Author's Notes: I found myself drawn to alternate pairings, so I gave this a try. Yeah I know originally created by Rumiko Takahashi. I received no monetary gain just the satisfaction of messing with the characters.

The hot spring is shallow five or six inches deep at most. Few have stumbled across this oasis, sheltered by the surrounding high rocks and mist. Kneeling in the middle of the small spring she pours the heated water over her injured shoulder. Covered in black and blue she grimaces as she slowly rotates it. Slowly arching her back arms open in the futile attempt to rotate the multiple knots in her body. The sheen of the water accents her skin to a satiny look. Her pert full breasts have multiple cuts; further down a long purple bruise is forming. Shifting her fine thatch peeks from underneath the water. Multiple popping of warn bones are heard. Her face reflects wariness, her body of battle. Too tired to utter a rejuvenation spell she curls forward, splashing water in her face and hair.

She hears her name whispered upon the wind alert she turns toward the source. Standing in the pool the weak moonlight and mist gives the tai-yokai an angelic presence. Kneeling besides her he wraps his arms around her, sheltering her. She softly cries in despair. Not caring his clothes become soaked he rocks her. She pulls slightly away; cupping his face to starts to brush her lips over his.

Her eyes, the color of chestnuts, the windows to her pure soul are so expressive. He aches inside. The pain she harbors aged her beyond her time. Such a deceptively fragile frame hones the skills of a seasoned warrior. So determined to protect those whom that easily scorned her strength and cunning. She must be claimed and protect from such ignorance.

His parts in response, she rakes her tongue over his fangs. She trembles as his body vibrates purring. Shifting she wraps her legs around his waist. Their kiss becomes fierce, breaking away only to taste her skin he trails kisses on the slope of her neck. She presses his hand against her breast. Tiny rivers of blood and water cover her body. He greedily licks her wanting her to feel more pleasure than pain. Trailing further down she arches back; her hair falls into the water as his arm supports her back he hooks her leg over his shoulder. Intoxicated by her scent he kisses just above the fine chocolate colored curls. Sweeping his tongue over her folds, her body vibrates from her low groans. His tongue penetrates deeply causing her to nearly shout. His yokai aura surrounds her. His claws lengthen as red seeps into gold. Gasping she response so innocently, unashamed wantonly. Crying out she collapses into the pool.

Pulling his hoari off he settles between her legs. Both tear at his clothing, pushing the offending material past his knees he test her readiness for him. Her body shutters in response, instinctively he smiles then penetrate just enough. So tight, his lovely warrior, kobushi, he must prepare her. Slowly he drives them both senseless as he teases her. Each time he enters a little deeper by a mere inch then withdraws. His hands are vise-like on her hips. Stopping her from surging forward to end his maddening tease.

She pleads so helplessly underneath his weight. Her hair fans within the water, her eyes smolder in heat. Satisfied she understands his domination over her he plunges deeply. Immediately she convulses, her nails dig painfully into his back. Her heat inflames his senses to new heights. Hiccupping a sob she presses her tired body up urging for more. Repeatedly plundering her body he releases a howl as she screams.

Tenderly she whispers, "Okaeri nasai, Sess-sama"

Trust is such a fragile thing. It is to be treasured by the few who recognize it.

"Hai, tadaima. Sango-sama"

Terms :

Kobushi - warrior

Hai – Yes

Okaeri nasai - welcome home

Tadaima - I'm home