts smartest witch in a century. His touch sent a jolt of power careening through her skin and felt so familiar to her that she couldn't help but lean into him and be lost in his amazing blue eyes. He seemed to be leaning into her when a loud throat clearing came from the door, Professor Snape stood there glaring at her Professor like he had killed someone.

"Fraternising with students out of class, Lupin?" His silky voice interrupted their calm bubble and they pulled apart quickly.

"Severus, how lovely to see you." Professor Lupin had said with a feral glint in his eyes.

"Miss Granger I believe it is time for you to leave." He snarled at her, never once taking his eyes off her other professor.

She had scurried out of the room as quickly as her small legs could carry her and stopped a little way down the hall to catch her breath before going back to the tower. As she pushed off the wall she heard the loud argument of her two Professors and could not help but listen in from a small alcove.

"What were you doing you stupid mutt?" Snape spat angrily.

"I don't know, Severus. It's her but it isn't, I'm drawn to her."

"Well, you had better calm yourself down or Dumbledore will have you out of here quicker than you can say Werewolf."

She heard a bang then an angry growl and she presumed Professor Lupin had struck her Potions Master, she was terribly frightened but it was like watching a train crash, she couldn't tear herself away.

"You heard what Albus said, Lupin! She isn't to know, or the past might never come into fruition. She is the reason for this war, the reason the Potters are dead and the reason your precious Black in a fugitive."

She had run faster than she had ever done in her life, thoughts racing through her mind. 'Surely they hadn't been talking about her?" She fingered the time turner idly and bit her lip, 'No it wasn't me." She spoke out loud.

It was a mere few weeks later that she had figured out that the potion Professor Snape was making was Wolfsbane and that her beloved Professor Lupin was a werewolf. It almost tore her heart out to keep the secret from her two best friends, but she felt a kinship with Remus Lupin and vowed to keep his secret. A few months later they had a show down with Lupin and Sirius Black, the moment he laid eyes on her he had gasped and fallen back against Remus.

"Moony, that's-"

"Now is not the time, Padfoot, we have other matters to discuss."

She had screamed that she knew Remus was a werewolf and despite the severity of the accusation he had simply smiled brilliantly at her, claimed she was the brightest witch he had ever met, and that included Lily Potter. Professor Snape had chosen that time to burst into the room and summon their wands, before Hermione could react Harry was urging her to stun their Potions Professor and help to save Sirius.

She had almost fallen over in shock when Peter Pettigrew was forced into his human form after being an Animagus rat for over a decade. His beady little eyes had zeroed in on her and he had flung himself to the ground, sobbing and wailing.

"Please save me!"

"Get off me!" She had screeched as his long, yellow and dirtied fingernails grappled at her hands and arms.

"We were friends once, you were so kind to me. Don't let them kill me!"

She had been terribly frightened, even more so when she saw Sirius and Remus watching her with a look akin to horror. They had jumped into action when he dug his nails into her skin, causing her to scream and the wizards to send several curses toward the rat.

She, Harry and Ron had helped to capture Peter Pettigrew and set Sirius free, but just as they were about to make for the castle the moon came from behind a cloud. Professor Lupin transformed into his werewolf form and attacked Sirius in his Animagus form as a dog. Peter had taken the chance to grab Sirius's wand and with a slimy wink he had transformed and run off into the woods.

She had saved Sirius Black that night from the Dementor's kiss and she had imagined he would grateful, but she was not expecting his enthusiasm and to be lifted up and spun around, only to be told that she was extraordinary and beautiful and how he was pleased to have finally met the witch that would bring his godson so much happiness.

Of course, their fourth year was one of the most eventful at Hogwarts, the Tri-Wizard tournament, the Yule Ball, Viktor Krum, all wonderful, she didn't get to see Remus that year but saw Sirius frequently, making sure to bring him socks, hats and blankets that she had knitted herself. Since he couldn't use magic without being detected she had woven a special spell into the clothing itself so all he had to do was say a safe word 'Prongs' and they would shrink and expand at his command.

He had been delighted by her kind gesture and had kissed her hand in a most gentlemanly way that certainly did not befit the way he was dressed so shabbily with long scraggly hair. It was that instant she knew she was seeing a glimpse of the past Sirius Black, the one all the witches used to swoon over, the one who could enter a room and render everyone speechless with a simple smile.

It was this man who was broken and defeated when Harry almost died, who held Hermione's hand when she had cried over Cedric Diggory and had disappeared into the night after kissing her cheek and promising everything would be alright.

Of course, it wasn't meant to be for Harry, and their fifth year was a complete disaster, they had the Slytherins treating them like pieces of dirt, Snape being his usual bastard self and torturing Harry with his Occlumency lessons to prevent Voldemort from getting into his mind. Then the awful dream of Sirius being kidnapped and taken to the Ministry, had Hermione against her better judgement following her beloved Harry into a trap.

