Note: Waka is short for Shishiwakamaru.

The Day of Reckoning

Chapter Four

Yusuke wandered the streets at night. His hands were jammed into his pockets. Depression was apparent in his aura. He sighed heavily. The news of Keiko's condition hit him harder than anyone had expected, and mixed with the kidnapping of Kuwabara and Yukina, the pain in his heart was devastating.

Genkai had given him the responsibility of telling Keiko's parents. He had the option of the truth or a lie. Could he really lie to his future parents without breaking down? Could he tell them that their daughter is in a coma?

He stood outside her parents' cafe. He ran his fingers through his hair, sighing. It was now or never. The bell jingled as he walked inside. Only one customer was seated. It was near closing time. Keiko's parents smiled at Yusuke and stopped whatever they were doing.

"Is something the matter, son?" the father asked.

"What? Oh, nothing," replied Yusuke. "I just have a lot on my mind."

"Where's Keiko?" the mother asked. "You two have been practically inseparable for the past few weeks."

Yusuke scratched the back of his head. "Well, she'll be staying at the temple for awhile. I was in the neighborhood so I told her I would tell you two."

It was partly true. The father eyed his suspiciously. "Why didn't she just call?"

"The phone lines are down and the reception sucks up there for cell phones. I was going home anyway from the temple, so here I am."

"Yes, the downside of living in nature..." murmured the mother.

"Tell her to have fun and that she can stay as long as she wishes," replied the father.

Yusuke nodded and turned to leave.

"Do you want something to eat?"

"No thanks, Mr. Ukimura."

"Now, none of that. Call me 'dad.' We are going to be family soon."

Yusuke gave a weak chuckle accompanied by a smile. "Okay, dad. Well, I gotta go now. My mom's waiting for me."

He breathed in the fresh air outside the cafe. He lied to his future in laws, and it wasn't a white lie either. It was the biggest lie a person could do. But, if he did tell them that Keiko was in a coma, then that would mean he would have to accept it. It would mean all hope would be lost. He didn't want that.

He looked up into the sky and said, "Now I know the hell I put everyone through when I died the first time."

Kurama swallowed some pain medication as Shishiwakamaru explained his reason for being in human world. Botan did not stay very long after being nearly killed. She rushed quickly to Spirit World.

". . .and that's why I'm here," finished the blue haired demon.

Kurama looked up. He had completely zoned out for the entire time he was talking. The blood loss and pain was getting to him. Hiei would tell him later anyway.

Hiei narrowed his eyes. "That was the longest explanation I have ever heard. I still don't know why you're here."

Kurama's plan just went down the drain. He rubbed his temple. A headache was coming.

Waka leaned in closed across the table and began speaking in a hushed tone. "Well, I didn't want to tell you in case word got to Koenma. You see, I'm here without Spirit World permission. I needed a change of pace from all those thick headed morons in demon world."

Hiei raised his brow. "So you came here?"


"Are the others here as well?" Kurama asked. By others, he meant Jin, Touya, Rinku, Chu, and Suzuki.

"In human world, yes. In Japan, no. They opted to go do a little sight seeing," said Waka, leaning back into his chair.

Kurama grimaced. He was imagining what was on Chu's sight seeing list. Hiei wore a similar expression. The havoc they could wreak on human world. . .

"You do know Botan has probably told Koenma you're here already," said Hiei after a moment of silence.

"Crap," said Waka. He leaned too far back on his chair and fell.

Botan tapped her foot impatiently outside Koenma's office. The centures old toddler was in a meeting. The information she had was much more important than some ogre with a job application. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the ogre left with a dejected look on his face. Koenma was furiously sucking his blue pacifier, hands folded on his desk.

"Now, what did you need to see me for?" he asked.

Botan took a deep breath and explained everything that had happened today. Koenma sat in thoughtful silence. And as she spoke, a wide range of emotions were showing on his face.

"You should have told it was this important! I would have rejected that ogre much sooner!"

He jumped off his chair and ran towards the door. He stopped with his hand on the door knob. He turned back.

"Before I go and do some research, Botan, that demon that attacked you sounded very familiar. What did you say his name was?"

"I didn't," the ferry girl replied.

Koenma eyed her suspiciously. "By your description, he sounded a lot like that ex-boyfriend of yours."

Botan's eyes widened. "I would hardly call him my boyfriend. It was more of a fling than anything else." She laughed it off nervously. "Besides, it wasn't him." And quietly to herself, she added, "I refuse to believe it."

"I understand how you may be feeling, but Botan, it must be him. He came here, into Spirit World with you plenty of times. He must have dug up some information. How else could he have gotten into human world undetected?"

"Shishiwakamaru came here undetected," protested Botan, arms crossed.

"He's on our side! I know for a fact he won't go killing my best ferry girl!" yelled Koenma. With that, he stormed out to find information on the demons that had come into human world.

Botan's shoulders shook with anger and sadness, but no tears came. She promised herself never to cry about him ever again. She also vowed to never date, whether he was human or demon. Men just caused her too much trouble.

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