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Note: This fic takes place after the series ended. There will hardly be any spoilers, I think. To clarify ages, Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Keiko are 18. Kurama is 19. Pairings will be revealed as the story goes on.

The Day of Reckoning


A man heaved a heavy sign as he exited a plain, white building. The sign above read Saporo's Scientific Facility. The man loosened his tie and wiped the sweat above his brow. His job interview hadn't gone well. He was a foreigner, and he stuttered frequently with his Japanese phrases.

He sullenly took off his nametag. His name was Frederick Douglas Woodman. He came to Japan from Monmouthshire to study the supernatural happenings that plagued the country a few years ago. If he could find out what caused the events, it would make his career.

Frederick was a stout man with an oval face. The wind ruffled his thin, blonde hair as he walked aimlessly through the streets. Several times he pushed his thick glasses up with his index finger.

Before he even realized it, he was lost in a foreign city with a language he could hardly speak. The few people he asked for help either stared at him with confusion or spoke so fast he was left in a daze. The sun was beginning to set and evening was taking over the city. The panic was beginning to set in. He ran blindly and stopped dead in his trackes. It was a dead end. He turned. A shudder ran up his spine. Goosebumps covered his arms even though it was a warm summer evening. It grew darker and colder in the alley. The people passing by seemed fine. Only he was affected.

Frederick was frozen on the spot. He felt an ominous force behind him. It took all the courage he had left to turn and face the stranger. He opened his mouth to scream but no sound came out. The last thing he heard before blacking out were hiss like words that sounded like an order.

It seemed like Frederick had discovered one of the many supernatural occurrences he had been searching for.

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