It wasn't until five days later when she woke up in the hospital wing that she found Remus sitting next to her bed staring into space with tears streaming down his face. He had informed her that Sirius had been killed at the Ministry and watched as the young witch fell apart in front of him, he held her while she cried, and soothed her when she told him she felt like a piece of her had died with him.

It had been hard for her to get over Sirius's death but she still made sure that she was with Harry every moment she could get away with at Grimmauld Place, it was that short time together that fuelled a desperate need, a long buried desire between the best friends. They lost their virginity to each other in the cold depressing attic of the Black House, and then spending the entire year bickering and fighting, culminating in the death of Dumbledore by Snape's hand. She had never felt so alone in her life but despite their hellish year together she vowed to stand by Harry no matter what happened. Remus had protested and begged that she not go with them, that he wouldn't be able to handle it if she died too.

It was a quiet and intimate moment between the pair and the kinship and connection she had felt in third year reared up again, the spark of magic when their hands touched, the way he would subconsciously touch his neck then smile down at her. It was that very day she found out the true meaning of the feeling of belonging with Remus and realised it wasn't just with him, sharing the odd kinship with others. She wanted to reach out to him and to hold him against her breast like a mother to a child, but refrained when she caught the steely narrowed eyes of Tonks staring at them jealously.

The trio had taken off that night in search of the elusive Horcruxes, one by one destroying the soul pieces of the Dark Lord. It was one night after all had been hexed quite badly during a skirmish, that they were attacked again. The Death Eaters were relentless as they killed Ronald and trained their wands on her. She closed her eyes and waited for death as the killing curse was spat from the lips of who she would later know as Rodolphus Lestrange.

As the green light rushed towards her she heard an inhuman screech and the wind flew around them, the camp lit up with flames as four dragons surrounded the Death Eaters. The lead Ridgeback taking the full brunt of the curse but as their hide was impenetrable to curses, he just grunted before toasting the nearest dark wizards. She had felt strong arms gather her up and apparate away quickly to Grimmauld Place where Harry was being tended to by the nurse and Ron's body lay covered by a sheet.

Looking back to those days it still hurt to think of her beloved best friend dying, in the year that followed Harry had become horribly withdrawn, only leaving his room to give her a kiss, eat something and ask about her progress in finding the last two Horcruxes. Hermione parents had been killed shortly after Ron had been slain, she was alone in the world and no matter how many kisses Harry gave her or brotherly embraces from Remus she still felt adrift, that was until two troublemakers entered her life.

They teased her and touched her until she finally gave into their advances and let them take her to their bedroom and have their wicked way with her.

"You've been a naughty little witch, Granger." Fred drawled teasingly in her ear, sending shivers and goose bumps down her spine.

"Whatever should we do with her, Fred?" George asked with a wicked smirk on his face.

"I think our little know it all needs to be punished."

Hermione snorted and looked up into the handsome identical faces of her soon to be lovers. "And what exactly am I being punished for?"

Fred leaned over her knees and kissed her lips tenderly. "For wearing that ridiculously short skirt and-"

"-that ridiculously tight little top. How do you expect us to concentrate with those gorgeous tits pressing against your top, your nipples going hard when the room gets cold?"

She had blushed furiously at his candidness and began stuttering when he pushed her back against his bed, George climbed in next to her and slipped his hand under her shirt to caress her breasts. "No bra, 'Mione? Gods, if we'd known you were so wicked we would have taken you downstairs with our brothers in the next room."

Hermione moaned loudly when she felt Fred's hand creep up her thigh and trace the length of her damp knickers with his long freckled digit.

"Don't worry, love," George whispered in her ear before licking along her neck slowly. "We'll make it good for you I promise."

And they did, several times that night and almost every night since. It brought a smile to her face in these times of war that the two most unlikely wizards would sleep in her bed every night, and turn her on so dreadfully that she resembled a wanton witch.

She couldn't think of her two wizards for now, she had other things to worry about, namely her mission with Harry and the destruction of the Horcrux.

"Ready to go, Hermione?" Harry asked her from the doorway.

"Sure, let me go say goodbye to Remus and them I'm all yours."

"Alright, meet me in the entryway in five? I know how you and Remus get when you're saying goodbye."

Hermione gave Harry a grin and skipped off down the hallway to the kitchen where she knew Remus was making dinner.


He turned around and gave her a sad grin after a quick perusal of her attire.

"Is that what you're wearing, love?" He asked softly and moved towards her quickly.

"Erm… yes, is there something wrong with my outfit?" Hermione was wearing black combat pants, black dragon hide boots and a black wife beater; she wore a simple black bandana around her hair with a red phoenix emblazoned on the top.

"No, you just look all grown up I suppose." He bit his lip and Hermione watched shocked as tears filled his brilliant blue eyes.

"Hermione, listen to me," He said almost frantically and grabbed her arms to pull her close. "If you have the chance to change things, do it. This isn't a world any of us should have to live in. Promise me you won't listen to what anyone else says or wants, I need you to promise me, love, please."

