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New love

Somewhere in a unidentified place

" So what is the misson again Itachi " said a blue skinned man, with a big behind shord on his back, the said man turn to look at his partner in a sideways glance. Sigh. " I will say it one more time we are you kidnapped Haruno Sakura from the leaf village " said Itachi

" How would we be able to know it's her ?" said Kisame " She is no going to be hard to find, she has pink hair with green eye, she is on the same 3 man squad as the Kyuubi and my foolish little brother " said Itachi and started to walk away

" H-Hey wait up Itachi !" said Kisame running after Itachi who was almost out of sight. ( A/N:Man he is a fast walker!)

Leaf village

It was around 7:55 a.m at a certain training grounds was a pink haired Kounichi (SP?) was training Tai jutsu's that she learned from Gai-sensei.

If you haven't guessed yet the pink haired ninja is Sakura Haruno and not the old one either, no she is now 18. She is not wearing her genin cloths anymore either, she is wearing a mini white skirt with tight black pants underneath of it, she was wearing the same top but instead of the full red japanese dress she cut the bottomshe not the op of the dress is now a shirt. With black gloves and sandals, and pus now her fore-head protector is pink.

What she didn't know is that a pair of red eyes was watching her. That was until a kunai stabbed her in the back, the pair of red eyes narrow.

The Sakura that was stabbed disappear and turn into a log. The pair of red eyes widen sudden and the user of the eyes move out the way. Just in time to miss a bunch of kunai's aim for him

' Where is she ' thought Itachi ( A/N: If you haven't notice yet it was Itachi )

" Looking for me bastard " said a voice above him, Itachi looked up and had a expression the said bored all over his face

Sakura jumped with several senbons in her hands.

-I am not good with battle scence so I will skip it-

Itachi dissappear in front of her eyes, Sakura gasp she didn't see that coming at all and then Itachi reappear behind Sakura and hit her on the back of her neck. ' Oh crap I am in trouble now' thought Sakura then a world of Darkness welcome her.

Before Sakura's body could fall to the ground Itachi caught her and picked her up bridal-style and carried her out of the village to his partner

- 20 min later-

Itachi was in a forest with Sakura still in his hand " Kisame come out now lets go I got the capture " said Itachi coolly

" ok " said Kisame as he jumped out of his hiding spot and start running to the Akatsuki base with Itachi close behind him.

I know it's short it's suppose to be anyway what do you think of this it's like a a preview for the story should I write it or not+?