Title: Precious & Fragile Things - Chapter Six (6/6)
Author: Andrea88
Rating: R for the general theme and sex
Sirius & Remus
Disclaimer: Not mine, JKR's, I would treat them better
Summery: Sirius returns from the beyond the veil, but paid a price.
Warnings: It maybe angsty, It maybe icky. Some won't be pretty. Spoilers for Half Blood Price

Precious & Fragile Things

Chapter Six

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift. That's why we call it the present. Babatunde Olatunji

"Protego," Sirius shouted. "Harry you need to be quicker. You gave me too much time to counter. I can also tell which spell you are about to cast, you are giving tells."

"I know Sirius, I am trying." Harry concentrated and sent a jelly-legs jinx at Sirius.

"You have to do better." He raised his wand ready to send a jinx when he heard Remus laughing. "What," he asked turning to face the source of the laughter.

"I think you might want to fix that before you continue."

Sirius looked down and saw his legs wobbling uncontrollably. "Finite Incantatem," he wheeled around to face Harry. "Not bad and a good tactic to hit me at my weakest point."

"I'm sorry Sirius, I didn't mean to…"

Sirius cut him off, "no need to be sorry. In a real duel you have to use your opponents' weaknesses. Do you think the Death Eaters will be honorable?"

"No, they wouldn't."

"Then neither will you. Try again." Sirius raised his wand and waited for Harry to attack.

Remus watched the dueling practice and smiled. Sirius had made it his mission to train Harry in dueling. They practiced long hours everyday, Sirius was a great teacher. Remus could already see vast improvement in Harry's dueling technique. Even his non-verbal spells were improving. It was wonderful to see such life in Sirius again.

"I think its time to call it a night." Remus yawned to emphasize his point.

"Aww alright, good night Sirius." Harry ran over to his Godfather and gave him a hug. "Good night Remus," he said giving Remus a hug as well before he headed indoors.

"He's getting better," Sirius wheeled himself next to Remus.

"Yes he is, you are a great teacher." Remus held the door open for Sirius.

"Nah that would be you."

After showering and taking care of his needs, Sirius wheeled out of the bathroom. Remus' gaze was glued to the towel clad man before him. He watched as Sirius transferred to the bed, secretly hoping that there would be a wardrobe malfunction.

"Remus can you help me with my exercises?"

"Of course," Remus walked over and proceeded to help. He noticed that Sirius had not dried off properly. Wet hair clung to Sirius' face and neck. Damp skin begged to be tasted; it was too much for Remus. He wanted to touch and taste, but Sirius was still pushing him away. Granted, Sirius kissed him often but Remus wanted more. He knew he would have to wait until Sirius was ready, but his patience was wearing thin.

"That's enough exercise for tonight. I'm going to take a shower." He turned and quickly exited the room. A long hot shower and a silencing charm would do a world of good.

Sirius watched as Remus darted out the door. Having seen the bulge in Remus' trousers, he knew what the shower was for. His missed intimacy, but his parts didn't work. In time he would get used to it. Being alive and with his loved ones was a great gift. He was given a second chance and if the price was sex so be it. It couldn't be easy on Remus, maybe it was pity that kept him with Sirius. He tried not to think about anything remotely associated with sex, it was easier that way.

The next morning Sirius woke to find Remus gone. A note in the kitchen informed him that Remus was running errands. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, and Sirius decided to have his breakfast outside. The sun's warmth felt good against his skin. A familiar 'pop' announced a visitor.

"Hello Sirius, is Remus around?" Kingsley asked with hesitation.

"Hi Kingsley, no he's out." He eyed his visitor and grinned. He had an idea. "Have a seat, care for some tea?"

Kingsley was suspicious but sat down anyway. "What do you want Sirius?"

"I'm hurt why you would think I want something?" He tried looking as innocent as possible.

"I know that look, you're up to something."

Sirius bit his tongue; he wanted to know how Kingsley recognized his looks. The thought of Kingsley and Remus together made his stomach turn. That, however, was in the past and not important now.

Kingsley stared at Sirius. "Sirius, Remus and I were just good friends, nothing more." Sirius let out a sigh of relief. "After you fell he was devastated. I knew what he was going through and thought he needed someone to talk to. We became close, but, nothing physical ever evolved, our hearts belonged elsewhere."

"Thank you for being there for him." Sirius paused thinking about what Remus went through. "I am sorry for being a jealous idiot. I am just…" Sirius turned his attention to a crack in the patio floor. "I fear he'll leave me because of this," he indicated the wheelchair he was sitting in.

Kingsley laughed, "Don't underestimate Remus. He loves you; your condition doesn't change that." Kingsley shook his head, if Sirius only knew where Remus spent most of his days.

"Merlin, I miss the sex." Sirius poured some more tea and opted to add a shot Ogden's. "But I'm happy to just be back and with Remus and Harry."

