Author's Note: Gaara dealing with his life. I may even write a sequel. Naruto is not mine, only the plot.

Gaara's POV

As I lay curled into a ball on my bed crying my heart out, I wonder…

What is love? And why can't they love me?

Everyone fears and hatsd me. The children never played with me, the adults stared at me with accusing eyes.

My insides were being burned, especially the one you call the 'heart'. The only friend I ever had was my teddy bear. Ai. It means love. I gave him that name because I wanted to be loved. To be held with care and compassion, sang to with a lullaby and scolded for my safety.

It was raining outside. Good. The world is feeling the same pain I'm in. shifting on my position, I sit down, my hands on the window pane. Following every drop of water that trickles down slowly, and the glow that each of them held. Why does misery look so beautiful?

Questions were circling in my mind. I laid down and dismissed all thoughts and hugged Ai closer to me.

I am now thirteen, and Shukaku had been taken away from me. Though, I am still the Kazekage.

It had also been a year after my fight with the Uzumaki. My life slowly became better that day. And my siblings, Kankuro and Temari do their best to comfort him every night.

"Can't sleep?" Kankuro replied, placing a warm hand on my shoulder. We had been closer than our previous years and he's usually the one who always stays with me a night.

"Don't worry. Were here remember? Wo ai ni." He smiled. As he sang a lullaby.

Drifting off to sleep with a small smile on my face, I thought that I was lucky enough to receive a second chance, so in return I said,

"Wo ai ni." I closed my eyes knowing that he smiled at that.