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A sharp pressure restricts Riley and Artemis' movements, as they speed through the thick darkness. A chilling stream of energy flows through their veins, wrapping around their skin. Axel's grip around their wrists tightens, as the girls are greeted by a bright, crystal hall. The girls hear the swirling portal close behind them, as Axel drags them down the hall. Reaching the third room on the right, Axel shoves the girls into the plain white room, and locks the door. The room consists of a simple table with two wooden chairs and a couch against the back wall.

"This can't be happening" Artemis says, as she passes around the room.

"Well, its happening" states Riley as she plops down on the beaten up couch, "and there is not much we can do about it."

"A character from a video game just kidnapped us, on the last day of school. How can you be so calm?!"

"I think the best thing to do right now is just go with it, until we learn more about our situation."

"True", Artemis plops down next to Riley, with a heavy sigh "but that doesn't change the fact that our 'situation' is virtually impossible."

The silver door creaks open and in walks two people, Axel and his earlier companion whose hood still covers his face. Axel leans against the front wall, while his hooded companion swings a chair to face the couch and sits down. The two girls stare intensely at the man, waiting for an explanation.

"Well, I do believe introductions are in order." the hooded man friendly states, "I am Ramses the leader of the new Organization 13, and I believe you are familiar with the original?" The man pauses, to observe their response, but the girls continue to stare, after exchanging a suspicious glance with each other. "And you have already met Axel", he continues, gesturing towards the red head behind him. "I'm sure you two have quit a few questions, but first I would like to know your names." The girls hesitate at first, allowing themselves time to read each other's eyes.

"I'm Riley Manor," states the smaller girl.

"Artemis Taylor", states the blonde, as she leans back on the couch cushions.

"Well, you girls seem anxious so I will get right to the point. You two are the long ago prophesized Oracles, who possess a rare and powerful gift. The ability to locate and return a heart, a Nobody's heart. I have brought you here to Castle Oblivion, to ask for your help. With your immense wisdom and strange skills, will you assist in this Organization's goal to become whole?" asks Ramses. Artemis and Riley just remain silent as they soak in the information. "We'll leave you to your thoughts for now", states Ramses as he stands and begins to walk to the door. "You will remain here, until you give me an answer. Just inform our comrade Demyx when you are ready; he will be guarding the door." Ramses says and with that, he walks out, with Axel, locking the door behind him. The girls wait a few moments, until they are positive that Ramses had left. They stare at one another in complete silence, until they cannot hold it in any longer. The two girls engage in a short laughing fit, trying desperately to keep their voices down.

"I can't believe that they actually think that we have special powers and untold wisdom," says Artemis.

"Yeah, but what should our answer be?" asks Riley as she regains her breath.

"No, would be the safe answer, except for the fact that we don't know what they would do to us if we refuse."

"But if we say yes, we will have to go along with their plans, pretending we have some special gift."

"Yeah, and who knows how long that would last." Sighing in unison, each girl becomes absorbed in her own thoughts.

Ramses sits down in a reclining chair, in the corner of his room. Lowering his hood, he releases a deep sight of relief as he pushes his light blonde hair from his face. In turn, Axel goes and leans against the far wall, as a wide grin forms on Ramses's lips.

"Phase one, complete!" exclaims Ramses, placing his hands behind his head.

"You're such a child," mumbles Axel. "How much do you trust this so called Prophecy? I mean you have degraded this Organization, into asking some random teenage girls for help."

"I thought you didn't care about the Organization, Axel, and besides, this Prophecy is the real deal. It comes directly from good magic, the sorcerer Yensid predicted it himself," states Ramses.

"It's just that it took you a whole year to decipher its message and locate two of the five Oracles. Who knows how long it will take them to find a heart."

"In my three years of being a Nobody, I have studied many different approaches to recovering a Nobody's heart. However, this approach appears to have the most likely success rate. And-" A knock at the door, followed by Demyx walking in, interrupts Ramses's thought.

"The Oracles have made a decision."

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