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A soft clatter drew her awake. Frowning, she drew her robe around her, slipping through the darkness, down the worn stairs to a partially closed door. There she stood, her eyes glimmering in satin silence, squinting through the darkness and sleep still filling her eyes.

Her apprentice was busy, it would seem.

The sorcerer smiled, carefully adding tiny white crystals to a bowl of white goo, patting the counter beside him until his large hands found a small flask. Fighting a yawn as the clock ticked out an un-godly hour, he added a dark, red-brown liquid, thick from it's time over the heat, mixing it in carefully as whispered incantations fell from his lips to join the droplets of clear liquid from the flask. The sorcerer grinned, his eyes flashing green in the darkness, cutting through the shadowed room to the woman crouched behind the door. Another incantation, soft, whispered, slid through the night, as the bowl's contents were switched, poured into a small, tanned shell and slid into the cavern. It could be the most dangerous thing he'd ever made. The woman watched as her apprentice swore at the green flares hurtling from the cavern, his hands snapping atop the scarred surface until the emerald flames ceased.

By the door, his master was impressed. Few could tame the cavern's temper as this child was. Chanting to himself in words she couldn't understand, the apprentice moved around the room, an unearthly grace and burning ice clinging to him as he replaced the flasks as they had been, in the cupboards, the deep sided bowls on the shelf, all traces of his work vanishing as though never used. Pushing his thick, black hair from his pale face, he chewed his lip, opening the cavern, the confidence bleeding from his wan face. If he failed… His hand reached in and she winced as he leapt back, jamming his burnt fingers under the little stream of water while his free hand snatched up a rag, tugging the shell from the cavern- which was again spitting green flames- and setting it on the workbench, waving his hands sharply over it, the room chilling. Carefully, the apprentice opened a box, his eyes narrowing as he selected twenty black candles from a drawer and added them to the box with his creation. Another spell was whispered as he fingered a leather bound book, running his thumb over the spine, until like candles, he added it to the box. Outside, dawn had begun, golden fingers raking between buildings and towers, lighting the room as the boy picked up his final offering and slipped a small vial onto the bottom of a black rose. Smiling wearily, he shut the wooden box, standing and running his hands over his face, patting the smaller velvet box in his pocket as he stumbled towards the bathroom, the grin returning to his face as his slow steps quickened until he bounded up the stairs.

Maddy Fenton smiled, stepping into the kitchen and glancing at the box her son had left on the counter, chuckling as she picked up a chocolate covered printout from a vegetarian website and read the card sitting on the box, her laughter echoing as she patted the stove, still periodically sputtering with little ecto-blasts. She'd have to enlist Danny's help with cooking, seeing as he seemed to be able to get the 'modification' Jack had added to calm down.

"G'bye mom, gotta go drop this off to Sam!"

"Good morning to you too!" Maddy called to the door as it slammed. Laughing, she tapped the print-out on the counter, looking to where the box had been.

Hopefully a Miss Sam Manson would like her gift. Not many things would get a guy out of bed at 3:30 am to make a vegetarian chocolate cheese cake.

Apparently, a fear of steel toed combat boots was enough for Danny.

Or maybe he was just in love. You never could tell with men.