"Have you missed me?"

His voice purred as smooth as the gentle surface of water. She scrunched her face in disgust and the Count's response was a quick toothy grin. Izzy noticed how his fangs glinted like silver daggers. She felt her stomach churn. This was the first time she had ever met the demon in person. There was no smoke or mist, no shadows or dreams of some obscure force. There was no more uncertainty or guessing. This was tangible. Face to face with the man she had longed to confront like some old archenemy. There was a tiny part of her that wanted to believe that this was still a dream, but her senses mentally smacked her back into reality. Izzy could feel the iced marble against her fingertips as he held her rigid hand to his face. Flesh upon flesh: this was reality. He continued to hold her hand to his face. His smile held a gentle fakeness.

"Why don't you speak to me, my dearest one?" he cooed and it sounded vile in her eardrums. Now she wanted to smack him upside the face but restrained herself and paused.

"I never thought I'd see the hideous monster stand before me." She stated plainly. It was true. Izzy was used to his parlor tricks and smoke. She felt like being honest. It was a trait Dracula did not have. She stared into his eyes. It was dangerous but she felt compelled to but not because of fear or his will overpowering her. It was because she wanted to defy him. To look him dead in the eye and know she was no longer afraid. Izzy wanted one thing from him and he knew. He wouldn't hand them over so easily and she wouldn't hand him what he wanted either. It was deadlocked. Neither of them were going to settle (for half!) and the air only became stagnant as the two didn't budge from their spot in the middle of the ballroom. The Count moved his hand from her face to her left ear. He slowly twirled her silver dangle earring between his fingers and fixated on it for a moment. The one thing he didn't want her to know was that he didn't know what to say. He admitted to himself that he felt hurt by her comment but he couldn't blame her. Although he did not wish to show any emotion, his eyes gave him away. Izzy was still staring intently into his eyes even though he refused to meet hers. His usual icy orbs were turning darker and his facial expression was narrow, not in deep thought, but in restraint of his overflowing anger that filled him.

"You're hair looks much better down, my love." Taken aback, Izzy had no time to react as the Count moved his hand from her ear and gently pulled her hair from her tightly made bun. He threw whatever held her hair up across the room and put his hand on her shoulder. He mouthed the words "much better" as he continued their dance. Izzy didn't know whether to be incredibly angry or nervous. Both were hitting each other fairly hard with their words. She tried her best to hide her thoughts and once again became stoic. Dracula was annoyed at the rigidity of her body. His twirls became more violent. His dips became deeper. The strides along the floor were longer. He wanted her to become fluid and sensual but her resistance only fuelled him. Izzy tried her best to keep up. Although she had headaches each twirl, she dealt with it even if she winched a little. The dips hurt her back but she thought of sandy beaches and cold drinks to bring herself out of it. His long strides made her quicken her steps each time. Her legs weren't long enough to keep up but she managed.

He stopped suddenly and looked her up and down. Izzy was breathing heavily. Her arms were shaking from the constant hard movement. Her legs trembled. Her hair was sticking to her face with sweat. It looked as if she had just gotten up just after a long sex romp in bed. Looking into her eyes, even though she clearly was exhausted, she still held a hard fiery look in her eyes. He chuckled but couldn't help but feel aroused as well. He rested his hand on her lower back.

"Would you like to rest for a little, my dear? A drink perhaps."

"No thank you. I'd prefer to carry on. We have some business to discuss." The count's eyes widened in surprise and he smiled. Her voice had sounded like a cold snake with her words slithering through her teeth. He bowed slightly and continued to dance but the beat was much slower this time. Izzy was grateful he was dancing slower. Now was her chance to make him look ragged and hot. She flipped her head slightly to get her hair away from her face. Now she quickened her movements as they danced around the room instead of being stuck in the middle with all the dancers surrounding them. The count cocked his head to the side with a sly grin. What was she up to exactly? While twirling, Izzy caught a glimpse of Carrie who was having a blast. After knowing her friend is safe for the time being, she wiped herself around to face Dracula. She mouthed "my turn". While staring into her eyes, neither blinking or getting distracted, she ripped a couple of his buttons away from his shirt. His chest was white and shiny. She gently caressed it with her hand and noticed how silky he felt. Dracula started to breath heavy even if he didn't need it.

His eyes looked glossed over with hunger as he stared at her. His mouth was open slightly as Izzy put her index finger on his lower lip. Although he was relaxed, his body was tense with an excited urge. He kissed her finger and felt all sorts of sensations running through him. Her finger was warm and smooth. It felt like he had kissed multitudes of fireworks. All this from a finger. Izzy didn't know if it was growling coming from his throat or a purr. She removed her finger from his lips and his mouth opened in protest with a low "aah" sound escaping them. Izzy grabbed the collar of his jacket and brought his face closer to hers. The Count started to turn his head to kiss her but she pulled away. The look on his face was that of a child who had its toy taken away. She laughed and brought herself closer again and said in a whispering voice:

"Now that I have your attention."