The birth of twins

The storm outside was getting worse as the hours progressed. Sand was hitting the buildings, taking off roofs in some cases, stripping paint in others. The wind was howling as if angry at the injustice of what was happening. Almost as if the God's them selves were mad at what was taking place, in the two rooms in the basement of the building.

In one room there were two seals on the floor. One was easily recognized as a summoning seal. Around it were five men all sitting cross-legged flowing chakra into the seal, at a steady and even pace, none of them making a sound. The other seal was a bit more complicated and if one knew what to look for they would notice that the seal was slightly off. The second seal was one for sealing into things, and by the shape and complexity of it, whatever was being sealed into it was going to be powerful. The inside had blood in it, no more than a few drops to ensure the sealing could only happen on one person. The blood was to make sure that only the child with both of those bloods in its veins will be able to be sealed.

The second room didn't contain anything as dark and dreary as what was in the seal room. Instead it held something that should have been rejoiced but wasn't. In this room there were three people, two women and a man. Normally this wouldn't be a cause for alarm, but the fact that the one man was the Kazekage, was enough to make this a special situation.

One of the women in the room was in labor, screaming in pain as the baby reached the birth canal. The other woman was the midwife to deliver the child and also the sister to the woman having the baby. Trying hard to encourage her sister who was struggling to bear the child, and still not kill the Kazekage for his mean comments.

"Can't you do anything right? The ceremony will not last forever. I command that you have this child now" the Kazekage kept saying over and over again, sounding almost like a broken record. It was obvious he never loved his wife, the woman in labor; he had married her for political reasons.

Seeing the tears streaming down her sisters face the midwife said "One more push and you are done. Come on sis you can do it." Trying to be encouraging yet also mad at the pain her sister had to go through. Normally when a woman goes into labor they are allowed drugs and the use of pain jutsu's to help the birthing mother. In this case it wasn't to happen for the Kazekage had something planned for the new child. For this the mother was to have no comfort at all.

With one last scream at the tearing of flesh, Gaara was born. With Gaara's first and some would say only cry into the world, the Kazekage cut his umbilical cord. Not even washing the blood off of the new born the Kazekage left the two women, and took Gaara into the next room to begin the ceremony.

Unknown to the Kazekage, his wife was not done with labor yet. When the midwife was beginning to clean up the after birth mess, she heard more screaming coming from the woman on the bed. Looking to see what was the matter the midwife quickly looked under the sheet and saw another head coming out of the birthing canal. Trying to encourage her sister to keep pushing quietly as to not alert the Kazekage what was happening, the midwife was soon rewarded when a little girl came into the world. Checking her over for injuries she seen none, but her relief was short lived.

"Hide her" her sister said breathily from giving birth. "Keep them both safe. If HE finds out about her who knows what will happen. Right now he is sealing a demon into my son; I don't want the same fate to my daughter. I wasn't strong enough to stop them. Promise me you will take care of them."

Receiving a promise from the midwife, the woman on the bed leaned back to rest. The midwife went through the procedures to care for the new baby as she cut the umbilical cord from the little girl. Cleaning off what she could from the baby she then proceeded to wrap her in a blanket with her little face showing. Doing some hand signs she lightly touched the little girl on the forehead putting her into a soundless sleep, to only awaken when the jutsu was taken off. This jutsu was to protect her from being heard if she cried or screamed if she should waken. Tying the baby's blanket to her belly and shoulder in a bundling position, the mid-wife wrapped her cloak around her securing it so that the baby would be able to be seen no matter how she moved. When the midwife was finished hiding the little girl, the woman on the bed said "tell them I love them." Those were the last words of their mother.

He midwife unable to control her anguish starting screaming making the Kazekage come running into the room. When he had seen his wife was dead he got an evil smirk on his face. "Now we have a sacrifice" he said as he lifted the dead woman up, carrying her into the other room.

