This is alternate ending number 1

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"AHH! NOO!" Tohru nearly shouted "You're wrong Kyou-kun! People don't think of you like that!"

Kyou turned his face away from his friend "I don't like it when people lie out of pity Tohru."

"AHH! But, well, maybe some people think that way, but it's not a lot. REALLY! Lots of people like Kyou-kun! Haru-kun, Momiji-kun, Kagura-chan-"

'Gee, I'm lucky she likes me." Kyou snorted.

"NO! A lot of other people like Kyou-kun too! Uo-chan and Hana-chan like Kyou-kun. So does Kisa-chan and Hatori-san! And… ME! I like Kyou-kun very very much! Very, very, very much!" At this, Kyou turned around to face Tohru. "And I know if Mom had gotten the chance to meet Kyou-kun, she would have liked you very much too!"

Kyou studied her face intently as she continued kept talking. "In fact, it would make a much shorter list if we thought of people who didn't like Kyou-kun!" She was about to do just that, but caught herself before she could make Kyou more upset. "And, you can't worry about those few people that don't like you. Mom always used to say 'You don't need to try and please the crowds, the only opinion that matter are yours and your special someone's'" 'Special someone…' Kyou thought as Tohru continued her rant.

"So you see? You have a lot of friends Kyou-kun. " She began to calm down as her tone grew less frantic.

Kyou suddenly stood up and offered a hand to help her up. "We'd better hurry," he told her as she rose to her feet "We'll be late for class." Realization dawned on the girl and they both hurried back toward the trail.

As they neared their high school, Kyou spent a lot of time glancing at Tohru and her free hand beside him. With only a hundred feet left until they entered school grounds, Kyou took one of the biggest chances of his young life. He grabbed Tohru's hand and held it between them.

The brunette jumped at the sudden contact and looked quizzically at Kyou. He was staring straight ahead and gave her no indication that she even existed. Then, as if FINALLY seeing the light, she blushed and curled her fingers around the neko's hand as well.

They held hands until they reached first period, parting to go to their separate seats, though somewhat reluctantly… ;P