"I don't understand."

"You don't have to." He said seriously and pulled her against his chest, she could feel the tears soaking through her hair and his shudder when he took a deep calming breath. "Nothing is set in stone no matter what anyone tells you, things can be changed in the blink of an eye. We have all gone through things that should never have happened, so please love, promise me that given the chance you would change things."

"I promise, Remus. I would do anything for you." She said softly and with confusion and pulled back to kiss his cheek, "Stay safe, Moony."

With his words ringing in her ears she side along apparated with Harry to the rumoured location of the Horcrux. As soon as they materialised Hermione knew something wasn't right.

"Harry, do you feel that?" She whispered in fright as the foreboding power washed over them and sent a bad feeling to her gut.

"Yes. We need to leave." He said urgently and began pulling her towards where they apparated in.

"Going somewhere, Potter?" A cold drawl spat through the darkness, in seconds a murmured Lumos revealed hundreds of death eaters surrounding them, all in their white masks, hoods pulled up covering their identities and wands raised and aimed at the pair.

"Commanding the troops now, Snape? Funny how so many purebloods willingly follow a couple of half-blood cowardly bastards."

Snape threw his head back and laughed as he pulled off his mask and stalked over to the pair, he looked over Hermione with an appraising eye and reached out to pluck her wand from her hand.

"My, my, Miss Granger, haven't we grown up to be the delicious little Mudblood."

"Traitor." She hissed venomously, causing the Death Eaters present to roar with laughter, even Snape chuckled and moved closer to her.

"Always did have a smart mouth, perhaps I should get one of my troops to put something in it to silence you. Draco, perhaps?"

"Fuck you." She enunciated each word with a swift kick to his gut then a high kick to his head, with a sickening crunch he fell to his knees.

"You filthy whore!" He shouted and raised his wand.

Hermione grinned down at him and with another kick his head snapped back and she watched with malicious delight as he fell to the ground with a thud. When Harry raised his wand to curse his former Potions Master a long pale hand reached out seemingly from nowhere and snatched the wand, deftly snapping it in two.

"There will be none of that, Mister Potter."

"Still alive, Malfoy?" Harry spat the name like it was dirt in his mouth. "Thought you would have fled after your incompetent son couldn't handle a simple task of killing Dumbledore, your precious Master can't be too happy with you can he?"

"Lucius has paid for his sons sins, Potter." Lord Voldemort materialised in front of the pair and sneered down at his fallen Potions Master, before taking in that Hermione was standing holding Harry's hand and silently willing her fear away.

"So, this is the famous Miss Granger." He said softly, his red eyes raking over her body inch by inch, she had never felt so violated in her life.

"Stop looking at her." Harry hissed at Voldemort who didn't bother to acknowledge his mortal enemy.

"You were right about her, Lucius, she is quite powerful and she is the one."

"LEAVE HER!" Harry screamed as Voldemort grabbed Hermione by the hair and dragged her against his body, touching her in places that would normally set her body on fire but with now would only bring revulsion.

"You are repulsed by me, little girl?"

"You sound surprised?" She replied tartly as his hot breath ghosted over her skin, instead of being cursed he chuckled and leaned in even closer.

"I'm going to kill your precious Potter now, Mudblood. And I am most graciously going to allow you to watch."

"No, please don't!" She cried out, as he raised his wand and pressed it against the temple of Harry Potter, his gaze never wavered from her as he whispered the curse to end Harry's life.

"Avada Kedavra."

"NO!" Hermione screeched, feeling her entire being drop away as her best friend fell to the ground with a thud, his lifeless green eyes staring up at her.

She felt a wand dig into her back and a voice whispering in her ear that she recognised as Lucius Malfoy. "Bye-bye, Mudblood, I wish I could say it's been fun, but I would be lying."

"Do it!" The Dark Lord hissed as Lucius Malfoy whispered once more in her ear and she felt her world go black.


Chapter End Notes:

Translation:- Remitto Send Back

Preview to chapter two...(let me know what you think of Chap one!)

"Ahh, our glorious leader Prongs returns to the fold with sustenance for the troops!" Sirius cried to a chorus of groans.

"You are so dramatic, Sirius."

"Quiet you!" Sirius commanded with a grin and gobbled down a small cauldron cake.

"You know I don't believe I've ever seen a witch dressed quite like that before." James said as he took a swig of butterbeer.

"Tell me about it," Sirius replied and ran his hand through his long black curly hair. "She had tits to die for in that tight little top, and those pants left nothing to the imagination."

"She smelt pretty good, too." Remus said softly, drawing excited woots from his friends.

"Didn't know you had it in you, Moony old pal. Want first dibs on her?"

"Hey, what if I wanted a go?"

"Like she would look twice at you, Potter."

James snorted leaned back on the sofa, crossing his legs as his took another swig of beer. "And you think you're in with a chance, Black, she'll see right through you."

Sirius laughed. "Hopefully I'll see right in her." He replied with a leer.