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about sex Sirius, there are more important things." He added a shot of Ogden's to his tea. "Now, what did you want?"

Sirius began to tell Kingsley of his idea and what he needed his help for. Kingsley thought it was a great idea and agreed to help. They turned their heads as they heard another 'pop'.

"Wotcher, is Remus here?" Tonks said as she looked around trying to spot Remus.

"Sorry he's not here, anything I can help you with?" Sirius did his best to sound pleasant, while Kingsley bit back a laugh.

"Do you know where he went?"

"No, and I was just on my way out."

Kingsley stood and walked towards Tonks. "Are you ready Sirius?"

Sirius wheeled over to Kingsley, making sure to run over Tonks' feet.


"I am so sorry cousin; I am not good at working this yet." Smiling as Tonks apparated away, he did a wheelie and winked at Kingsley. "I know she's my cousin and all but she is getting on my nerves."

"I couldn't agree more." Kingsley grabbed a hold of Sirius and his chair, and they too apparated.

Sirius and Kingsley returned some time later with several bags in tow. Kingsley set them on the kitchen table, wished Sirius luck and apparated home. Sirius busied himself with the goods. He sent several into the bathroom.

Emptying the contents of the remaining bags on the kitchen table, Sirius figured out what else he needed. He used magic to open cabinets and send needed items to the table. Kingsley was to stall Remus until six o'clock. He didn't have that much time so magic would have to be used as well. Once everything was set and lovely aromas were wafting through the house; Sirius started the task of cleaning the house. He wanted everything perfect.

Sirius was feeling nostalgic so he put on some Sex Pistols to help the chores go by quicker. When everything was done he wheeled into the bathroom to shower and shave. He preferred shaving manually; it was a much closer shave that way. The cologne Kingsley picked out was excellent, he really had great taste.

Kingsley had picked out the clothes as well. They had been tailored to fit him. A fine pair of trousers, a nice white silk shirt, and to Kingsley's agreement no pants. Gazing into the mirror Sirius had to admit he looked good. If things were different he would certainly be shagging Remus tonight.

It was almost time for Remus to return. So Sirius changed the music to something more suitable for dinner, and opened a bottle of wine. Harry was the first to arrive. Seeing Sirius dressed up lifted his spirits, maybe things would work out after all. He washed up and helped set the table. Both sat there engaged in conversation when Remus arrived.

"What's going on," Remus acted surprised. He had known something was up when Kingsley met him and insisted on discussing Order business.

"I made a special 'thanks for putting up with me' dinner." Sirius pointed to a present on the table, "that is for you."

Remus opened the gift to find the finest Belgian chocolates. Eagerly he ripped open the box.

"Thank you Sirius," he said eyeing each one. Placing a dark truffle in his mouth, he slowly ran his tongue along the chocolate. His cheeks hollowed as he savored the melting treat. "I think I'll wash up before dinner."

He bent down and kissed Sirius. Sirius was lost in the kiss. Remus tasted of chocolate and memories of their youth flooded him.

Remus took a shower and dressed in his Sunday best. He would have to thank Kingsley, Sirius' cologne was enticing and he looked great in his new clothes. A few calming breaths and thoughts of Filch naked and he was ready to join the others.

Remus joined the others at the table and sipped his wine. Sirius flicked his wand and dinner appeared. Caesar salad, seared duck breast with orange and port sauce, roasted potatoes and asparagus filled the table. Dinner was spectacular and the conversation jovial. Harry grinned from ear to ear. He was elated that everything seemed normal again. They were all laughing and having a great time. The looks cast between Remus and Sirius made Harry think that things were headed in the right direction.

"That was delicious Sirius." Harry said as the last potato was eaten.

"I hope you have room for dessert!" Sirius cast a spell and bananas Foster flambé over French vanilla ice cream appeared on everyone's plate.

"I can't believe you made all this." Harry said shoving another spoonful in his mouth.

"Sirius is quite the cook."

"Yes, this is my first attempt at bananas Foster; I usually just made chocolate mousse." Remus' spoon hit the table with a loud clank. A slight blush forming as he remembered why that was his favorite.

Harry noticed that both Remus and Sirius had gone quiet and were blushing. He tried to imagine what was so special about chocolate mousse. His eyes went wide with the recollection that he really didn't need those types of visions stuck in his head.

"I'm stuffed I think I'll turn in early." Harry faked a yawn for emphasis. He figured they needed some time alone. "Dinner was excellent," Harry hugged both men good night and headed to his room.

"Dinner was superb Sirius, thank you." Remus leaned towards Sirius and kissed him.

"Thanks, I wanted to do something special for you. You deserve it." Sirius wanted nothing more than to kiss Remus again, but decided it was best not to. "I'll just clear the table and clean up, and then we can go to bed."

Remus cocked and eyebrow.

"I mean go to bed to sleep." Sirius said and quickly started to pile dishes in his lap. He avoided Remus' face, he did not want to see a look of disappointment, and the night had gone so well.

