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Sasuke walked up the stairs to his apartment, trudging with pain. He had just come back from a solo A mission. Killing the guy he was supposed to kill was not hard, nope. It was trying to kill his stupid ninja body guards, each were on the level of ANBU. That wasn't above his level or anything…of course not, he's Sasuke Uchiha. It's just that they were so freaking annoying.

Sasuke flinched as his climbed up the last stair. He had lost a lot or blood during that battle, which was probably dripping all over the floor. But who gives a damn; he can always hire some kind of maid to clean it up.

As he reached his door, he felt a familiar chakra on the other side, and fought the urge to let out a smirk. He turned the knob, and found out that the door was not locked.

'How many damn times am I going to tell her to lock the door?'

Sasuke opened the door and walked in and saw the person he was looking for.

"Hey you're back, Sasuke-kun!"


Sakura walked up to him with her eyes filled with worry. "What happened?"

"Sound Anbu." Sakura formed her lips in an "o" shaped form and led him to his couch.

"Sit down, let me take a look at you're wounds." Sasuke did as he was told and sat down, inwardly flinching while doing so. Sakura put her hand over his biggest wound and her hands glowing green. Sasuke watched her carefully. Noticing how her forehead crinkled with creases while working. She was longer then it was when they were 12 and now that they were 17, she had let her hair grow out so it was half way down her back. She was wearing one of his shirts, which were way to big on her, and his shorts which were also to big for her. The one thing that caught Sasuke's eye though was her green eyes. It was her strength and her weakness. Her eyes were sharp and could catch any sudden movement, also notice genjutsus and chakra movements.

But they showed too much emotion, more that a ninja should have to survive. There were his first hints of her being sad, happy, angry or excited.

"All done!" Sakura stated patting his stomach, which was all perfectly healed and cleaned. You could barely tell that he was in danger of loosing most of his blood.


Sakura smiled and started to get up, "Now I got to go wash my hands!"

Sakura stood up to go to the sink, when she felt a hand around her elbow. Sakura turned around and looked at Sasuke questionably. Sasuke pulled her back down to the coach and kissed her.

Sakura melted as soon as his lips touched hers and wrapped her arms around his neck. Sasuke fought the urge to moan, as Sakura started pushing her self onto Sasuke. Soon the kiss turned into a hunger for lust, as Sasuke hands started roaming under Sakura's shirt and Sakura's hands moved down to his pants.

Sasuke bit down on Sakura's lip in shock, when Sakura's hand shot into his pants. Sakura smirked a bit herself at Sasuke's reaction, and let out a deep moan as Sasuke's right hand started massaging the area between Sakura's belly button and her underwear, while Sasuke's left hand reached over to her back reaching for the clasp of her bra-

"Sasuke Uchiha?" Sasuke immediately leaned back, stopping himself, while Sakura fell to the floor, since she was leaning on him. Sasuke walked over to his door and opened it and found Shizune there.

Sasuke stood there looking at her demanding an explanation. Shizune smiled back at him, with a nervous twitch.

"Um, I was just looking for Sakura Haruno; I could sense her chakra, so I could just-"

"You're looking for me?" Sakura piped up, suddenly appearing next to Sasuke, looking proper, in her own t-shirt and pants. Sasuke raised his eyebrow at her.

'How did she manage to change that quickly?'

Shizune flashed Sakura a real smile, "Oh, Sakura Tsuande-sama would like to speak to you."

"Oh, ok!" Sakura walked past Sasuke and out the door. Sasuke was about to shut the doors when he heard Shizune ask Sakura, "Why were you at Sasuke-san's house anyway?"

Sasuke closed the door immediately afterwards, knowing that Sakura could handle the question, it's not the first time the two have almost been caught in a…well intimate position.

Sasuke sat back on his couch Sakura's scent still lingering there. Sasuke looked at this hand and noticed that they were slightly trembling.

'I was so close…so close to touching her…' As much as Sasuke wanted him and Sakura to…you know have intercourse…he couldn't risk it.

They were in love…really in love. It's just that if Sasuke chooses to do it with her, someone might find out. Not that they were you know doing it, but that they were going out.

You see, Sasuke and Sakura had a secret relationship going on. Sasuke had proposed it of course because what if someone found out he was dating her, found out that she was his weakness and was the only person that can truly make him tremble. Then nothing would stop Orochimaru/Kabuto, Itachi or even his ex-teammates from hebi from killing her.

And that wasn't the only reason why he couldn't.

If he did manage to get to the next level with Sakura , there's a slight chance that his curse seal might activate…like last time…

…and this time he might not be able to control himself.

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