They sit in silence surrounded by silk and polished wood as the mist of the evening slowly burns away by the gentle sunrays. Clad only in his hakama both his bitch and new pups unconsciously curl against his bare chest, his legs press against hers own. She smiles contently as his breath tickles the back of her neck. His nimble fingers stroke and kneed her sore body. His claws rake through her damp hair, sifting through the brown and copper strands. Her body vibrates with his soft purrs of satisfaction.

At this moment she is at her most vulnerable. As her alpha he must protect her and surviving pups. His yokai aura fills the room blanketing his lady and new pups with strength and stability. The intensity of his spirit unnerves any lesser yokai within the castle. The fist pup whines as she shifts its lips to the other breast. The noise startles the second as it tries to bury itself deeper into the warmth of his father's tail. Sesshomaru slightly tugs his finger from the third's mouth as it tries to gnaw on his knuckle. She smells so content, humming to them. He has heard this tune before. One night she held Rin rocking her to sleep after a nightmare. Then he decided to chase way the wistful look in her eyes as she watched his pups play.

No, this is not his first birthing; he has ten other pups by well-selected concubines. If he were an emotional being he would smirk. Then for a moment a shadow of a smile forms. Ten healthy pups; strong in blood, mind and spirit whom now will have an addition to their pack. His legacy is secure.

The court will not contest her or the additional hanyos she will give him. Just as they didn't as he took Rin as his human pup. His mate, a human the one whom he can trust, honor and respect. His bitch. Sango. The Lady of the Western Lands.


"Hai, untenshi"

"I wish to call her Mizuki."

"Hai, that is a good name." Softly he fingers through his second pup's tail.

"She shall be called Shinju." For this moment he shall let his mask slip.

Chestnut meets gold. She need not say it he will not have his lady beg,

"Hai, Kohaku is a strong name for the boy." A lone tear escapes trails over her cheek. Before she can utter a sound he brings her lips to his.

"Mamotte ageru."

His declaration of love. His undying attention, protection and honor.

"You shall rest." Taking the pup from her arms and nestling it with the others he holds her. Exhausted she doesn't protest. Both mother and pups drift asleep. They will not be disturbed. The tip of his tail flicks around the pups as he analyzes the impact of his presents.

There will be talk before the hour is through. He has never spent more than an hour with chambers of a newly pupped bitch.

Then none would be foolish enough to speak against her or their pups aloud.

If so blood would be spilt.

End of discussion.


Hai - Yes

Teishu – husband

Untenshi - mate

Mizuki – beautiful moon

Shinju- pearl

Kohaku- amber, topaz

Mamotte ageru – I'll protect you