"Let me clean up, the cook shouldn't have to do the dishes." Remus took the plates from Sirius. "Oh no, you spilled some sauce on your new trousers." Remus grabbed a wet dish towel and proceeded to dab the stain.

"I'll take care of it," Sirius took the towel from Remus. "I'll just go and take a shower and get ready for bed." He turned quickly, not waiting for any protest from Remus, and headed to the bathroom.

Remus threw the dish towel into the sink in frustration.

Sirius undressed and transferred to his shower chair. Turning on the tap he let the hot water wash over him. Dinner had gone exceptionally well and if things were different Remus would be naked by now.

"Mmm you do look good wet."

Sirius turned to see Remus leaning against the wall.

"What are you doing in here?" Sirius felt self conscious as he felt Remus' gaze on him.

"Thought I'd take a shower as well, conserves water if we take it together." Remus started to take off his clothes.

"I don't think that's a good idea." Sirius swallowed hard as he saw Remus undress. He was just as beautiful as he remembered.

"And why's that," Remus asked as he stepped in the shower. "Merlin, you're gorgeous."

"No I'm not." Sirius tried to cover his legs, which had started to atrophy.

Straddling Sirius he looked him in the eye, "yes you are, every bit of you." He brushed his lips against Sirius'. Ghosting his lips over Sirius', pulling away when Sirius would try to kiss him more firmly. Teasing was so much fun.

Sirius snaked his arms around Remus' waist and pulled him closer. A naked Remus straddling him was always a good thing. Finally gaining entrance he deepened the kiss.

Remus was still forcing images of a naked Filch; he did not want to show his excitement just yet. This was no easy task considering he was straddling a naked Sirius who was a hell of a kisser. Reluctantly he broke the kiss, this wasn't about him, it was about Sirius.

Trailing kisses along his jaw, "Sirius, don't think, just feel."

Sirius nodded in response and did just that, he felt. He ran his hands along Remus' back. The feel of warm skin was intoxicating. He was surprised that something so simple could be so pleasurable, why hadn't he noticed this before?

Remus traced every inch of skin that Sirius could feel with his finger tips. He noticed a shiver when he caressed Sirius' neck. The shivering increased when Remus replaced his fingers with his mouth.

Nibbling on the ears caused Sirius to jolt. A soft moan escaped Remus, he loved seeing and feeling the reactions in his partner. Remus lovingly explored and noted every spot and every action that was pleasurable to Sirius.

Sirius was lost in the sensations Remus' ministrations were causing. He never thought he could feel this way again. His skin felt like it was on fire with each touch. The water running down his skin only heightened the experience. He looked at the flush on Remus' skin, felt the fast heart beat, heard the ragged breath and could smell the excitement. It was dizzying, he wanted more.

With every ounce of will he had Sirius pushed Remus off of him. Before Remus could even open his mouth to speak, Sirius pushed him against the shower wall. He leaned forward and took Remus inside. Merlin how he had missed this, every moan and every thrust of Remus' hips, fueled him further. As Remus came, Sirius wished he was buried deep inside him.

Sirius felt so alive. He watched as Remus regained his composure and straddled him again. He went after Sirius' most sensitive areas with vigor. The insides of the arms turned out to be very desirable for Sirius, causing him to moan.

Remus slid off his lap and knelt down. "Sirius I need you to look at me."

Sirius looked and saw Remus take him in his mouth. He opened his mouth to protest when he noticed that he was hard. Remus' hand never broke contact, always caressing one of Sirius' new erogenous zones.

It was intense seeing Remus suck him, his cheeks hollowing with each maneuver. It was almost as if Sirius was transferring what he saw to what he felt. And it felt amazing.

Settling back on his lap Remus leaned forward for a passionate kiss. He guided one of Sirius' hands to his backside and thrust the lube in the other. Without breaking the kiss, Sirius slicked his fingers and slowly pressed in. Their kisses became more frantic with each addition. Remus buried his fingers in Sirius' hair, gently massaging his scalp.

Sirius couldn't take it any more, he removed his fingers, "please Remus," was all he could say. It was enough. Remus lowered himself on to Sirius' arousal.

Sirius couldn't believe the pleasure he was feeling. Remus never stopped caressing him, his apt fingers sending him into a tailspin. It was such a feeling of euphoria, he felt like he was going to explode at any moment. He curled his hand along Remus' arousal and stroked. Their moans filled the air.

Sirius felt like electricity was running through his veins. Hearing Remus cry out as he came sent him over the edge. He remembered what it felt like and the thing Remus was doing to his ear made him cry out as well. He held Remus close, his head resting against his chest. He cried, he felt as if a tremendous weight had been lifted. Everything was going to be ok. Even if never walked again, he knew he could handle it with Remus by his side.

Outside the bathroom door Harry smiled. The moaning had woken him, but he didn't mind. It was just another sign that things were finally getting back to normal.

The End