The midwife followed and watched in horror as the summons looked complete. In the first circle was Shukaku, the one-tailed demon raccoon. In the middle of the second seal was Gaara screaming.

Shukaku began to look around until his eyes rested on the Kazekage "why have you summoned me?"

The Kazekage said with a glint in his eye "I want you power to destroy my enemies."

"What can the enemies have powerful enough, that you must summon me?" Shukaku asked.

"In Konoha, I heard Kyuubi; the nine-tailed fox was sealed into a baby. If he was to attack, we are dead. We need power to match this." The Kazekage said.

"Where would I be sealed?" Shukaku said looking at the screaming baby. Thinking that it was interesting that Kyuubi was sealed, not being able to follow through with his previous engagement.

"Inside my own son, just born" the Kazekage said. He knew the demon raccoon wouldn't be able to resist a Kage's son.

"What shall be my sacrifice?" Shukaku asked sensing another baby with the same blood as the baby on the seal. Quickly he began plotting to work things to his own benefit.

"My own wife" the Kazekage said, holding up his newly dead wife.

"Deal" said Shukaku "but only if that lady there" he pointed at the midwife "calms down the screaming vessel. With blood enforcing the seal I can only get into your son."

"Agreed" said the Kazekage, as he pushed the midwife into the seal to calm Gaara. Picking up his own dead wife he was soon at the furnace with the chakra-infused sand, ready to place her in. "Tell me when you are ready." The Kazekage said, thinking of the power he shall soon be controlling.

"Now" said Shukaku, watching as the Kazekage began to put his wife into the fire. Noticing that everyone was watching in horror at what the Kazekage was doing Shukaku recognized his chance. "Demon's summoning Heir" Shukaku said before grabbing what popped up next to him in the seal. Grabbing the creature, Shukaku soon moved his body into Gaara's with a seal being formed on his belly. The midwife fainted at seeing the Kazekage, burning her sister making her fail to see the other body being sealed into the bundle she had kept hidden.

A few minutes later the midwife had woken to see the Kazekage standing over her. "Take Gaara with you when you go to Konoha" the Kazekage said. "He will be no use to me until he is older, make sure he is trained in the way of the ninja. I will call for him when I am ready. Here is a parting gift for him; he will only be able to release it when he is ready." The Kazekage said, handing her a gourd filled with the sand that was burned with her sisters' body. "You may go, and speak nothing of what happened to your sister, or you shall find your whole clan in the same fate."

Grabbing the scroll and picking up Gaara, the midwife had found a bag all prepared with baby supplies and clothes for the trip home. Making sure no one was around; she quickly untied the baby girl from her bundle and released the jutsu on her, making her cry.

Placing the two siblings next to each other she saw that they had stopped crying, already aware of each other. Putting Gaara first into a diaper that didn't cover his seal, the midwife wanted to cry. Quickly getting him into a long pajama gown that tied in the end, she placed him on the bed next to his sister. Freeing the little girl from her blanket, the midwife saw something that had broken her heart. In the middle of the little girls belly was a seal, just like Gaara's. She had failed to protect both of her sisters' children. Placing a diaper on the little girl, she quickly dressed her in an outfit similar to Gaara's.

Wrapping the babies back into the sling, she pulled out a summoning stroll and put the baby supplies in it. Pulling out another one, she soon had her stuff placed in there as well. Tying the babies to her, she quickly wrapped her cloak around them again before heading out the gates of Suna.

Stopping a few hours later, to eat and change diapers, the midwife had seen that the babies had opened their eyes. Gaara had a pretty sky blue with black pupils, while the little girl had eyes of light lavender that looked almost like she had no pupils if not for the red ring circling her pupils. Almost like her mothers. Thinking the little girl looked just like her mother she decided on a name for her. She would name her Hinata, in hopes that she would be the sunshine in her brothers' life. Knowing that if all else fails she could pass as a Hyuuga, and hopefully be protected.