How did Tom Riddle become evil? What was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back? And how did someone as entrenched in the magical world as Dumbledore is become aware of muggle sweets?

Lemon Drops

Growing up in an orphanage Tom Riddle was abused in every way imaginable, he had one light in the darkness that let him keep his sanity. One way of treating himself that took his mind of everything bad in his life, if even just for a few moments. It was this that let Tom keep his sanity, and remain the nice kind young boy that many teachers grew to like. Rock candy, Tom absolutely had a sweet tooth; he had to keep them secret so no one would steal them. Lemon drops, these were Toms sole comfort and he did everything to make sure that he was able to keep, protect this one last part of him self, this one last indulgence, this one last source of innocence.

Tom was in the library at Hogwarts and had fallen asleep studying late into the night.

Albus Dumbledore was wondering the isles at the same time stuck on the night watch when he came across the sleeping form of young Tom huddled over his study notes. Looking at the desk he saw a small tin of yellow sweets, eyes twinkling Albus thought 'Don't mind if I do' and chuckled to himself as he plopped a sweet in his mouth. Instantly surprised by the burst of flavor, Dumbledore's cheeks caved in from the strong sour flavor. Chuckling to himself he had to admit, that he hadn't tasted such an intriguing flavored sweet before, most wizarding sweets being nothing of the sort.

Indeed an hour later trying to decide how anyone could like such a strange flavored sweet he found his hand scraping the bottom of the empty tin, his eyes widened and he snuck away, a thief in the night.

The next morning when Tom awoke to find what had befallen his one and only treasure in the world he let forth a scream of anguish and pain of such a pitch as to be hear right throughout the halls of Hogwarts.

Many years later Dumbledore was still eating the sweets trying to figure out how the poor boy could have ever liked them, maybe he was just a bad egg from the begging…