Title: Precious & Fragile Things (1/6)
Author: Andrea88
Rating: R for the general theme and perhaps for sex as well
Pairing: Sirius & Remus
Disclaimer: Not mine, JKR's
Summery: Sirius returns from the beyond the veil, but paid a price. Will he be able to overcome this? Will Remus remain at his side? Can their love survive? Slash SB/RL other character show up too.
Warnings: It maybe angsty, It maybe icky. Some won't be pretty. Spoilers for Half Blood Price

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
Oscar Wilde

Precious & Fragile Things Chapter One

Remus walked towards the dais. The chamber was dark and empty. The black tattered curtain, fluttering in a non existent breeze was all that could be heard. Visions overwhelmed him, visions of Death Eaters, spells flying everywhere, and falling. Sirius falling burned in his memory. The shocked expression, the helplessness, he replayed the events over and over again in his head. What ifs consumed him, and refused him peace.

Remus sat down by the archway. The stone was cold, but he hadn't the mind to care. He reached out and touched his bane. His fingers brushing along the rough stone, tracing the runes etched there, reaching out to feel the fabric, tempting fate.

He didn't care what the consequences would be. He felt as cold and empty as the room. The past year without Sirius was indeed hell. No one mourned openly, no services were held. Fire whiskey was his only solace. Harry was the only reason he went back to work for the Order. He had made a vow to Sirius that he would look after Harry. Remus was a man of his word.

He threw himself into his work. Remus went underground to live among the werewolves, trying to recruit them, and seeing Fenrir only made his grief intensify. But he had to be strong – it's what he did. Then was the matter of Nymphadora. The thought alone made his head ache. He liked Tonks, found her pleasant company, but that was it. They had one night of shared drunken grief, and she thinks its love.

He tried to let her down easily, but she couldn't take a hint. Well, Remus wasn't very forthcoming with the real reason either. After the incident in the hospital wing, he sat her down, in private, and set her straight. At least he thought he had, at Dumbledore's funeral she was sporting pink hair. However inappropriate it may have been, it was at least a sign that she was 'over him'. As soon as he felt her hand take hold of his, he knew just how wrong he was.

Remus couldn't take it any more. He just wanted to be with Sirius again, he didn't care how. Leaning his head against the archway, Remus cried.

The veil whipped back and forth, as if caught in a violent storm. Remus' nails dug into the stone, his sobs drowning out the murmur of voices…

"Remus," the voice was hoarse.

Remus ignored the voice. It was just his mind playing tricks on him. This is what he told himself, until the scent filled him. It was distinctly Sirius. How many times had he let himself drown in that aroma? His eyes flew open.

Sirius looked the same as when he fell. He was lying on the stone floor in front of the veil. Remus did not need to question, he knew this was Sirius. Sirius opened his mouth to say something, but was promptly smothered by Remus.

Remus had so many questions to ask Sirius, but he simply caught his face in both hands, and kissed him. Sirius let out a half-sob, half-moan, and his hands tightened their hold on Remus' waist. For a few moments Remus thought he was dreaming again. He was lost in the scent, and warmth of his lover. All he could see or breathe was Sirius.

"How," Remus asked as he reluctantly pulled away from another kiss.

"I don't really know. One moment I was dueling Bella, and the next I am in a dark, cold place. It reminded me slightly of my cell. I saw no one, but I kept hearing voices." Sirius paused for a moment, stared into Remus' eyes, as to reassure himself he really had returned. "They were angry, kept saying I didn't belong, I wasn't dead, that I was desecrating their sanctuary. I was to have retribution." Sirius trembled as he spoke.

"Shh, it's ok luv." Remus held Sirius tightly. "Let's go home. We can talk about this tomorrow." He stood up, straightened his robe, and wiped the tears from his eyes. He closed his eyes and thanked Merlin for Sirius' return.

"Remus, I can't move my legs," Sirius' voice was suddenly overcome with fear.

Sirius struggled to move his legs. They were nothing but dead weight.

Remus held him close and apparated to the one person he thought could help.