Izzy glanced away from the delicate piece of paper, slowly turning her body around listening to the screams becoming silent as seconds past. her mind couldn't register what was going on, she didn't even feel herself standing there, it was if she were in another place. Izzy looked up to the ceiling, her eyes moving around trying to figure out where the sound was coming from. She was numb everywhere, her brain was elsewhere at the moment until a sudden shock went through her body. Lurching to the floor with the paper still in her now sweaty hands, grabbed her stomach in pain.

It was unbearable. Her eyes became watery and blurred, but she could see something within her range of view. It was that black silhouette with the blood red eyes and it was staring down at her. If she could she it, she would've thought it had a huge smirk plastered upon it's ghostly form. Izzy cringed at the thought of it, trying to become calm. "It's only bad stomach pains. It's just my imagination. Nothing more, nothing less," she hissed in pain to herself.

My dear, I would be prepared for the worst, for it has yet to come.

Izzy looked up, her vision slowly regaining. It was gone. She painfully got up off the floor, letter remaining in hand, and limped her way to the front of the library where she remembered the first scream came from. The lights flickered above, following her in a fast motion. Adrenaline pumping coursing through her veins, she tried to run before whatever it was, attacked her.
She froze at what her eyes saw before her.

Ms. La Blanc layed before her. Her warm hazel eyes were open wide in fear while her pupils were dilated, and her mouth open in the form of a scream. Blood oozed from her fragile neck all around her in an engulfing puddle. Scratch marks layed upon her chest area and her pale cheeks. It was the most degrading and disgusting scene Izzy had ever seen in her entire life. Izzy was taken aback. No words could escape her gaping mouth, until she finally snapped out of it. Grabbing the phone and dialing the police, she saw something on the wall behind her as she layed the phone down gently. It was writing in blood. Poor Ms. La Blanc's blood. Izzy shrieked in sadness, and collapsed to the floor, sobbing. Her blue eyes gazed upon the writing, only to find it not in any language she knew.

The police had come and gone. Everything seemed blurred in Izzy's mind. Investigators asked her questions as she sat in the library. She felt herself slowly slipping into madness, but it was silently. But what she thought of later, still sitting alone in the library, was that no one had seen the strange writing on the wall. It was like they could care less, or hadn't seen it. How could you NOT see that?

Cautiously walking over to the front of the library near the wall, she took out a peace of paper and began to write down the bloody writings. As she began to walk out, Izzy had forgotten about the letter and the crimson leather book. Running back into the library, Izzy quickly grabbed the book, paper, and what seemed to be a map that had recently fallen out of the book, and then started to run back to the entrance. But the lights began to flicker again, and strangely there was the scent of lavender candles. This freaked her out more than ever.

As she ran again, she could hear the faint malicious laughter in the distance, back deeper into the library. She pictured in her mind the ghostly apparition that smirked with glowing red eyes with blood dripping fangs, swirling around in an unholy manner chanting it's praise to the devil himself. It was a nightmare that she didn't want to begin.

Izzy's mother had worried about her daughter for days. She hadn't come out from her room in three days to eat or anything. Marie bean to worry greatly, as did Carrie.

"I know, maybe I should try to cheer her up," Carrie said with a smile on her tan face.

Kathy, the mother, looked at her with pain in her eyes and the saddest look on her face. "I don't know. What she has witnessed has probably driven her sanity away. My poor child. She shouldn't have seen that," Kathy began to tear with a small sniffle. Marie layed her small arm on her mother's shoulder. "It's alright momma. she is going to be ok." While both turned their heads to face Carrie, she was gone.


Carrie pushed her way through her friends room, who sat on her bed in total silence. looking up with exhaustion and pain at her friend, she gave a small smile. Carrie sat by her, trying to lift up the mood that remained in the once bright room.

"Izzy, talk to me."

"What is there to talk about? What I have seen, is worse than anything in the world. And the thing is...what happened before I saw her mangled corpse rot on the floor was more horrifying than seeing her lay there," she said tearfully.

Carrie patted her friends back gently. "Tell me what you saw, and what happened."

Driving back her salty tears, izzy began, "I found this letter that fell out of that book with the map, and everything went all downhill. I saw this black..thing! I don't know what it was, maybe a ghost of some sort, but it was terrifying. I was in so much pain and then I saw it. Floating above me. I was thinking it was my imagination, but I swear I heard it's voice. I don't remember what it said, but it was a warning. I ran back to the front as the light seemed to follow me, flickering. I saw her. Dead. After calling the police and fell to the floor crying my ass off, and then I looked upon the wall. It had writing in blood, but not in a language I knew. No one but me noticed it. I have it written down, look," Izzy finished while handing over the small piece of paper to her friend.

Carrie read aloud, "Death is unic . beginning. Ce tu ai înăuntru al tău possession voinţă a voi lead la spre that , meu Dragă. Numai death alone a putea a salva tu."

"What does it that mean in whatever language it is?"

Carrie starred at her friend with grief. "Death is only the beginning. What you have in your possession will lead to that, my dear. But death alone can save you. It's Romanian"

"What does that mean, I don't understand the wording?" Izzy asked in fear of what was to come.

"I don't know. But we will find out soon."